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  1. Light & Fog switch wiring issues - HELP

    Yes, same issues with the pre lit.
  2. Light & Fog switch wiring issues - HELP

    You've probably spotted this but I'm pretty sure that for IVA the fog has to be wired so it only comes on with the headlights, and that when the lights are switched off, the fog doesn't come on the next time the lights are used. I know Car Builder Solutions have a 'box' to do that. Good luck with your IVA. Cheers Gary
  3. Pre Lit Ally bodied - Build Thread

    Made a start on the boot box by cutting around the 'obstacles'. I now plan to bond in a step over the fuel tank and cover the fuel pipes. I've made up some aluminium brackets to support the box just under the top chassis rails, so more cutting to do tomorrow to allow the box to drop in. Luckily I have a second box, which I should be able to cut out most of the bits I want from.
  4. Supercharged Crossflow

    Looking forward to following this! Will you alter the angle of the inlet stubs? Gary
  5. Pre Lit Ally bodied - Build Thread

    Thanks to Chris @CL290005 and Mark @carbon-nv from this great Westfield community I now have two boot boxes! They are going to need much modification to fit the live axle pre lit, but with bits of both I can make it work. let the pink dust begin.
  6. Engine Lift

    Anew build thread about to start?
  7. Boot Box (any size or condition)

    This great Westfield community never ceases to amaze me. Thanks to Chris (cl290005) and Mark (carbon-nv) I now have two! Lots of cutting and pink dust to follow. thanks Gary
  8. Where to stay in Switzerland

    Hi Tom, We've stayed in the Seerauch Hotel in Beckenried a couple of times and loved it. it stands on the shore of Lake Lucene and has a great restaurant. They are very car friendly and were hosting a group of classics one year when were there. www.seerauch.ce Hope this helps. Gary
  9. 30 year old new build

    Hi, I cut the old column out and fitted a Sierra collapsible column that I purchased from Kit Spares. this overcomes two points for IVA. It gives a collapsible column and provides a steering lock. The Sierra column is larger in diameter than the original so I had to cut the cross tube and re mount the column. I had the added fun of connecting the ford parts to the triumph steering rack used in the early cars. The rest of the column and universal joint came from Car builder Solutions. I bought a Momo steering wheel boss to fit the column, again from kit spares. and made up an adaptor to fit a Westfield IVA steering wheel.
  10. Boot Box (any size or condition)

    Thanks Mark, No rush, I'll wait to hear from you. If you find it I'll pop over and pick it up. Cheers Gary
  11. C type project

    The dash pots look a lot better. Are you going to duct cold air in? Gary
  12. Pre Lit Ally bodied - Build Thread

    Fitted one rear arch complete with inner wing lights, and I've fitted the IVA compliant fog and reverse. once the arches are painted I'll be fitting wing piping between the GRP and aluminium.
  13. Boot Box (any size or condition)

    Hi All, Does anyone have an unwanted boot box taking up garage space? Condition and size is not important, as I will have to cut it up to fit the pre lit. Might do a 'cut and shut' on it and use it as a mould. Cheers Gary
  14. Long journey?

    Hi, I've used S W Powder Coating in Banbury. www.swpowdercoatingltd.co.uk. 01295 262999. The last job they did for me was my steel wheels, they did a great job of blasting and powder coating.. Hope this helps. Gary