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  1. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    It would be really disappointing to change from the crossflow at this stage. If this sticks will have to consider selling the crossflow set up to the classic Ford community and going modern. Maybe the Suzuki 3 cylinder that Caterham use. Haven't looked into that at all as yet, but if it fits the Caterham sprint it has a chance of fitting the pre lit. Going to try and get it IVA as soon as though. It will definitely be going minus screen, wipers and washer now! P****d off of Buckingham.
  2. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    This very worrying for me. It would mean changing to a new engine with all the added complications. I can't see a crossflow ever complying with current emission standards. This will effect many, many kits that have been registered at a later date than when the engine was manufactured! Gary
  3. Pre Lit Ally bodied - Build Thread

    Thanks for the kind words. The lights are Lucas 549. Cheers Gary
  4. Pre Lit Ally bodied - Build Thread

    Thanks, as always, might need a re think.
  5. Pre Lit Ally bodied - Build Thread

    Cut out some aluminium brackets for the side repeaters. I plan to bond them in before painting.
  6. Rover K series engine value?

    Cheek!! No rust no Mods
  7. Rover K series engine value?

    Try it on the MGF / TF Facebook pages or the MGF register forum. There are plenty of people tuning them now. Also on the MG car club sites, as a lot of people fit the K series in MG Midgets and MGB's. Hope this helps Gary
  8. Wiper arms

    I bought mine from Car Builder Solutions. I went for adjustable ones.
  9. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    I'd go with option 3, on the wheel arches. Great finish on the car!
  10. C type project

    They look great Chris, very even over the different size gauges now.
  11. Pre Lit Ally bodied - Build Thread

    There is a small 'deposit' on the garage floor!
  12. Pre Lit Ally bodied - Build Thread

    Out of the garage under it's own steam! Wanted to get far enough away to see if the front wing looked 'right' Couldn't resist popping the hub caps on. If I can get both front wings drilled tonight, the GRP bits are pretty much ready to go for painting.
  13. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Hi, is the wheel seal applied, does it brush on? Looks great.
  14. Pre Lit Ally bodied - Build Thread

    Yes, guess my description didn't make a lot of sense!
  15. Pre Lit Ally bodied - Build Thread

    The boot box is finished and ready for paint. This is what's left of two boxes. lots of cutting and bonding to make one fit the pre lit chassis and fuel tank.