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  1. You can take mine's. Throw some of your slicks on it. Win with a roadgoing car with slicks. bring it back in one piece. XD
  2. I strongly disagree with this point... Anyway. Great car here, and one of the fastest "Arrive and drive" cars you can actually have without spending serious money or go to the actual only sprint focused cars and single seaters. If I was on the hunt for a competition car... I would go for it without any sort of doubt.
  3. I was aware of that rule... but never though it was applied when the event is dissmissed. However... just asking, nothing else.
  4. For the sake of argue a bit... Why are being assigned points for a dismissed Event with no timed runs at all? Shouldn't it be counted as event not happened, and that's it?
  5. A picture with the car loaded...
  6. Due house move, seems that in my new comunity, trailers and caravans are not allowed to stay in my drive away and despite I do have a double garage, it doesnt fits trough the doors as the overall with of the trailer is 2.2m and my doors are only 2.1, so I´m forced to let my trailer go. Its an ifor williams CT115 in SUPERB condition, bought brand new for myself two years ago (I wasnt bought to a dealer, it was bought to a family who for unforseen circumstances didnt used it since they bought it) During the last months I´ve converted the trailer to a covered trailer, with boards, vinyl covers and a heavy dutty structure. Its a DIY job, but materials used and overall quality of the work is pretty good. It has been already tested doing two trips, one from crewe to anglesey, another one from crewe to forest of dean. Both over 4 hours return trip and did work very very well. Max weight is upt to 1300kg, so suitable for most of the hatch back and saloon cars, and no special licensed requiered. Its build to specifically fit a caged SEIW westfield with extra wide rear arches. Priced to sell at 1750 Pounds, witch i thing is a very sensible price for a trailer that is over 2200 quid new and have over 600 expended on it on the cover. Please, see some pictures attached: (*if someone fancies some very simple grafics or logos like the ones seen in the pictures, I´ll make them for free)
  7. High back seat for competition

    Richard, JK are the ones you tried in my car that you felt them pretty comfortable if i recall well... Also the value for money can't be beaten in JK.
  8. What’s your power to weight then?

    440BHP per tonne here... (580kg, 256hp). If we add my weight... well, let's not talk about that.
  9. Engines.. 2.0, K series and the Eco Boosts

    Will come to colect this spare engine tomorrow. You don't need it anyway. My birthday is on june, thanks.
  10. Engines.. 2.0, K series and the Eco Boosts

    You think so? I think your love for the engine (witch I share) is blinding you a bit...
  11. New Member - Cheshire - A1243R

    IF im not the only fool coming on it... I may take the risk. Mines have not seen the daylight since anglesey in october, i should warm it a bit, and actually meet someone... Will confirm thursday itself.
  12. New Member - Cheshire - A1243R

    Will ask to the prospective owner... whitch im sure will become a member... Lets see how things go on saturday.
  13. New Member - Cheshire - A1243R

    Eventually if all works well... is going to stay here in lovely crewe. Will let you know dave!
  14. New Member - Cheshire - A1243R

    Not joking... is even going to come with my trailer... However im not who buys it. Well now im speaking a bit too soon... but good chances are.
  15. New Member - Cheshire - A1243R

    Im confident that the car is coming to crewe on saturday... what a waste of travel from cheshiere if not...

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