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  1. 2018 Rounds Calendar

    Well. Now that is the bit that presides my bonnet...
  2. Brake master cylinders and balance bar

    yeahh... I do know my stuff there. Clearly not in brakes... What makes me think how my brakes are so awesome if they are wrong...
  3. Brake master cylinders and balance bar

    Glad I was wrong (and Im super suprised with that, but thanks good Im not very good in brakes) and also Glad my system works perfectly despite being the other way around.
  4. Brake master cylinders and balance bar

    Wilwood dinalyte in front Golf calipers in rears 0.75 wilwood master in the front 0.625 wilwood master in rears Pretty sure about that as i changed the front one last week that was leaking and was a nightmare to find the same oldscool integrated reservoir in 0.75 and ended buying it in the states. With that i have a wide range brake bias distribution, and it works as you would expect.
  5. Brake master cylinders and balance bar

    @Tim (TimDave25) - Joint Thames Valley AO I May have done some assumptions, but is all about travel and caliper size. When smaller is the cilinder, more travel will be needed to achieve the same displacement in the caliper's piston, but more pressure will be applied to the pads for the same ammount of force in the pedal. (long travel high sensitivity pedal//soft). When bigger is the cilinder, less travel to achieve the same displacement in the caliper's piston but less pressure will be applied to the pads for the same ammount of force in the pedal. (short travel very firm pedal). Assuming you are with std ford(or golf) 1 pod rear calipers and 4 pods front, I would definitely put the smaller cilinder to the rear to even the travel in both cilinders and balance the force transferred to the rear with the clevis bar. If you are with the same sort of calipers rear and front, In the best scenario, I would be going for same size cilinders to have same travel, and using the clevis bar to transfer the force further forward or backwards. I may be SUPER wrong, I’m not an expert in brakes, but I’m pretty sure that smaller size cilinders to Bigger front brakes… isn’t the way to go, as displacement in the pedal will be massive, compared to the rears.
  6. Brake master cylinders and balance bar

    Hope you had a moment and you meant 0.625 on the rear and 0.7 on the front... And I also will advice you to go to 0.75 in the front. Even with 0.625 and 0.75 in my car... you are already locking in the rears al less that 5 half turns... (2.5 turns), with 0.7 the edjustment will be fairly inexistent if your car have a balance similar to mines...
  7. Por 15 advice

    Good to know! I've used it without knowing it and results weren't bad at all... However it was not on automotive applications...
  8. Por 15 advice

    Pretty sure im lost in translation... but i mean paint... just in case.
  9. Por 15 advice

    Actually adam paint the bottom of my gearbox in black last time i crashed... and pretty sure the section he painted was steel. I did paint my engine, but again was steel. My experiences with alloy were with half floor of the westy and was actually fairly unsucsessfull... I would recommend "hammerite direct to the metal" for an aluminium engine... Pretty sure it'll be all right. It actually sticks everywhere for what ove tried.
  10. Por 15 advice

    I Do use Poor 15 quite often. Clean surfaces, and using the 3 steps preparation if is bare metal, is a must. If there is some pain and you are just recovering, you can clean and go straightforward, and i becomes rock solid. the bottom of my Gearbox, my engine block, some chasis tubbing, Antiroll bars and so... are painted with por 15 and is giving me a good result. Where there is NO rust, but you want to paint directly to bare metal, a product called HAMMERITE gives a very nice finishing and is fairly resistent too.
  11. Type 9 quick shift - Bent version

    Mines broke in a flat section of steel... Welding was fine though.
  12. SOLD - ProAlloy Single Seater Radiator

    I´ve just read the notification of the advert in my mail... I´ve seen that was from 3 hours ago... and I thoug... don´t bother. Dave has already bought it. Yep. I was right.
  13. 2018 Rounds Calendar

    You better keep quiet... I seem to recall putting your car facing backwards in your very first lap ever in sprinting... witch is also fairly impressive...
  14. 2018 Rounds Calendar

    So... how many of those do I have to do?
  15. Speed Series Online Applications are open

    Terry. Count me in for this purposes... not yet decieded class... and will be long till decieded.