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  1. Well. If you ever need charity and you want to drive my car... sure we can sort something. (starting for the rule number 1... Don't be faster than car's owner)
  2. 2018 Draft Reg and Explainations

    That Is what I've tried to explain with my s***ty english. Thanks john!
  3. 2018 Draft Reg and Explainations

    And here I agree 100% with you. The line isn't easy to draw and I don't really know how should be done... but that doesn't means that shouldn't be re-drawn with some minimums to comply to be considered a roadgoing westfield. Indeed, and that's out of question. And no matter how good they do it, allways is going to be a moron moaning for something (like myself). The current changes I think are overally good: -I like to see the novice guys in the main leaderboard. They will have their own trophy anyway but we are all toguether, that helps as people have said, to run the numbers. -I really like that there is some sort of applied solutions to avoid situations like the ones seen this year where the fastest guy out there doesn't wins... But I don't like to see classes with calculated target times... even where actual data is available (maybe not much data, but some) as the performance difference isn't the same in fast//slow tracks, difference are not only tyres.... And I Dont Really like the SS award reduction only to Novices. The ammount of events your are doing, has to do with money investment//free time to commit, not about the experiecne. This fact, pulls me out of any motivation... and I already know a few of others also with the same feeling. And... it looks to me also that 8 events for the novice championship vs 6 events for the SS award, will mean a reduction of novices competing for the overall champ.
  4. Just bought my first kit car

    No I'm not. I'm a performance guy rather than esthetics one... (this fact generates loads of controversy in my job...). However, it was just meant to be a "funny" comment. The car looks great and the build construction is awesome for what can be seen in the pictures.
  5. During my first season I was consistently beaten by my own car... I learned to don't let anyone potentially better than me drive my car. Ash still have a westy, afaik he dosn't need charity to be back to the series...
  6. 2018 Draft Reg and Explainations

    @Paul Morcom All the data I can have from my car, being double drived and driven by myself is available for the SSOT already, I don´t have anymore info. In fact I have to come to the clubs webpage every time I need info to compare my results. Sorry I can´t help anymore. It is true that we haven´t seen the TT yet. But the simple fact that the A and B tt are calculated instead of using real data where available, is a problem for me. And if is not real data, leave the system work by itself. New class, let the car stablish the times and in a few years you should have a balanced times there. Unfortunately there is not only tyres between classes, so place a 2-3% because 1b tyres are less sticky isn´t enought. I have to dissagree here, despite I´m one of the "cheaters" to use a car that fits in the category instead of a pure roadgoing car. The only thing that differs from your car and mine from a race car, is that they have some sort of lighting, and we haven´t thrown enought money on it to go to dogboxes, and stupidly expensive electronics and so... But we use race engines, fully stripped down cars with cage. No passanger seat (yes, I do use a foam too, but that doesn´t means it has passenger seat), and despite they are usable for the road, and trully enjoyable to drive, you must agree that your car, mines, or even Adam´s one(a bit on the edge) are quite far of the average "roadgoing" cars in the club.... Probably that pushes away more novice with trully roadgoing cars. Cars like Johns (Panda) Smeg´s or Mark´s dont have a single chance against any of our cars "made on purpose" to fit the category, leave alone try to be anywhere near to the TT. If roadgoing classes were more attractive for people with a road car and a RAC bar (and thats it) problably it would pull much more people to it. Your case isn´t that relevant, as you was actually in class D, but im sure you get my point "against" your statement. Big boys and average competitors are already there, fully commited and with very healthy entry lists... To really ask for the support of the average driver/owner of the club, I think the term roadoging should be re-defined (despite that would mean that my car don´t ever fit the regs anymore). In fact, you and me being novices, have been in several occasions above the experts (that will hurt) with non roadgoing cars, weather dependant, of course... that would not happen AT ALL with trully roadgoing car with its 600kg, soaked carpets, windscreen 100hp less and chunky seats.
  7. 2018 Draft Reg and Explainations

    Even with a car make to "specification" for the B2 MSA class, that could be mine, and farily decent drivers on it(speaking about Adam, not myself) , is extremly difficult to achieve this target times. To make it even more difficult, in the places where me or Addam settled the records last year, it was deciede to ignore them and drop the times about 2 secons... Definitely, target times for lower classes have to be revised and applyed in a different way. However, I don´t have the reciept for this. And I understand is Extremely difficult due the low number of entrants.
  8. I´m now replying the PM... but been sold in a few minutes! Thanks!
  9. 2018 Draft Reg and Explainations

    And that is why I was moving from B to D... No way you can do the proposed times (or anywhere near) with the current B2 tyres with a roadgoing Car. I suscribe 100% the words of Adam. And I was aiming to the sprint challenge this year, just for the fun to finally win something from Adam... and current changes put completely down any motivation I could have to go out for a last season... now looks unlikely I´ll commit much to be honest, and despite I´m technically allowed as I only have 15 events in my shoulders, No way im steping down to novices...
  10. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Qstarz-BT-Q818XT-Channel-Bluetooth-Receiver/dp/B003YCZINA/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 That one. In perfect condition and with SUPER SUPER little use. Paired with Race chrono//harrys lap timmer, gives you similar results and info that the famous AIM dattalogger. 10hz means refresh every tenth of a second and with its +-1meter of accuracy (GPS signal dependant) you may be able to even see even when you are cutting kerbs or missing edges. I used it a couple of times in spain, but once moved to UK, as timing is not allowed in trackdays, I didn´t use it anymore. Half the retail price? 40+post and postage. I don´t have the box but will include the lead, of course. All possible manuals are available to download in Qstarz webpage. No drivers needed. Cheers.
  11. So... Never had a noise problem in my car... at least not in my frequent tracks, so last year replaced my cabbage cannon for a big foam filter. Now my car is VERY noisy... Is surprising how much this Intake contains the noise. Today I´ve remembered that I had it laying around... so wondered if would be worth something for someone. It comes with a cleaned filter, and some stuff modified and improved from the base model. 6 M6 bolts, clipped in both sides. Should fit to your current backplate with a few holes. Freshly fitted foam seals in the base. Its in good condition. I can include the reinforcement arm that, as far as I know only works with Jenvey and SBD manfiold in a C20XE, However never thought it was any useful... Is exactly this one "http://www.kitcardirect.co.uk/universal-ram-air-intake-and-fitting-plate-carbon-fibre.html" in design... but NOT in carbon. 75+ Postage seems fair?
  12. Just bought my first kit car

    I´ll bet to it.... From left to right... Voltage, Fuel level, Fuel pressure, Oil temperature, water temperature, oil presure (above the last two) Big in the center, speedo and tacho... and again, above an AFR. Shame of the chrome bits. Looks a propper car and the engine bay is gorgeus and very well sorted
  13. But im super nice... and my weird accent is believed to be one of the most sexy ones in the world...
  14. Yep. Septembers girl.... Miss offroad
  15. I'm doing great efforts on this topic. But wait for it... someone will come to twist my words an feel massively offended. Happens every time.