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  1. Goodwood live feed

    I think it would be a lot warmer watching a stream. the snow man and rob Huff in the E type.
  2. So far

    Absolutely just peel and stick, after drilling the hole for the wiring.
  3. Tim's Mega S2000 Build

    So Santa came late this year. Thanks carbon nv
  4. Tim's Mega S2000 Build

    Yep all registered and transferred to private plate.
  5. Tim's Mega S2000 Build

    So just a quick update. The voltage loss was down to the alternator as the issue is now resolved. Took the opportunity to reveal the water inlet to the engine and all fine. Having passed the IVA the Car now looks like it did 3 months ago, with scuttle removed ready to add the aero screen, data tool alarm/immobiliser (after lots of research) push start button and free wheel. considering removing the ignition barrel but not sure if this is a wise idea. Hopefully an evening this week and next weekend and all will be back together again ready for the sun!!!
  6. Tim's Mega S2000 Build

    well I am pleased to report that it appears the alternator was the source of my leaking voltage. Technically it could have been solved by my changing of the seatbelts today but I think that is unrelated to the voltage - well I at least hope so. Thank you for the help. Now to order some spacers. Oh and should have a diffuser to fit next weekend.
  7. Tim's Mega S2000 Build

    I’ll know tomorrow, I checked everything else, so figured I’ll swap it over. Also going to check all earths as I seem to have a small voltage leak. Hoping this resolved it.
  8. Tim's Mega S2000 Build

    good evening, all so hoping to get a few hours in the garage this weekend to fit my new alternator!! And hopefully free wheel as well. I need to order some rear wheel spacers (currently just washers temporarily), is there anything particular I need, hub centric? Thank you
  9. Tim's Mega S2000 Build

    It’s been just over 2 hours now and made a little tracking graph showing minutes passed and the voltage of the battery while all connected. After an initial drop off it appears to have plateaud beginning to wonder if I just have something loose somewhere. graph labels shows minutes passed and the voltage.
  10. Tim's Mega S2000 Build

    Hi Ste, its holding its charge fine when disconnected from the car, I left it for a week on holiday and no discharge at all. Bunje - The Orange and Green was the old cooling fan switch, which has been replaced by the EWP green and black feed.
  11. Tim's Mega S2000 Build

    Hi Justin, I Removed the negative battery connection and put the multimeter between the battery and the negative battery cable. The only thing that had an impact was the Electric Water Pump, no fuses impacted the draw, I am monitoring tonight how quickly it is dropping down. Current rate is .04V avg 10 minutes. If this continues I was going to remove the direct wire from battery to EWP and see if it falls at a similar rate.
  12. Tim's Mega S2000 Build

    Thanks Ian, very strange.
  13. Tim's Mega S2000 Build

    subsequently removed the light green (Ignition Source wire), and Ive still got the drain. So far as I can tell it is now only connected directly to the battery, and the green and black to the fan relay. The earth and connectors to thermostat are also connected. It seems whilst being connected to the battery it drains at the 17MA. I could remove this direct connection but then it wouldn't run after the engine stopped I assume.
  14. Tim's Mega S2000 Build

    So, I am concerned that the W11 (white wire on the fuse) wire it is connected to is permanent feed rather than an ignition feed, I guess this could be causing it.
  15. Tim's Mega S2000 Build

    So I think I may have found the source of my power leak. Did a test disconnected the battery keys out of the car and hasn’t been started for a week and the drain was 16.73 MA. Disconnected the davies Craig lcd and it dropped to 2.6ma. Is this normal battery drain amount? It doesn't seem high to me, but its enough to drain the battery in a few minutes without turning the ignition on. connected here green and and black wire to left of picture and the light green wire connected to the white wire of the fuse.

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