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  1. After purchasing a rear diffuser in primer last year at the show. It took months to get motivated to actually fit it, so now a year later I’ve finaly got round to painting it! The idea of a primed one was to clout code of orange, however I’ve gone black! Moral of the story, should have bought the black one originally
  2. a15cro

    Leaks everywhere!

    All fixed now. Replaced fuel pipe and the water hose just needed a nip it seems.
  3. a15cro

    Leaks everywhere!

    I’ve got fuel pipe but may have a water hose off you Chris as the one that on is the wrong diameter. Thanks.
  4. a15cro

    Leaks everywhere!

    Thought I strange that I’d run out of fuel when it’s not been very far lately. Turn out another fabric petrol pipe has given up and it’s been pumping itself out. Also spotted my coolant leak while it was up in the air.
  5. Pre Westfield ownership, I didn’t own a tent or had any intention to own one and the thought of camping was the furthest from my list of things to do; however three Stoneleighs in I can’t believe it’s been a week already and I wish I was setting up camp to do last weekend all over again.
  6. a15cro

    Cobra 427 Build

    I can relate to that Gary, Me; I’m going to buy an American V8 Wife; Sell the Westfield then Me; No but I’ll strike a deal.....if you agree I’ll refurb the bathroom. Wife; Deal...... is it done yet!
  7. a15cro

    Any bikers on here?

    I’m a retired biker as well, sold my last one, an Aprilia RSV in favour of the Westfield mainly because I just stopped enjoying it and felt that I had too many commitments to family and staff to end up breaking myself. To date I haven’t missed it and really don’t think I’ll be having another.
  8. a15cro

    AA composite changeable screen

    No problem. Pleased we got there in the end.
  9. a15cro

    Black friday deals

    Yes, but the Hobbyweld supplier had the conversion kit, regulator and pipe. There’s no monthly hire on the bottle, just a one off deposit which is refundable at the end.
  10. a15cro

    Black friday deals

    I’ve got this one in the workshop, the small gas bottles are not so good, but I’ve just added Hobby Weld cylinder and added a mig trolley for portability and it’s transformed the performance.
  11. a15cro

    New Addition to the Workshop

    More of a needs must, as I lost my temporary storage space so the car had to come over and I didn’t want it sitting on the ground gagging damaged. It I fancy tidying up some of the Westfield bits n pieces which will make my life a bit easier.
  12. Might get some work done on the Westfield now! Just installed a 4t 2 post lift in the workshop as I needed something to keep the Camaro safe from the lads during the day! I really should do a bit with the Westfield now I've no excuse!
  13. a15cro

    Said bye to a pal today

    Sorry for your loss, I can understand exactly how you feel, my Old English Sheepdog is now 4 but Im dreading the day, as much as he frustrates me at times.
  14. Wow, that was some impact. A superb job by all the responders and great news your on the mend mate. On a lighter note, im sure TVR Glen will have it down as light bodywork damage and an easy repair shortly on Ebay
  15. a15cro

    Binky, Binky, Binky!

    Inspiring every time a new episode is released.

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