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  1. Getting heat into Toyo 888r on track

    Blimey, Colway remoulds again?
  2. Getting heat into Toyo 888r on track

    Keep us informed, Steve.
  3. Getting heat into Toyo 888r on track

    Interesting Steve. I also have 888Rs, having recently changed from Advan A048s. The Toyos do take some warming up on the road compared to the Advans, and they don't seem to give as much feel either. It is a cheaper tyre though.
  4. HiSpec mechanical handbrake adjustment

    Good luck to everyone with the "upgrade". Personally I can't seeing it being of much help. You will never get the clamping force associated with a standard rear caliper or grip with drums. Mine works fine, but there was quite some time needed to adjust the pads correctly to the disc, and then fiddle with the cables.
  5. HiSpec mechanical handbrake adjustment

    Maybe I'm missing something here, or just being thick? If all the additional grub screw is enabling you to do is adjust the pad to the disc, then surely you can achieve this exact seem feat by adjusting the cap head bolt between the two levers? You will then need to adjust the cable adjusters at the handbrake lever as well. The spot pads are tiny at 27.5mm diameter, so you will never get a good grip with them anyway. It is a clever little mechanism, but just don't expect to achieve handbrake turns.
  6. DCOE angle

    A quick google suggests that 7 degrees is about maximum, although there is a picture showing an angle of 10 degrees, but I couldn't view it. I would say 5-7 degrees would be about right before you run into fuel level issues in the float chamber. Looking at your picture, the angle of your manifold looks considerably more than that, maybe 20 degrees?
  7. Handbrake Cable Manufacturer

    Excellent chaps. I think it was Speedy Cables that I remember now. Many thanks for your replies.
  8. Handbrake Cable Manufacturer

    Afternoon all. Not specifically Westfield, but I remember one of our esteemed members here mentioned a company that makes up non-standard handbrake cables. I would be pleased to be reminded of said company. Ta muchly.
  9. What’s your power to weight then?

    What does a YB engined SEIW weigh? With aeroscreens and JK seats fitted?
  10. Head machinist help required

    Could you add a couple of pictures from a different angle of the "chamfer"? I would consider using an engineer's hand scraper to take any high points off, this to be done very carefully of course. Then fit the cam and caps and check that it rotates completely smoothly without any binding. If you've already fitted the valves, then remove them to do this. A light wipe of oil on the bearing surfaces will be needed. There are a couple of dinks to the left of the chamfer, as well as a rough looking surface to the thrust face.
  11. Head machinist help required

    It doesn't look like wear, more like that slither has broken off creating that partial chamfer. The bearing surface looks to be in good order.
  12. Short steering arms

    I'll send you a PM in due course.
  13. Short steering arms

    Is that a medium length arm?
  14. Short steering arms

    That sounds interesting. When I changed from Cortina uprights to the Westfield aluminium ones, I discovered the original arms were a little shorter than the long bolt on ones. The short ones are very short, fine for the track, but not much good for the road, so I fitted the long arms in the end.
  15. Short steering arms

    It's a pity Westfield don't do a medium length steering arm.

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