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  1. Short steering arms

    That sounds interesting. When I changed from Cortina uprights to the Westfield aluminium ones, I discovered the original arms were a little shorter than the long bolt on ones. The short ones are very short, fine for the track, but not much good for the road, so I fitted the long arms in the end.
  2. Short steering arms

    It's a pity Westfield don't do a medium length steering arm.
  3. Another MOT question. Q Reg

    To check the chassis number?
  4. Xflow 1740 4speed clutch help

    If the clutch pedal feels similar to how it was, then the clutch plate is likely to be seized either to the cover or flywheel. If so, then as the others have said, a jolt on the starter with the clutch pedal depressed should free it. And no sparks to the plugs!!!
  5. dilemma, stick or twist. zetec/crossflow

    The crossflow is a great engine. Great sound and great character. 25 years ago, I had a 1600 all-steel Burton crossflow in a Mk1 Fiesta tarmac rally car and it was a fantastic engine. My pal still runs a crossflow in a Fiesta, and his is a bit special. Stroked to 1950 and produces 184bhp. I would stick with what you've got. If it's a bit racey with the current cam, I would suggest fitting a genuine Holbay K3A profile that will give you great driveability with good midrange torque and still lots of power and revs.
  6. Brake master cylinder piston sizes

    Small front, large rear.
  7. Body Fitting

    That is shocking panel fit. Even BL got theirs better than that.
  8. Grp or carbon dash panel

    No, sorry, it must have gone in a clear out.
  9. Grp or carbon dash panel

    I think I've still got one. It's used. I'll check in the workshop tomorrow.
  10. 1994 SEiW; how to fix spongy brakes?

    If you have the dreaded Sierra rear calipers, they really are a nightmare. My advice is to remove them and wind back the piston to its innermost stop. Get a piece of wood the exact fit to jam the piston. Using a pressure bleed system (Eazibleed), you can then turn the caliper so that the bleed screw is uppermost. Attach a clear tube to the bleed screw and open it. Using a soft faced mallet, tap the caliper body to release the air. You can angle the caliper around to make sure that all the air is removed. You may be a surprised at how much air is trapped.
  11. VDO inatruments / guages SOLD

    PM sent.
  12. Nitrons and Wishbones. SOLD

    Now sold.
  13. Nitrons and Wishbones. SOLD

    Hello All Having a clearout of the workshop and I came across these again. Set of Nitron shocks (14" and 13.75" open lengths) in excellent condition, along with a set of standard track wishbones. The lower wishbones have additional welded bosses to allow the front shocks to fit correctly. £300 uk posted the lot.
  14. Lifting C20XE and gearbox with these?

    I recently removed my Cosworth engine using two eyes like those. Not a lightweight lump by any means.
  15. Is this a Westfield car?

    That chassis plate looks to be taken from an electric motor.