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  1. Steering column bolts

    Yeah, I’m sure wf will send you more but I found it easier/less stressful just to order more off eBay. I found a lot of the bolts provided were a bit too short so ended up buying longer ones, the steering uj ones were possibly one of those. Just be sure to get hi-tensile ones, at least 8.8
  2. Steering column bolts

    I’d say so, yes. Definitely under the nut, but I have them on the bolt side as well. To get them to clamp up tight I had to overtighten them to start with, so used some spare nuts & bolts to do that and then replaced with the actual nuts and bolts. Washer under the bolt side stops you grinding the paint off the uj when tightening up. Have you got binx nuts? These are usually used rather than nyloc’s.
  3. Earthing points - newbie question!

    Re the grease, I used Vaseline but have since discovered that you need something with a higher melting point in the engine bay as it’s now run everywhere!
  4. Earthing points - newbie question!

    Riveting won’t be sufficient. For the fuel tank I drilled and tapped the chassis M6 and bolted the earth strap on. You also need to clean the powder coat off the chassis back to bear metal so that the strap has direct contact to the metal to make a good contact. Same for the other points, clean the powder coat off to make good contact. You should then cover the earthing points in something such as grease to prevent corrosion.
  5. Tim's Mega S2000 Build

    My pump and fan runs on after the ignition is turned off, but only after the engine has been up to temp, never noticed it run at any other time. It seems to have a timer that runs for a fixed time after you turn off.
  6. John, sorry to hear of trouble you’re having - unbelievable! However the car looks fantastic and you should be really proud of what you’ve achieved in 11 months! The bottom line is YOU have built the car, Westfield can fix their cockup! As mentioned, getting them to do a full pre IVA check for you while it’s there might be reasonable compensation for the frustration this issue has caused.
  7. location of air horn

    I've got one of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/Denali-SoundBOMB-120dB-Motorcycle-Horn/dp/B01N7HRONK VERY loud, compact and seems to be very good quality. Ive mounted it on an L bracket to one of the front chassis diagonals.
  8. Ste H's Mega S2000 build thread

    Update on the brake pad rattle. I've not put much effort into this yet however I fitted a set of EBC pad shims and the rattle has immediately gone away. They're a self adhesive flexible material the you cut to size and stick to the back of the pads. It's a cheap and quick fix but I guess it probably won't be a permanent cure.
  9. Ste H's Mega S2000 build thread

    That's interesting to know. I can't help thinking that something a bit smarter is required here, although I'm probably over thinking it due to the break down. Hopefully I've made a better job of it now and it won't happen again.
  10. Ste H's Mega S2000 build thread

    That would be ideal, I'll get on the case!
  11. Ste H's Mega S2000 build thread

    Yes I agree it must have been broken before. I didn't notice that the battery light wasn't on to be honest but it mustn't have been - will be checking in future! That said, should a wire break in future while driving or some other malfunction with the alternator, I want to know about it. I'll probably also fit a voltmeter at some point, just a pity the Dash 2 hasn't got a free input to give a volts reading.
  12. Ste H's Mega S2000 build thread

    So only 200 miles in and first breakdown to report Had a spare hour yesterday so went out for a drive. Noticed it was a bit slow turning over when starting but headed off no problem. About 10 minutes in engine started to splutter when accelerating and a couple of minutes later it just stopped. On trying to restart clearly the battery was flat, so attention tuned to the alternator. Turns out that the wire for the ignition live feeding the alternator had snapped at the crimp connector going into the alternator, so alternator hadn't been charging the battery. Rookie error of soldering the wire to the crimp to blame, clearly fatigue in the soldered joint/wire had caused the wire to crack in only 200 miles. I'd soldered it because trying to crimp this particular connector had proved to be a PITA. So an easy fix after suffering the embarrassment of having to get the wife to toe me home However this begs the question as to why the alternator warning light on the RT Dash2 hadn't come on to warn of the impending doom! The alternator has the main connection to the battery and then two other wires. The first is the ignition live and the second is for the dash warning light. With the ignition on but engine not running the warning light is on as you would expect and goes off when the engine starts. However if I unplug the wires, the warning light does not come on. Given this break down experience, I think it would be a good idea if the light come on if the wires become disconnected. The dash light comes on if I ground its wire, so I assume that the alternator grounds the wire, but only it would seem if the ignition live is on. Then when the alternator spins, this output changes from ground to 12v and the light goes out. What can I do to ensure the dash light comes on even if the dash light wire becomes disconnected? Weak pull down resistor to ground? If this would work, does anyone know what value resistor I would need?
  13. James' S2000 build

    Good luck James and enjoy the build! It's well worth the hard work. Only recently got mine finished and on the road but it's great! Ballistic! All the info you need is on here but unfortunately a lot of photos have disappeared because of photobucket changes. Manual isn't much use as said, but ask WF for the Dropbox link if you don't already have it, there is some useful stuff on there.
  14. fitting wind deflectors

    Looking good, are these the ebay ones?
  15. Areo catches

    Yes, I used the flush type which mount from the inside of the panel rather than on the surface. 125 series I think. I had to cut some of the flange off the catch for it to fit, then bonded in with sikaflex. Just the nerve racking process of cutting the holes in the bonnet to contend with, it's not too bad just a lot of care and patience required! I'm sure I've seen the type you have there used, but higher up on the bonnet, presumably with brackets attached to the scuttle.