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  1. Another round of "What's that for?"

    Trick of the camera angle that. It's actually dead central
  2. Another round of "What's that for?"

    Great. More angry grinder time
  3. Another round of "What's that for?"

    Ignore the panelling. It's all the stripped panels just sitting on the chassis piled up. I doubt very much the previous owner welded anything on to be honest so came out of the factory like this.
  4. Another round of "What's that for?"

    No prizes again apart from personal pride but can anyone tell me what the following welded on tabs/studs are for? Apologies for the pics being the wrong way up #1 Rear chassis. Next to the tab where the brake flexi mounts I have 2 extra tabs of similar size plus a larger one at a different angle. #2 Small tab on the lower member of the chassis at the rear. #3 Front chassis on the cross member behind the steering rack there are 2 tabs. #4 No pic but on the cross member behind the drivers seat there are 2 studs.
  5. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    What's the thinking with the blank plate? Will it not just introduce another edge radius to be tested? It's not required for IVA so I'd leave it off for now
  6. Workshop floor

    I went through the process about 3 years ago. Although for only around 25 sq/m but not straightforward as joined to the house and a build over a sewer. I got in contact with the local building control early and they were a great help but the spec was ultimately decided by the water board who were a nightmare. Anyway I digress. I had half a dozen quotes and the price differences was almost as though they were quoting for totally different jobs. Anywhere from 2k up to 8.5k for the exact same spec. So id keep getting more quotes. Did your mate who did the 60m slab do it himself as that seems very cheap for a slab that size?
  7. Favour req. Polo/coolex rad dimensions

    @neptune Perfect thank you
  8. Warranty statement from Simon at WF

    So really you'd be better off saving 2 or 3 grand on the engine. A grand on the gearbox. And another chunk on the diff. And just buy used. Because effectively you end up with the same warranty, ie very little.
  9. Fuel Pipe & Brake pipe Clips

    Hi Ben. What size fuel pipes will they take? If they'll take 8mm I'll take half a dozen please just pm me a total. Cheers Steve
  10. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Good news on the missing bits. Sad that wasn't the first thing they suggested. Agree with Thrusty's sentiments on the aerocatches. A definite full clear day with no distractions as they are very tricky and stressful. But very neat and rewarding when you get the blighters fitted!
  11. Favour req. Polo/coolex rad dimensions

    @neptune that would be great thank you. Cheers David. Enjoy your fizz! Cheers. Won't be using the standard arrangement as my chassis has the older escort type brackets which have been lopped off.
  12. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Indeed those blades worked much better for me. Even coping with the Scottish "summer" weather.
  13. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    I wouldn't even try. Because then when you send them back they will say they are damaged and kick off about taking them back. I know this from personal experience even when I've been told to tweak. By the way there's a much easier way to switch them round. Drill off the retaining rivet pull out the end of the arm from the body. Turn it the right way and re-rivet. But I still wouldn't bother and request replacements.
  14. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Without being rude tell the factory to sod off bending back wiper arms. The powder coat will break and they'll look like crap. LH and RH versions are available from their suppliers Tex. Tell them you'll be requiring a set of the correct ones in the post in the morning. Seriously a £30k+ build and they want you to bend wiper arms because they've sent the wrong ones
  15. Favour req. Polo/coolex rad dimensions

    I phoned on Friday and it was a different guy who wasn't as helpful as Alistair and didn't seem to want to divulge the information.

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