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  1. Is it too early to...............

    Spot on. Although you can't use the m word. As per your other thread you get in trouble these days.....
  2. Is it too early to...............

    Playing? This is a serious industry....... That's the worst bit for me. Being in a group of drunks and being stone cold sober. Well apart from the kids that is...... Hopefully Santa brings some good toys and things for me to build with the kids while the grown ups drain the wine.
  3. Caterham style indicators

    Luke at playskool for carbon effect cheaper ones. Carbon Nv for the real carbon version.
  4. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Yes just redrilled the 6mm holes. I went as far over as I possibly could.
  5. Is it too early to...............

    You're doomed. Christmas is in december. Shouldnt be mentioned before then. And I'm not grumpy in the slightest that im working nightshifts christmas eve/day and new year this year. Honest
  6. Caterham style indicators

    Yep mine passed too with the help of the bracket switch around as suggested above. By the absolute letter of the manual they are just out of the measurements. In reality they weren't even looked at or measured during my test.
  7. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Yes move the throttle pedal as far outboard as possible unless you've got ballet feet, as the throttle is way too close to the brake in the stock locations. Even for heel and toeing.
  8. Starting a Build

    Nice work. While you're at this early and open stage try and slave fit the pedals and the electric throttle pedal. In the standard mount holes I found the throttle pedal too close to the brake pedal. It's so much easier to adjust of necessary and reprotect any holes whilst at the early build stage.
  9. What if?

    Ah yes mine was a 2.0 and you've spoken to them since the last time I did. Guess it's a caterham one then.
  10. What if?

    Yeah that's the one. Ask to speak to Salv he sorted me out with a load of parts and useful info on the ecoboost. Worth a try before paying cateringvan prices.
  11. What if?

    Before you order the caterham one give powertorque a try. They supplied my ecoboost one (titan made no branding) and it was half the price of various other suppliers.
  12. What if?

    Ooh nice is it the 1.6 or 1.7? What's the plan carbs or bodies? I had a 1.6 puma brand new back in 2001 through a company car scheme. It was great fun and can only imagine being great in a 7 with a bit more power. Look fwd to seeing the swap
  13. What if?

    A rusty cat with a peachy Yamaha engine?
  14. Successful Shopping Trip

    You sure you were at the right place?
  15. Is the world now too PC ?

    I think they should be proud of the pilots artistic skill