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  1. Career change?

    Interesting topic this. I love my job as an aircraft maintenance engineer however when you're elbow deep in a toilet tank at 3am on a Saturday morning unblocking a pipe you do start to question career choice. I've no idea what else I'd like to do. I know a few lads I served my apprenticeship with ended up in motorsport engineering and aerodynamics which would appeal but maybe not pay as well. One question I have aswell is what jobs are much better now than say 20 years ago? Apart from the obvious ones like mining etc as I'm constantly hearing from the older generations "job's not what it used to be" As a side note my stepson has just qualified as a gas safe heating engineer and he is currently employed full time but the amount of calls he gets for work is unreal and suspect someone with the right work ethic could make a very handsome living.
  2. Ouch, have you seen this Sport 250 on eBay

    Prices are plummeting
  3. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    I think my engine must have ended up a bit further right as my steering shaft was right of the sensor. But I ended up lifting the column up a touch with a shim
  4. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Yeah was pretty close. I ended up shimming the column support mount to lift it up a bit. You need to allow for a bit of engine movement too. You got a pic?
  5. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Yes as adge says needs blanking. It's the port where the sound resonator sits on the focus ST to pump more sound into the cabin.
  6. Safe at Work ...........or maybe not ?

    Well it wasn't as straightforward as that it was borrorrowed equipment that turned out to be faulty/non regulated etc. It was one of those occasions where all the holes in the Swiss cheese aligned for the guy.
  7. Ouch, have you seen this Sport 250 on eBay

    I did wonder after all the issues if you'd thrown In the towel a while back
  8. Safe at Work ...........or maybe not ?

    Depends on tyre/aircraft size. The biggest ones we use are 235psi and the wheel/tyre combo is getting on for 250kgs. The one that I've seen the investigation on blowing up was being inflated with a 3000psi Nitrogen bottle with no regulator. I believe the guy lost most of his arm and was lucky to be alive.
  9. Safe at Work ...........or maybe not ?

    The one with the tyre explodes make me shudder. I've seen the aftermath of someone inflating an aircraft tyre with an unregulated nitrogen supply. Not pretty. Also one airline installed a steel cage in the hangar to inflate tyres in, only to wander past one day to see an apprentice inflating one. Whilst sat inside the cage on the tyre
  10. Ouch, have you seen this Sport 250 on eBay

    It's been up at that price for a long long time. It appeared for sale around the time I sold mine.
  11. Gear shift pattern

  12. Gear shift pattern

    Ooh you b***h! I'll have you know I don't have that much free space as the house now thinks of it as "their" storage space
  13. Which beer have you been drinking today?

    I was in the delirium cafe in Brussels the other day. 52 beers on tap with the weakest at 5% up to 12%. Sadly I can't remember the names of the ones we sampled as I was struggling to say their names even at the time Also in Bruges we went for a brewery tour at the half moon brewery and I developed a taste for the Brugse zot blond.
  14. Gear shift pattern

    He needs 6 gears as the rice burner has no torque...... Im always doing the same in the works transit connects. They really don't like trying to select reverse at 70
  15. Fuel cut-off

    I never bothered either and wasn't asked about it. As above either fit and remove after the iva as they can cause issues as not really designed for such lightweight agile cars or contact the test centre if you can find the direct number. Or if your local nip in for a chat. If you told them the ecu does it how would they know otherwise?