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  1. LED bulbs flashing too quickly

    thanks for the info, was the flasher unit just a straight swap without any wiring mods?
  2. LED bulbs flashing too quickly

    Hi All, I recently purchased some LED flasher and stop/tail bulbs from a reputable source, the idea was to upgrade the brightness of the lamps as I was concerned that the rear lamps in particular were not bright enough particularly the indicators. I fitted the rear indicators and they worked fine as did the stop/tail lamps , much brighter than originals. However when I fitted the front flasher bulbs all lamps flashed too quickly , although when the hazard switch was operated the lamps reverted back to normal speed. Do I need a different flasher unit or resistor/s in the circuit if so where? The flasher unit I have is the relay type with a loud audible beep as I was constantly forgetting to switch off the indicators. thanks again Ps why does this change font by itself
  3. Ford crossflow fast road camshaft

    Noticed there was a camshaft on ebay under 'Caterham Car Parts' didnt look at the spec so dont know if its what you are after.
  4. Is BTCC a better watch than F1..?

    The mans an animal!
  5. Team Dynamics wheels and tyres

    Four Team Dynamics black gloss alloy wheels with Yokohama Parada Spec 2 tyres, 15" wheels in gloss black with a red line around the rim, multifit 4x108 and 4x100 pcd, 6.5J with an offset of 35 , wheels are in good condition with no damage , kerbing etc . Tyres are 195 50 R15 and have approx 5mm tread , not Pro race as far as I am aware, weight 14kg with tyre. Collection only from north of Newcastle or arrange your own courier, £240 also on eBay
  6. Real roads have no restart button...

    I think the Lada drivers in Russia take some beating especially in he snow.
  7. Wheel Offset

    I know there is lots of stuff on here about wheel offsets but I am still unsure of the ideal one for my car. I have a SEW with Cortina front uprights and a Escort live rear axle. The wheels on the car at the moment are TD 15" and I think the offset id 35 but not sure, they fit ok although I used a thin spacer on the front to centralise them under the cycle wings. There are concentric spacers on the rear but these are just so the wheels fill the arches better. I am looking for some 13" Minilites or similar so I want to know my options regarding offseat. Thanks
  8. Let the modifications begin

    Ditch the Lotus badge, its a Westfield!
  9. Action/dash cams

    Thanks for that, I presume action cams record sound as well , I would want to pick up the roar from the mighty crossflow as it trashes yet another Audi!! Is it easy to edit on the laptop , how about adding music like the Ride of the Valkeries , Buttercup is very good at this sort of stuff .. I presume you need a 1080 res and 170 view? anything else ? thanks for the info
  10. Action/dash cams

    I am looking to buy an action/dash cam for my Westie to fix to the roll bar etc, this will be used to record blatts/days out and then downloaded I presume via sd card to my laptop and perhaps share on here. I am not a techie type person so dont want anything fancy just something easy to operate with good picture quality and soundwith Would I have to buy both an action cam and a dash cam for general use? Any tips,recommendations would be appreciated Thanks
  11. Stupid Question Time: Air Filters

    The pic above refers to my car, the mesh filters were not there to prevent chocolate entering the engine but to deflect larger objects, not dust particles etc etc. the mighty XFlow absorbs the usual detritus easily, at least it has for the last thirty years since it was built. I have also tried the familiar foam /sponge filters but decided they might be too close to the side of the bonnet and restrict the airflow. I have now now returned to the bare trumpets to obtain max air flow, I was considering putting small louvres each side of the bonnet , to increase air flow on one side and release heat on the other as air can enter the grille but has no obvious exit.
  12. I might change his name to XFlow, he has got a good 'bark' and is scared of nothing!
  13. Dellorto Carbs

    I have twin Dellortos on my xflow , they have been ok in my two years of ownership, but I presume they were set up correctly before I got the car. They provide plenty power, love the 'bark' when you put your foot down but they do like a bit of a drink, you can visualise the petrol squirting into the cylinders. Looking at yours I would junk them, you would be wasting your money, and get some bike carbs or injection.
  14. On the Northumberland coast with Ollie (the dog)
  15. Boot Cover needed

    Got mine from Lesley Storr Designs (on the web), top quality ,good communication , excellent service. She sent me some paper to map out the shape. You will wait a long time for Soft Bits. Pic below although mine has been mucked around since I change the roll bar.