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  1. Olliebeak

    windscreen rake?

    My windscreen seemed deeper than most which made it look too upright. I drilled two further holes in the scuttle and raked it back so now it is more aerodynamic and also looks far better. This means that the sidescreens no longer fit which is not a problem for me as I use half doors and deflectors. If I want to use the sidescreens I can just remove two screws and adjust the screen to its original position, just takes a few minutes.
  2. Olliebeak

    Tips on locating an engine bay rattle

    Obviously not enough cable ties!!! (sorry)
  3. I changed from 15"TD type wheel with Toyo Proxes to 13" Superlites with Kunho tyres. The car is much better with the 13", more comfort on the road and more responsive handling, I would try the 15" before selling the Minilites.
  4. Olliebeak

    Steering rack query

    I would get the tracking checked, I replaced the rack on my car with a 2.4 quick rack and looking from the front it appeared that the wheels were not parallel , one wheel looked to be turning out. I had the tracking checked and set up and the wheels still do not look straight, but the car runs ok , steering ,tyre wear etc.
  5. Olliebeak

    Big Head nut/ fixing

    Got my big head fasteners from East Coast Fibreglass, fixed with their two part adhesive and reinforced with grp matting. No Probs
  6. Olliebeak


    Sorry cannot make it today, started to but my ongoing electrical probs. continue, hope the weather stay ok have a good day.
  7. Olliebeak

    Xflow breathing and oil catch tank help

    Some pics of my installation following on from my post above.
  8. Olliebeak

    Xflow breathing and oil catch tank help

    My solution is similar to Kevin's above. I have a catch tank with two inlets and run one hose from the crankcase (which has a blanking plate with oil deflector) to the tank,and another hose from the back of the rocker cover to the tank. This seems to work ok after trying various methods. The catch tank does fill with oil but very slowly unlike my previous set up which was the two hoses which ran to a t piece which then went to a single inlet on the catch tank, this filled with oil rapidly. I do get a very small amount of oil smoke/fumes from the breather on the catch tank but it depends on how many beans you have been giving the engine. Some pics to follow.
  9. Olliebeak

    Intermittent rough running

    Thanks for all the replies and the useful info, its a pity you experts dont live a bit closer to me then you could pop round and sort it out !! The symptoms dont usually occur under load, I can be driving normally at around 60mph and the rev counter suddenly stops working and I can feel the engine note change , and you get the spitting back through the carb. You can drive the car as usual (no limp mode) anyone who didnt know the car might not notice anything unusual. I have been to the garage this afternoon and the car started and ran normally, rev counter working , engine revving freely. I had poke around under the dash and found a flick switch ,one end going into the ecu and the other to earth, god knows what that does? When this has happened previously I have just checked wiring connections particularly earths and everything ok. I will check the wiring again particularly the tps and its connection to the ecu. thanks again for all the useful info
  10. Olliebeak

    Intermittent rough running

    I havent been to the garage yet to find out where the rev counter gets it s signal from, thought I would cut the grass,big mistake have been stuck in the garden ever since. Dave, thanks for your input your explanation sounds plausible, I have never experienced a car in limp home mode so cannot say whether this is what happens to mine. Yes it is an ignition only ecu, how would I rectify issues with the coil pack,tps, or cps , are these sealed unit is it a matter of renewing components or is diagnosis only possible via the laptop. thanks again for your input, unfortunately I am from the age of carbs and distributors, ecu's,mapping, sensors etc are beyond my experience!! On another subject how do I get emogi's on my laptop, I think it runs Windows 7 or 8 . they would be useful to convey a feeling to a post ?
  11. Olliebeak

    Intermittent rough running

    I had considered a intermittent fault in the TPS or CPS , I presume these components can be replaced, not sure about hooking up to a laptop, I do have the manual when the system was installed by a previous owner, I can see the ECU may be difficult to get to. I forgot to mention that when the fault appears you also get spitting back through the carbs and I think an increase in fuel consumption. Thanks for the info, I will go back today and probably find it is ok and miraculously cured itself overnight, which has happened before.
  12. Olliebeak

    Intermittent rough running

    My car is a 1600 XFlow with a Megajolt Lite, EDIS, coil pack,tps, and trigger wheel. I get intermittent rough running, a bit difficult to describe, the rev counter stops working and the engine note changes, also the cars performance drops off slightly , it really spoils the driving pleasure as I seem to have to push the car to obtain usual performance. This has happened a few times previously and can correct itself ,the rev counter comes back and you can feel the power return. I am sure it is electrical, previously I go around the wiring , check the earths etc and the problem is solved until the next time. I have never checked the wiring on the ecu as it is tucked at the end of the tunnel attached to the scuttle. The car has twin Dellortos with a TPS , a fuel pressure regulator set at 3.5 . I realise it is difficult to provide a definitive answer, but this is spoiling my enjoyment of the car. Went out yesterday in the sunshine and the car was fine for approx half a mile then the problem reoccurred and stayed like that all the way home, so just put it back in the garage to forget about it. Probably go back today and have poke around. Any ideas appreciated,thanks
  13. Olliebeak

    New HT Leads Ford EDIS Ignition Module

    Trigger Wheels have them , they are the same as on my car, you might have to buy a set around £25, I was looking the other day ,I renewed the plugs and was going to do the leads as well.
  14. Olliebeak

    The big show us your alloy/steel wheels thread

    13" Superlites, 5.5J, 18560/13 tyres, et35, I also have an option of 15" T/dynamics style , et 35 195/50 tyres, much prefer the 13"
  15. Olliebeak

    X-Flow - Identifying replacement choke kit

    My car is a 1600 xflow fitted with Dellortos, it is fitted with a cable operated choke which works fine, You just pull out the choke cable when starting from cold and then it can be pushed back in if you hold the revs. It is useful when pulling away from cold, I have to negotiate two road junctions near my home before I get on an open road and the choke helps to maintain revs while waiting for a gap in the traffic. The car would probably start from cold without the choke but would require a bit of throttle management before getting up to good temperature. Pic below

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