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  1. Westfield Front Indicator Pods

    Yes I have a set in good condition £35 inc post, pm if interested
  2. Busbars

    I want to tidy up three earth wires which at the moment are attached to one of the screws on the top pedal box cover. I was considering fitting a busbar which would provide a more secure and neater solution. Does the busbar itself have to be earthed to the body or is the earth provided by the wires connected to each terminal on the bar. The busbar I was considering has a plastic base which would screw to the chassis or body and six available terminals. This may seem an obvious question but I like to make sure where electrics are concerned. Thanks
  3. Just bought my first kit car

    Looks like a nice well built car, what do the six smaller dash gauges do?
  4. Santa Run, Sun 3rd Dec, Peak District

    After all the cake, ice cream, chocolate and other foodstuffs consumed on a seemingly weekly basis you will all have to modify your Westies more like a McLaren F1, and have one large seat in the centre of the car!!
  5. Black friday deals

    Love the headlights , could you tell me where you obtained the front indicator lamps from, I want to change my large stalk indicators to something neater.
  6. So I've relented and ordered a dash cam

    If someone comes up fast behind me and sits on my bumper (usually Audi drivers) I usually slow down in the hope they will pass, I would rather have them in front where I can see them . I was also looking at the Nextbase 412 it looks a good buy, was undecided between a action cam and a dash cam but as I have now put the Westy to bed I think that I will go for the dash cam, but as I am retired now and thankfully out of the daily grand prix from one roundabout to the next , do I really need one, been driving for fifty years without, similarly a sat nav.
  7. Reflecting on a mirror change

    Like the look, my Rover type mirrors are a pain, I cannot seem to adjust them into the correct position, and they lose adjustment easily,might take one off and see if I can do something like you. Where did you get the new mirrors from?

    Hi Geoffery, If you pm your address I will put it in the post, you can keep hold of it for as long as you wish.
  9. Westfield 5x alloys wheels chrome

    What size are they, thanks

    I have been to Scapa three times about forty years ago on diving expeditions staying on a converted fishing boat and touring the various dive sites. There used to be a Scapa museum in Stromness which had loads of stuff from the wrecks and also a interesting museum at the formal naval base of Lyness. I still have a book entitled 'From Jutland to Junkyard' which our old boat skipper reckoned was the best book on the subject at the time, you are welcome to it if interested. I have VHS tapes from my time there which I keeping to get transferred to dvd but never seem to get round to it . Have a great trip with good weather
  11. Polo radiator

    I fitted a Polo rad to my xflow, got it off ebay from a firm called coolpartsuk, just put 'Polo radiator' in the search and it will bring up several different sizes , I use the smaller one after originally getting the wide version but it would nt fit. Quite straightforward to fit although I had to make some brackets, the rads are so light that the hoses more or less keep it in place. The push through ties that hold the fan in place are not very good , they work loose and damage the core, I made some brackets out of scrap alloy. I still have my original Westfield rad ,fan and shroud if you were interested.
  12. Is this a Westfield car?

    That chassis plate looks a bit dodgy?
  13. Caterham style indicators

    Who are the suppliers of indicator pods, I know of Bolt on Bits, are there any others?
  14. Black headlights £45

    Are these 7" or 5 3/4" hard to be sure from the photo thanks
  15. AA Composites aero screen

    I have a fillet like this the previous owner had cut off the rebates that fit under the screen supports, it looks like the fillet in your photo. Hope this helps