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  1. Dash 2 purchase

    Rob, this is their XMAS2 offer valid until 11th December as emailed out on the 4th December. Not sure if you were after the pro or standard one. We're offering, for a very short period of time, the DASH2 PRO combined data logger and display with: FREE button set - to navigate the menus and change display screens on the DASH2 PRO FREE Analogue input upgrade - giving 8 analogue inputs and output drivers FREE GoPro video licence - HD video alongside logged data during analysis. Produce stunning output videos with graphical data overlays and either a FREE ECU Interface licence - Take data from your aftermarket ECU straight into the DASH2 PRO. Log the data for analysis and view parameters live using the built in data logging capability. A full list of compatible ECUs is available here. Or FREE Sensors - 1 x pressure sensor, either oil/fuel or boost pressure. 2 x temperature sensors, oil and/or water temperature sensors. Nice meeting you the other day. Lee
  2. Few bits

    Hi Robo, interested in these depending on if they fit. I have rally design ali uprights. How do they mount to the upright? Lee
  3. 13 Inch Tyres

    Hoping to get out for most of it, but that was the case this year. Didn't make anything this year at all. Fingers crossed. Will let you know as soon as I know what is happening. Really must get someone to buy my hotel so I can concentrate on other things.
  4. 13 Inch Tyres

    Unfortunately for mag 7's the tyres need to be road legal list 1A,B or C . No competition tyres, some classes are allowed, just not us. (Unless they change the rules of course). They do come up every now and then on Ebay, there were a set on here a week or 2 ago, on wheels. I have not got round to trying them in the rain yet but have been told they are good. You could Always check with Peter French to see if you will be allowed to run the new ones, if so I would be interested to hear the outcome. Lee
  5. 13 Inch Tyres

    Mike, if it helps I have bought Yoko a21r's for wet (Go careful as the new ones are not e marked so can't use them) R888's in soft for damp and R888R's for dry. After lots of discussion with people, but obviously what some people rate, others don't. Hope this help. Also, hope to see you about next season. Lee
  6. Received safe and well, many thanks Nick. Decent chap. Lee
  7. I had a discussion with the local police a while ago as I was organising a pub crawl on push bikes. Basic thing I was informed of was that being drunk in public is an offence, so it doesn't matter if you have a bicycle, mobility scooter or are just walking down the road. But they are only likely to do anything if you are causing a disturbance or are a danger. Living on the Isle of wight, we have a fair share of 'more mature' locals, several of whom use their mobility scooter to go to the pub, leave it outside, then ride it home. Lee
  8. Help with racing gear and helmet

    If you can get along to a race event, most people if you talk to them and explain that you are looking to get into racing, will allow you to try clothing etc on to see what fits. I know I have certainly done that for guys that are local to me from trying on my suits to helmets to gloves to hans devices. I would always insist on them wearing a balaclava if trying my helmet. It has actually save a couple of them from buying things that would not have been a good fit. There are enough people on here that attend enough events I'm sure you could try pretty much any manufacturer/size option around. Just try and find someone similar shape etc. Lee
  9. No worries mate, you can never have too many spares. He is a genuinely nice guy and a pleasure to purchase from. Lee
  10. Thanks for the intro to Richard , John(Bollockybill). I have bought his 'sbd' manifolds as a spare set but they were side exit, so still interested in bonnet exit if anyone has any going? Lee
  11. Thanks for the reply I was hoping to get a second hand one to save a few pennies, and also to see if I like it and how it performs. But if I can't source one perhaps I will have to call them and bite the bullet. Lee
  12. Cheers John, I will email Richard in a bit. Lee
  13. Bodywork and windscreen parts for sale

    This is the stuff I was requesting the help from WSCC courier service for. Unfortunately doesn't look like anyone is able to collect for me.
  14. Contemplating going for a different style exhaust. Don't suppose anyone has one for sale? I'm thinking about the over the top of chassis rail rather than out of the side pannel. Lee
  15. potentially interested if you go ahead with this. Lee