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  1. DTA S40 Pro

    Has anyone got a DTA S40Pro ECU they want to sell? Lee
  2. Got a pic of your first car?

    Love minis, only have a standard 998 now. Last one was a 2ltr c20xe engined one. Great little cars but with loads of room in there for the talker driver. I’m 6ft 8 and love driving them. Need to change the steering wheel and bucket seats help. Never had a 2cv but did have a Citroen dianne. Now that car was interesting. I think the panels were made out of old baked bean tins. Not the sturdiest of vehicles. I was very luck in the mini. Emergency services on the scene thought I was history. Only damage I got was a fractured ankle. The heater until dropped onto my foot just as the car came to a halt. It was wedged between 3 trees so they had to pull me out of the side window. They obviously never used to be that bothered about don’t move the injured person. The fireman actually pulled me feet first. That’s when I realised my ankle hurt.
  3. Got a pic of your first car?

    This is my first kit car, 3ltr V6 Swaymar tuned Essex engined Dutton Phaeton.This thing was quite throaty. Next to my rot box of an XR3i (and we won't talk about the Renault)
  4. Got a pic of your first car?

    First car was a mini, unfortunately don't think I have any pictures of it pre 'moment' Boxing day 1990. This is it, in and out of the trees. It was an 1100cc special, I still don't know how the rear light got smashed as it went in forwards, also somehow even had a small dent in the boot on the drivers side. All I can say is I was lucky the roof went up not down.
  5. Dry sump pump ID help please

    Thanks for your valued input Dave. I can't believe that Pace themselves couldn't say for sure. They are going to machine me a pulley to fit this one. Lee
  6. Dry sump pump ID help please

    I have bought a spare dry sump system, along with a load of other parts, and the pump is missing the front pulley, can anyone please help id the manufacturer of them pump. The seller said it was a Pace dry sump kit, however Pace want to ID the pump and they say it is not a current model, possibly an older one. They are hopeful that their pulley will still fit, and are just checking dimensions. (Under the tape on the output shaft of the pump is a keyway.) But if anyone can shed any light on it that would be great. Lee
  7. Solid tonneau covers

    I have an aerodynamix one in fibreglass, bought from Julian a while ago. I wanted one in carbon, but couldn't get one so wrapped mine in carbon vinyl. Highly recommended combined with the half doors for helping with flow, and regarding racing with it, it has a return edge going 90degrees downwards. Certainly not a sharp edge. I originally made one out of ally, that concerned me regarding impact issues. I have had it scrutineered at multiple circuits around the UK and never had any issues or questions about safety etc. It is currently held on by 2 bolts in the rear harness holes and 2 bolts under the aero screen in the scuttle which hold the front down as it is slid onto them using elongated holes in the cover, as access is tight to fix them under the screen. Hope this makes sense. Lee
  8. qed q450 cams for c20xe SORTED THANKS

    Cams now sourced, many thanks Timmay Zoom Zoom.
  9. C20XE Starter motor - Which one do I need

    It was straight swap, lighter (from memory) and smaller but so much easier to start car imho. I have used them on 3 different cars now and seem to be more competent at starting a 'tuned' engine. I can't find the receipt for this one but can try to check at some point on the car, however it won't be today. I will pm you re the spare one. Lee
  10. C20XE Starter motor - Which one do I need

    If you are not fussed about it being a used one, I have one that you can have in my spares box just cover the cost of postage. (I now use a brise one.) Edit. Or if you want to meet up to collect it, I should be travelling from the Isle of Wight Via Southampton to Bristol and back on Sunday, your location says Basingstoke Lee
  11. Pace dry sump pulley

    Does anyone have a Pace dry sump pulley wheel gathering dust? Lee
  12. Hi, long shot but does anyone have a set of QED Q450 or Q450V cams to sell for a redtop C20XE engine? Lee
  13. Dash 2 purchase

    Rob, this is their XMAS2 offer valid until 11th December as emailed out on the 4th December. Not sure if you were after the pro or standard one. We're offering, for a very short period of time, the DASH2 PRO combined data logger and display with: FREE button set - to navigate the menus and change display screens on the DASH2 PRO FREE Analogue input upgrade - giving 8 analogue inputs and output drivers FREE GoPro video licence - HD video alongside logged data during analysis. Produce stunning output videos with graphical data overlays and either a FREE ECU Interface licence - Take data from your aftermarket ECU straight into the DASH2 PRO. Log the data for analysis and view parameters live using the built in data logging capability. A full list of compatible ECUs is available here. Or FREE Sensors - 1 x pressure sensor, either oil/fuel or boost pressure. 2 x temperature sensors, oil and/or water temperature sensors. Nice meeting you the other day. Lee
  14. Few bits

    Hi Robo, interested in these depending on if they fit. I have rally design ali uprights. How do they mount to the upright? Lee
  15. 13 Inch Tyres

    Hoping to get out for most of it, but that was the case this year. Didn't make anything this year at all. Fingers crossed. Will let you know as soon as I know what is happening. Really must get someone to buy my hotel so I can concentrate on other things.