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  1. Are stickers allowed on crash helmets used in MSA events? I want to use vinyl stickers on a fibreglass helmet. (I'm not worthy of a lawnmower sticker...yet!) All I can find in the blue book is below, which refers to damage caused rather than simple application of stickers. 10.3.3 (f) Some moulded plastic helmets although they meet approved standards can be seriously damaged by substances such as petrol, paint, adhesives, cleaning agents and stickers (not the MSA Stickers) – such damage may not always be apparent; however, crazing or obvious dulling of the surface finish could indicate serious structural weakening of the helmet and is likely to result in the scrutineer removing the MSA sticker and impounding the helmet for the event.
  2. Toyo Proxes R888

    The date code 1413; is 1st to 7th April 2013
  3. Toyo Proxes R888

    Single Toyo Proxes R888 185/60 R13 80V in GG Compound. Date code 1413 Approximately 4.3mm tread all over, no cuts or damage. Collect from my house near M1 Junction 25 (between Nottingham & Derby). £30 Suit Westfield.....or Bond Bug, Reliant Robin, really big unicycle, etc.
  4. Speed Series Online Applications are open

  5. Duratec spark plugs

  6. Which Rolling Road / Tuners would you recommend?

    Has anyone got any recommendations for rolling roads for 2018? Interested to hear about any to avoid, as well as positive recommendations. I had a look at the rollingroadregister.com but it is completely out of date :-( The default for me is Northampton Motorsport, but it would be helpful to find some cheaper, but good alternatives.
  7. Sealey SCCS All Seasons Car Cover 3-Layer - Small Has anyone used one of these on a Westy with a full cage? The dimensions seem about right, but its a bit tricky to tell what the fit will be like. https://www.rapidonline.com/sealey-sccs-all-seasons-car-cover-3-layer-small-89-9689 I will only be using it when the car is on my drive on the night before an event.
  8. 2018 Draft Reg and Explainations

    According to the MSA 2017 Company Report it showed in 2008 there were 155,729 entrants in all forms of motor sport. In 2016 that number was 133,956. A fall of 21,773 entries (14%). I the light of this I think much caution is needed before making any radical changes to TTs, and their application. That being said the 2% difference between classes A&C, and B&D is clearly wrong, and should be altered to 4% (See my previous post)
  9. 2018 Draft Reg and Explainations

    Indeed Graham Frankland phoned all of us novices to do some research for the SSOT which I assume has informed the changes made.
  10. 2018 Draft Reg and Explainations

    Now that we have all calmed down a little bit, I would like to summarise the points that have arisen into a concise list, which I hope you will all agree with. 1. It would be a good idea to have separate awards for Experts and Novices in the Sprint Challenge. a. Removing the experts seems to cause ill feeling, and no points have been raised to support removing experts in this thread. 2. The target time differential (where actual times are unavailable) between Classes A&B compared to Classes D&E, should be 4% rather than 2%. a. This is supported by analysis of the 2017 times for experts, as well as estimates from several experienced competitors. 3. Novice target times (and classes), would in ideal circumstances be available, and would be motivating for novices. a. However for practical reasons this may require too much effort to implement. b. Novice targets have been successfully produced in previous years. 4. “True” Road going classes, and their definition remains unresolved. a. A separate thread should be started for this debate, as it is not part of changes to the 2018 Regs, or the explanation of the changes. b. All of the 36 MSA regulated events scheduled in the Speed Series will use the road going definition from the Blue Book. c. Even if the SSOT come up with a new definition, at best it will only apply to the two events organised by WSCC. I believe that this summary is a reasonable overview, which may help the SSOT from having to go through the entire thread! Minima Class and Race.xlsx
  11. 2018 Draft Reg and Explainations

    I have copied times from the WSCC website, and tabulated them to; Lowest times in seconds, by Class, and Event, for Experts in 2017. Classes A2 and C are compared showing the time difference in % (A2/C). Classes B2 and D are compared showing the difference in % (B2/D). The data are incomplete. However; If we assume the fastest expert drivers are of equal ability, and that track conditions are constant throughout each event: The results show that Class A2 is slower by 3% than Class C, and Class B2, is 5% slower than Class D. My suggestion is that, where an actual time is not available, the TT difference between road going Classes A & B, and Classes C & D, should be 4%, rather than 2%. As a novice competitor in Class B, it does seem that the combination of removing Novice TTs, and the less than generous allowance of 2% for road going tyres, especially given that 75% of Class B competitors were novices in 2017, is a little discouraging, despite the best of intentions. WSCC Fastest Times 2017 Race A2 B2 C D A2/C B2/D 1 86.30 81.61 76.45 105.75% 2 60.29 3 101.90 4 131.56 5 6 49.02 7 35.68 8 44.27 9 43.12 10 129.32 120.59 11 102.07 98.33 12 61.41 50.98 13 35.55 34.47 103.13% 14 35.40 34.32 103.15% 15 64.44 16 101.01 99.16 17 99.58 99.03 18 48.12 49.64 49.23 100.83% 19 121.27 120.02 20 136.43 131.60 21 22 35.88 33.10 108.40% 23 52.07 24 34.07 25 69.23 68.68 71.20 68.57 97.23% 100.16% 26 75.37 89.55 77.74 73.11 96.95% 122.49% 27 83.07 81.44 80.82 102.00% 28 140.78 131.58 29 62.44 58.88 56.25 106.05% 30 61.34 58.25 56.05 105.30% 31 69.49 63.62 32 72.86 63.21 33 71.12 34 64.26 64.30 35 61.37 58.60 57.64 101.67% 36 97.03 96.47 95.18 101.36% Simple Average 103% 105% Count 17 6 18 27 9 5
  12. 2018 Draft Reg and Explainations

    @Dave (OnliestSmeg) - Manchester AO Which bit of my Westfield is not "true" roadgoing?
  13. Could anyone enlarge a picture file for me please.

    To help find the file, if you are using Windows try this: 1 Open Windows File explorer 2 In the top right of the screen is a magnifying glass search box 3 Type in this: date taken: (note the colon at the end of taken) 4 This will bring up a calendar dialogue. 5 Enter the date the photo was taken. 6 Search! NB If this doesn't find it make sure the search is set to This PC, and All Folders
  14. Autocar Road test

    It's here https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/westfield/sport-250