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  1. I haven't got a tent, or a camper van. So only good weather days for me, which WILL be Sunday.
  2. Matthew Haynes

    Stoneleigh 2018 feedback and ideas

    So that is the reason for a Hans device. See the MSA are ahead of the game ;-)
  3. Matthew Haynes

    Lunch with a difference after Curborough Breakfast Meet Sat 12 May

    I will be in the paddock at Curborough, for the BMMC sprint. Come and say hello, and give me some go faster tips.
  4. Only 8 novices entered this year . I guess this reinforces the importance the SSOT and others, are putting on trying to get more newbies involved At least I will be best novice at Rockingham this weekend!... if I'm lucky!
  5. Matthew Haynes

    Toyo Proxes R888

  6. Matthew Haynes

    Hill Climb and sprint car wanted

    Good choice
  7. Matthew Haynes

    Electric water pumps

    FWIW with a Duratec the instructions suggest breaking the impeller fins off the mechanical pump, if the pump body (and pulley) is being retained. Alternatively the mechanical pump can be removed, blanking plate fitted, an new shorter auxilliary drive belt fitted. Assuming the electric pump is specced correctly this should be all that's needed.
  8. Matthew Haynes

    SS Competiors Race 1 / 2 / 3

    John I will be at Rockingham :-) Matt
  9. Matthew Haynes

    Rockingham Vs croft

    Simon Iv'e been trying to learn Barney's lines. Fantastic!
  10. Matthew Haynes

    Rockingham Vs croft

    Simon I will be at Rockingham. See you on Thursday to discuss :-) Matt
  11. Matthew Haynes

    Toyo Proxes R888

  12. Are stickers allowed on crash helmets used in MSA events? I want to use vinyl stickers on a fibreglass helmet. (I'm not worthy of a lawnmower sticker...yet!) All I can find in the blue book is below, which refers to damage caused rather than simple application of stickers. 10.3.3 (f) Some moulded plastic helmets although they meet approved standards can be seriously damaged by substances such as petrol, paint, adhesives, cleaning agents and stickers (not the MSA Stickers) – such damage may not always be apparent; however, crazing or obvious dulling of the surface finish could indicate serious structural weakening of the helmet and is likely to result in the scrutineer removing the MSA sticker and impounding the helmet for the event.
  13. Matthew Haynes

    Toyo Proxes R888

    The date code 1413; is 1st to 7th April 2013

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