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  1. 2015 Blue FW Special Edition For Sale!

    Hi Steve Thanks for your message. I am open to offers, but £14k is a bit low for me. Drop me a message if your circumstances change. Thanks Paul
  2. 2015 Blue FW Special Edition For Sale!

    Hi Chris Thanks for you message. To answer your questions. 1) Yes, I built the car in 2015. 2) All items were brand new from the factory at purchase. This was posted last year, but the car has only done an extra 50 miles since then. 3) The car was set up by Westfield before it was IVA'd, so the ECU and engine was configured then. 4) I'm based in Wokingham, Berkshire/ Thanks Paul
  3. 2015 Blue FW Special Edition For Sale!

    Just bumping this up the list a bit to see if there are any new buyers out there. Still up for sale and £16k ONO Thanks Paul
  4. 2015 Blue FW Special Edition For Sale!

    Reduced to £16k. Seems the new ones aren't so popular.
  5. 2015 Blue FW Special Edition For Sale!

    Still available if anyone is interested...
  6. 2015 Blue FW Special Edition For Sale!

    Hi Ben Yes, that should be fine. Give me a shout when you're ready and we can sort something if it hasn't sold. PM me if you want to for a private chat. Thanks Paul
  7. 2015 Blue FW Special Edition For Sale!

    Thanks everyone - I did suspect price and age. If I cant shift it for around £16-17k then I'll probably hold onto it for another year and then try again. Thanks again. Paul
  8. 2015 Blue FW Special Edition For Sale!

    Hi All Not getting much interest in this one. Any ideas how I can catch a buyer? I'm not sure new Westfields are that popular. Happy to take sensible offers. Thanks Paul
  9. Rear Anti Roll Bar

    still got this if anyone's interested, will take £100 or make me an offer. Thanks
  10. Hi All Looking to sell my 2015 - 65 plate Blue Westfield FW SPecial Edition Westfield FW complete kit purchased from factory, upgrades include Upgraded throttle bodies with ECU Sports turbo seats 5 point harness Wide track suspension Front & Rear anti-roll bars Heater Red 4 pot calipers Carbon fibre effect mirror covers Carbon fibre effect rear wheel arch guards All weather breathable storm cover Side screen wide breakers Black rear diffuser (not fitted) Full set up at factory Done 305 miles 170bhp, 2.0 litre Ford Zetec blue body with carbon fibre effect front wheel arches. New house forces sale and not being able to drive it as much as i'd hoped with three kids! Link to pictures - http://s346.photobucket.com/user/paulmainstone/library/Westfield%20Kit%20Car Looking for £17,500 ONO PM if interested or need more detail. Thanks Paul
  11. Rear Anti Roll Bar

  12. Rear Anti Roll Bar

    Westfield factory Rear Anti roll bar for sale - new and unused. looking for £150 Thanks Paul
  13. Stuff

  14. BRAND NEW - FW Wide Body Hood, Sidescreens & Frame

  15. BRAND NEW - FW Wide Body Hood, Sidescreens & Frame

    that sounds fair to me. PM me and we'll talk about when you want to pick up. Thanks Paul

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