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  1. Favour req. Polo/coolex rad dimensions

    @Steve (sdh2903) Hi Steve hope this is what you were after:
  2. Laid up build car insurane

    A plan insured my westfield including parts on a lay up policy for £72 and i can pay the difference to on the road policy if i get it completed and ready to roll before the year is out. So I insured my tin top too, that was slightly cheaper elsewhere but their service is so good i was happy to pay
  3. Le Mans - Ear Defenders, Radio, intercom

    So do they consider wearing ear plugs and a helmet as restricting your hearing ?
  4. Fuel tank breather

    My tank doesn't have a breather pipe . I assumed it vented via the fuel cap or Is this something specific to fuel injected cars ?
  5. Type 9 gearbox differences Lots has been written about short and long shaft type 9s. If you are considering this conversion, make sure you know which your gearbox has before buying a bell housing. My original box was a short shaft and i dont have the room in the engine bay to use a long shaft. So I bought one of these from Powertorque in Coventry Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Having searched for info on hydraulic clutch operation, what I learned was that unlike a cable clutch where the release bearing is only in contact with the clutch diaphragm when the clutch pedal is pressed, the concentric hydraulic release bearing is in constant contact with the diaphragm albeit very lightly. This contact is critical because If the pressure is too great the clutch may slip. If there is no contact, the bearing can be pushed from the bellows and hydraulic fluid will be pumped into the bell housing. So depending on clutch depth into the bell housing, the slave cylinder may need to be spaced off of the back of the bell housing to achieve the desired contact. I guess none of this needs is of any concern when using an engine, clutch and gearbox designed to work together. So i googled some more and found Retro Ford based in Corby who have designed spacers to suit the type 9 and ford slave cylinder: So i made some measurements and calculated the gap between my slave cylinder and clutch diaphragm and was advised that two spacers would be needed They fit like this : Because the spacers move the slave cylinder further into the bell housing, the holes for the hydraulic hoses needed to be opened up to stop the hoses rubbing: I don't want any debris falling through the holes, so I made a cover plate: Now i had all the parts assembled, I could mount the bell housing onto the gearbox ... except it wouldn't fit. The hole in the bell housing was too small and the release bearing sleeve wouldn't fit through A call to retro ford , a socket set and an angle grinder soon resolved the problem: Before I cut the sleeve, I removed the oil seal from the unit and then replaced before refitting. So with the gasket fitted using blue hylomar gasket sealer on both bell housing and gearbox faces It fitted !! Now to attach it to the engine. Won't be long now until it's all fitted into the car....
  6. Favour req. Polo/coolex rad dimensions

    Steve I bought one at Stoneleigh which is still in it's box. Happy to measure when I'm back on Friday if you don't have any luck before
  7. Westfield heater and/or pipe manifold

    Hi Nic Thank you i had thought about those as a better way of connecting through the bulk head. My heater pipe manifold is so rusty that the end came away when i removed the hose and both pipes are full of rust sediment, which i don't want to introduce to the new engine or radiator. So i need to replace the manifold
  8. Carbon mirror covers SOLD

    I will take these please.
  9. A brief history of my car : A 1.8 pinto based SEIW built in 1996 and bought by me about 3 years ago from the gentleman who built it. After searching for over a year for a car that ticked all my boxes, I realised that I was unlikely to find exactly what I wanted. So I decided to buy the best built car I could afford with the potential to create my perfect Westfield. Having had some fantastic adventures, upgradeitus took hold last year, and so the challenge began... I was very fortunate to find and purchase this : A 2.0 Duratec complete package including exhaust, throttle bodies, ancilaries and ecu removed from a 2007 Westfield. So my thoughts were, well it came out in a matter of hours , it won't take too long to install, i'll easily have it completed before Stoneleigh. That was March 2017! Mainly due family priorities it must be emphasised. However there have been alot of challenges that I wish I had known about before I started. So I thought I would try and document this conversion in the hope it may help others considering a similar challenge and hopefully make interesting reading for others! To date, this conversion is by no means complete yet and I do still have some concerns. As well as the engine swap, i knew I needed a stronger type 9 gearbox and as I had read of others having difficulties with the cable clutch bell housing for type 9 to Duratec , so I decided to swap to a hydraulic clutch. So lots more reading and learning.... 1st job was to remove the pinto , so the from this: To this : As the engine sits further forward in this chassis than later cars, there isn't enough room to split the engine and gearbox in the car, so it all has to be removed in 1 piece and it is very tight to get the sump out and over the top front cross member without the gearbox getting snagged in the tunnel. I had to raise the front of the car. To this : The photo above shows just how narrow the type 9 tunnel is compared to the later chassis . On the plus side there's alot of room for your feet ! And so to challenge no. 1 conversion of a type 9 gearbox from cable to hydraulic clutch.
  10. 13" Rims and tyres

    Hi Craig Could you measure the backspace please ?
  11. Looking for a Westfield heater pipe manifold like this : Alternatively a complete heater unit with manifold attached. W.H.Y ?
  12. Honeycomb Mesh Grille for nosecone

    Yes please if still available .
  13. Lower steering column

    @glenbo sorry can't find the lower column.
  14. MCT75 gearbox & propshaft

    @greenstreak Thank you will get in touch with them
  15. MCT75 gearbox & propshaft


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