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  1. Help with VDO Bezel swap

    Thanks Geoffrey i have the bezel Chris no i bought another gauge and i want to swap the bezel to match my other gauges.
  2. Help with VDO Bezel swap

    Does anyone know how to swap bezels on VDO gauges ? Or know if it's even possible
  3. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Booked . I just hope i chose the right option to drive the hill and attend the dinner too
  4. Wooden Sign made using a router

    Really superb.
  5. Por 15 advice

    That looks superb . Now I Just need the temp to rise so I can start painting.
  6. Por 15 advice

    @ThrustyjustI bought some but the instructions recommend using regular por15 as a base coat. Did you engine enamel direct onto aluminium ?
  7. Por 15 advice

    @maurici have you used POR15 on an alloy gearbox casing ? If so did you use e 3 stage process ? I want to paint my engine and gearbox but unsure if POR15 will stick
  8. Diff breather catch-tank

    If the diff breather bottle is still available , i will take please
  9. Pinto to Duratec (Again!)

    Zetec engine has the exhaust exit on the opposite side to a pinto or duratec. Zetec engines are cheaper both new and used but a much bigger job as the original wiring loom will need re-routing as your fuel pipes may well do to keep them from what will become the hot side of the engine bay. You will also gave a hole to fill where the pinto exhaust exits and a new one to cut for the zetec exhaust
  10. Pinto to Duratec (Again!)

    Using the original ecu is fraught with problems and potential reliability issues. It needs the original vehicles ignition barrel transponder and key to unlock the immobiliser. I'm told you also need to fool it into believe it is running the for alternator and then you will have to find all the other sensor inputs jncluding doors, boot etc.. There was a guy over on locust site who achieved it but honestly a motorsport ecu will be much much easier and ultimately more relible. If you are really serious pm me and i'm happy to talk you through the challenges i have encountered so far on my pinto to duratec swap especially if you have an early chassis with a narrow tunnel as the engine is a very tight fit. If i had known before i bought my engine the challenges with this conversion, i probably would have bought another westfield
  11. Por 15 advice

    In my experience rustoleum is no where near as good on outdoor metal as POR15. As Dave said preperation is so important and using the 3 stage process has given me excellent results without and flaking or peeling.
  12. Problems with the road network

    I live in Northampton and my folks near nottingham. For most of the past 5 years the M1 from j16 to the M6 has been 50mph and narrow lanes due to smart motorway improvements. It was reopened in nov 17 and the benefit for all those years of disruption .... signs that tell us to take a break or dont drink and drive and the loss of the hard shoulder. Sadly government has a history of mis managing technology projects. By the time these smarts roads are completed the technology will be obsolete. My sat nav provides more accurate, more specific and relavent info to me than any smart network can currently. 20 plus years ago traffic master installed sensors on virtually all motorways in just a few years which provided real time traffic data which they sold to major car manufacturers. Demonstration that viable commercial projects can deliver much more effeciently than governments. If government is to focus on tech then they should consult tom tom , google etc and focus on data collection and provision of that data to commercial business who are much better placed to distribute it via apps or products that end users have confidence in. After all the next generation of vehicles will have the tech to display all the info we need, so why waste money on electronic signs on motorways when the vehicles can already display it?
  13. Funding the NHS

    My dad spent 3 months of last year on and off in hospital. When I called 999 for an ambulance in november, I explained he was having difficulty breathing and they could see his history, it still took 1 hr 20 mins for the ambulance to arrive. It came from leicester to loughborough and we had to advise which hospital to go to which was nottingham city . Although he was transferred quickly from ambulance care to Hospital care we still had to wait over 4 hrs to see a doctor in a& e before he was admitted. Whilst in hospital scans and tests were requested and these could take days to happen. If the nhs has sufficient funds it really isnt targeted wisely. Sadly he passed away in December but the nursing staff treated him with such care and dignity even though it meant taking so much longer to care for him. Throughout his long illness i have spent alot of time with him at hospital appointments over the past 3 to 4 years particularly. When you finally get to see the specialists they have all been utterly amazing, patient, never given up trying to make his lot better. I couldnt fault the doctors, or nursing staff. They were amazing even providing 1 to 1 observation by his bedside towards the end. Trying to get an appointment is a whole other story.. We are so lucky to have such dedicated , caring front line staff. I just wish the back office admin staff and so called management saw the efforts and effect that the nursing staff achieve so consistently. Perhaps then the NHS could and find the desire to change from within and recognise who is best placed to drive the change
  14. What are the internal measurements of a wide bodied bootbox

    @Geoffrey (Buttercup) - North Yorkshire AO Mine measures 900mm wide x 280 front to back x 190mm deep .
  15. Duratec Oil Filter /Pressure issue (2.0 HE)

    Have you thought of swapping the oil pump? They're not hugely expensive.