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  1. Essex Area Breakfast Blat - 18th March (Postponed)

    You are now
  2. Essex Area Breakfast Blat - 18th March (Postponed)

    Good to have you back Matt I will try for an early evening chippy run soon. I away Saturday to Tuesday, so will post up, message and email when I get back. Are you in the Whatsapp group?
  3. Side Mirrors

    Sounds good. Maybe we can have a mirror and core plug get together some time soon!
  4. Side Mirrors

    This photo shows the CBS mirrors I currently have fitted to my car I want to be able to fit either wind deflectors or my doors, now that the screen is back on and the mirrors are in the way (apart from which I hate them, as they fall apart pretty regularly) I have these C*t*rh*m style windscreen brackets (photo taken before the mirrors were fitted) and figure I could mount mirrors on them in front of and mid way between the hinges Does anyone know of a nice mirror with a straight shaft, that I could mount directly through these brackets? I can see mirrors on CBS and Kit Car Direct that look like they would work, but can't judge the quality
  5. Car SOS

    Recorded season 6 episode 2 last night, stunning Delta Integrale Evo2. Watched it this morning before anyone else was up. Just as well, as I was getting through tissues like a brides mum!
  6. Essex Area Breakfast Blat - 18th March (Postponed)

    Your car looked great out in the snowy countryside yesterday Josh, just think the temps and road conditions could be a bit extreme this morning!!! Will post up a new date soon
  7. New member looking for his first Westfield

    from Essex, see you at Stoneleigh
  8. Essex Area Breakfast Blat - 18th March (Postponed)

    Due to the freezing cold conditions, we are going to have to call this off. Is anyone interested in doing this over the Easter weekend?
  9. Essex Boys And Girls

    It was actually Ken's clutch that had somehow lost all fluid. All part of the fun though!
  10. Essex Boys And Girls

    One daughter with a degree in graphic design to create any decals I need, the other doing a degree in film and cinematography to edit my gopro footage. Wish I could take the credit!
  11. Essex Area Breakfast Blat - 18th March (Postponed)

    Weather is still looking marginal, although I am sorting out my thermals, not my slippers Are there any wimps daring to drop out yet?
  12. Newbie

    from Essex. Echo what Chris says. As a spontaneous buyer myself, it's amazing how much you start to see, once you own it and the rose tinted spectacles are off (not that I have ever regretted buying my little beauty!)
  13. Essex Boys And Girls

    Bit of fun with the footage from the March monthly meet, including the obligatory ford, breakdown, mercy dash, repair, happy ending and emotional walk into the sunset at the end.......
  14. Essex Area Monthly Meet - 11th March

    It was all caught on film! https://youtu.be/zuJ8PNMzF2Y
  15. Happy Birthday Robin.

    MHR Robin, have a great day!