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  1. Westy home let the fun start

    Yep thermals on and heater going there’s a covering of snow ont hills at the back of town too... lol would have got more done but then had to junk the “fitted” handbrake and order a new one, wanted to get all the tunnel bits finished off , oh well trying to get as much done as possible before the carbon bits arrive and attention gets diverted
  2. Westy home let the fun start

    A wee bit more done today bracket made put in place and speedo sensor fitted ran the tunnel wiring, laying off the wires for the hand brake and reverse switch Oh and a pair of Jk seats ordered ...
  3. Starting a Build

    Welcome and good luck with the build
  4. Pair of alloys

    A pair of 7 x 15 rota classic in matt black, 4 x 100 Mazda fit, et20 these are as new only had tyres fitted / balanced then tyres removed as were the wrong offset for the rear £200 can send at cost
  5. Westy home let the fun start

    Ok so plugged the heater in today so not frozen stiff , lol, and got the new rear wheels on and set up, fuel filler in, battery tray made and fitted. Then made a shopping list for some more bits n pieces ....... So have a pair of matt black rota grid classic 7 x 15 et20 for sale, new just had tyres fitted then swapped over
  6. Westy home let the fun start

    Unfortunately that’s further down the line a bit i did remember there’s a heater under the bench .... after.... I was done and frozen, must be an age thing, lol next up is wiring in the tunnel and the front end, then the engine / ecu wiring. Got all my dials and switches ready for the dash when it comes have to say the wiring is my least favourite job but perversely one of the most satisfying jobs once done

    Sounds good
  8. Westy home let the fun start

    Well today was more suited to eskimos an penguins in the garage lol Still needs must so got the rear end wired up, taped , wrapped in convoluted tube and fastened in place then came in to thaw out
  9. Westy home let the fun start

    Quite a productive day today (despite it being a tad chilly in the garage ) fuel lines, filter all finished fitted and plumbed in, finished a couple of small jobs and fitted the rear lights so tommorow hopefully get the rear end wired up
  10. Paul Makepeace

    Welcome and good luck on your journey
  11. Westy home let the fun start

    Hadn’t considered putting any mesh behind it will try a piece and see how it looks once dipped as the cardboard will definitely have to go lol
  12. Westy home let the fun start

    There are some bad people out there ..... that just suggested carbon dipping the grill , mmmmm enquirey sent to local dippers lol
  13. Westy home let the fun start

    Not a lot done this weekend due to some family commitments, but through the week I got the clams stonechipped, primed and painted so fitted them and the new “westfield “ logo grill , bent and fitted the fuel lines and filter then whilst doing the clamps broke the drill bit so had to stop But just to keep the spirits up ordered some more carbon and the replacement rear wheels with the correct offset
  14. Marco from Italy

    Welcome from the north of Scotland and good luck with your westfield search
  15. Westy home let the fun start

    Thanks for the replies, went onto the vdo site and the speedo works with either sensor so will phone later and ask them / order the one required