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  1. *Westfield Wanted*

    Glad your sorted, remember we all like pics and details once you have her home
  2. Westy home let the fun start

    Nope not just yet wanted to get a couple more jobs done before dropping her back on the ground , then ....... temptation will be there was really trying to push on with the wiring, did I say how much I’m enjoying it .... mmmmm but once on the ground I would HAVE to move her to sweep up all the mess, it really looks like a bomb site just now family duties this week and then Trina to the airport on saturday so will be back in there Sunday morning
  3. Westy home let the fun start

    Not such an early start in the garage today got all the wiring re routed and secured, tidied up the main relay and fuel pump relay wiring and made a start on the system relays wiring All in all a good bit done again, won’t get back in till next weekend so should be able to finish the systems wiring and start on the dash wiring
  4. Westy home let the fun start

    sorted cheers Dave
  5. Westy home let the fun start

    Got a short clip but can’t put video up ...
  6. Westy home let the fun start

    Ok so in the garage at 8 this morning and me and a pile of wiring diagrams, and a meter and 6 hours later SHE RUNS hooray loads of crossed and miswired wires but worked through it one sensor and wire at a time so wiring all wrapped and re-run connected and yes she started again. Just to finish securing it and tidy up the main relay wiring..... then onto the dash and switch wiring but so happy to hear her run
  7. Westy home let the fun start

    Trina is off to the states next weekend for a few months so it will be work eat n sleep in the garage as have a target date in mind, lol
  8. New Member Introduction

    Welcome from the sunny (and it’s nae snowing) north of Scotland nice looking car hope you enjoy her and get plenty of use
  9. Westy home let the fun start

    Ok so after many hours trying to tidy and route the wiring and getting no joy with starting her. I had fuel to the filter, engine turning over and nowt else !!!!! so today I decided to pull the lot back out strip of the corrugated tubing ( that wasn’t the split type) and have now discovered the wonders of mis-wired wiring that lay beneath...... grrrrrr, she wouldn’t have started for all the tea in China So this weekend will see me work through one system and sensor and it’s associated wiring at a time so much for assuming my predecessor had done the wiring correctly before wrapping it sorry rant over at least I can move forward logically now and get to that all important start up
  10. Cobra 427 Build

    Hi Gary great work and the bias valves is correct the F top and bottom I used ( on the last 7) for split fronts and the top rear for the rear line with a hydraulic switch in the line, bottom rear for the fluid in. in hindsight I could have run the front top to a T for the fronts and put the hydraulic switch in the front bottom ( no trapped air bubble with it pointing up) loving the build
  11. Aero....

    Ntdwm but you could try this .....yuk
  12. Pitking mirrors SOLD

    A pair of used pitking mirrors used but in gc £25 posted (would swap for a pair of std ones for the windscreen uprights if someone is going aero) mans that’s my finger tip not a chip in one lol
  13. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    Email sent, hope to get mine through iva sooner rather than later now
  14. Soft Bits for Sevens Touring Tunnel bag.

    Hi just ordered a half Hood and storm cap current lead times are 3-4 weeks so get in quick...
  15. Future Owner from Warwickshire

    Welcome from sunny Scotland and good luck with your search