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  1. Garyt


    Well we sure will miss you both but enjoy your trip and as always keep us posted of your adventures
  2. Garyt

    It should have been so easy.....

    I know been there , ran out of female wiring connectors so popped into town 1 hour round trip for a few quids worth of connectors
  3. Garyt

    Hi All, First Westfield Purchase

    from sunny Scotland hope you enjoy your new car I’ve just insured mine through a-plan as above really good to deal with
  4. Garyt

    Westy home let the fun start

    Ok folks going to start a new thread in road trips as our adventures don’t really belong in tech talk
  5. Garyt


    1 WEEK TO GO TO HOLLIBOBS so for those who wished they could come this picture sums the whole thing up , lol
  6. Garyt

    Fuel tank breather

    Late to the party lol but I mounted a cheapo motorbike one as far up as possible, used some spare fuel hose all the way up the rear diagonal brace to under the roll bar plate, no leaks or smells , seems to work for me so far .......
  7. Garyt

    Westy home let the fun start

    Haha you’ll have to wait n see
  8. Garyt

    Westy home let the fun start

    She goes stateside end of August and there’s things and ideas wriggling about in my mind ..... oh dear
  9. Garyt

    Westy home let the fun start

    And got even better we left Lossiemouth harbour went all the back roads to Forres over the dava via loch en dorb to grantown, aviemore and up cairngorm mountain had coffee, got chocolate and a cake then the back roads to nethy bridge over the brig o broon to tomintoul then down the glen and back roads home what a wonderful day out both thoroughly enjoyed it, did just over 150 miles and she went like a dream ..... well chuffed
  10. Garyt

    Westy home let the fun start

    Thanks a wee shake down before the holiday trip will meetup then and get a few runs out sorted for when we’re back
  11. Garyt

    Westy home let the fun start

    Ok so first run out , took Trina down the coast for lunch
  12. Garyt

    Westy home let the fun start

    Try stopping us
  13. Garyt

    Westy home let the fun start

    Wayhay the very nice people at kits n rebuilds gave me my registration number and emailed the confirmation over at 4.30 today Q plate but I reall couldn’t care, so a quick phone call to my friend at the local car shop who said just get here I’ll be open, plates done will be on tommorow Morning and insurance notified then will take Trina out in her ..... oh happy days and all in time for our Scottish trip
  14. Garyt

    Flush mounting Areocatches

    Yes passed iva two weeks ago with the ones fitted from the outside rather than the rear mounted ones I just couldn’t get a fit n finish I was happy with so bought a pair of carbon like ones and mounted them from the outside the locating pins were an interesting job but here’s a couple of pictures of mine
  15. Garyt

    Another Westie Wannabe

    from a sunny Scotland

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