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  1. GBS Cars and Coffee, Sat 24th March

    Hopefully the rest of the Westfield crew are up for a lunch somewhere as clearly the cakes are going to disappear!
  2. GBS Cars and Coffee, Sat 24th March

    The Keely Donovan weather forecast is 11 deg and Sunny Spells:). Bring on summer! See you at McD
  3. MHR Martyn Vann

    Happy Birthday Martyn. Have a great day!!
  4. New here! Hello and looking to buy my first!

    Welcome from wet Lincolnshire Good luck in your search. Toybox are worth a visit but so is Stoneleigh where you will meet lots of WSCC members with their cars and a Toybox also have a stand. Try as many as you can as all are different Enjoy the search.
  5. Peak District Scenic Stunner Sun 11th March

    Would love to but..... You think I can avoid Mothering Sunday? Not a hope. Not even worth while asking.
  6. GBS Cars and Coffee, Sat 24th March

  7. Peak District Scenic Stealer, Sat 24th Feb, 10.30am

    Just a quick note to say thanks Julie and Glen for organising the day. Without you doing all the organising i would not have been out at all - probably vegetated by the fire. Much better to be with good friends eating our way around the Peak District! Good to meet MattV and we travelled in convoy to Lincoln before going out sepetate ways.
  8. Peak District Scenic Stealer, Sat 24th Feb, 10.30am

    I have a spare (heated) seat going for this trip. Any takers?
  9. Peak District Scenic Stealer, Sat 24th Feb, 10.30am

  10. Happy birthday ABC

    Thanks Julie and Glen. Trying to stretch celebrations to last 3 weeks as this seems to be the current family practice!
  11. Peak District Scenic Stealer, Sat 24th Feb, 10.30am

    Negotiations have commenced but there are many significant hurdles. Brexit negotiations would be easier. Will continue to talk but there may well be brinkmanship from the opposition and unreasonable demands made. Will drop you a note nearer the time if success is achievable!
  12. Peak District Scenic Stealer, Sat 24th Feb, 10.30am

    Mum still here. Shes going on Sunday! Can’t come. Going mad. Have fun !! I think her 80th has taken so long she is now 85!
  13. Getting oil of the garage floor

    Fairy liquid dripped on the puddle and left well alone for a few weeks. It will degrade the oil allowing you to clear up. Repeat if necessary. This also works on driveway block paving.
  14. Hulme End Cafe, Lunch Time Meet, Sun 4th Feb

    Not to make you jealous but we can't come as we are spending the weekend in Venice. Have a good time!
  15. The Windmill Returns, Sat 10th Feb

    absolutely no way. February hijacked by my mother who is celebrating her 80th every weekend of the month (and some days between). Role on March. Would have loved to come to see some sane friends (definition is probably questionable) and see that new car of Andy_R aeg needs to go shopping!