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  1. Longacre mirror

    I have the 17" one chris and its fantastic. If i remember rightly i got mine from ebay thinkit was around £30
  2. Reccomend me some good daily tyres

    Its not so much bad cracking but i know its there so will play on my mind. Will have a look for the avon ZZ5 as i also have an A6 so nice to see there good on this car
  3. Reccomend me some good daily tyres

    Cheers @Dave (OnliestSmeg) - Manchester AO i hadnt come across them will look into them and compare
  4. After discovering that my audi has cracks in 3 tyres i need some new ones. Ive seen either uniroyal rainsport 3 or pirelli p-zero but can you reccomend anything different that doesn't cost the earth?
  5. Grp or carbon dash panel

    I have a used carbon one if this could be any good pm me
  6. a plan insurance

    Insurance companys are businesses which i think prople tend to forget. Yes there will always be times where your not happy about something for one reason or another, but they are there to make money at the end of the day and wouldnt be there if they didnt. I remember when i was 20 i bought an rx8 insured by flux. Got charged £45 for a change of adress with them. My point is that to be competitive and cheap they have to charge extra for admin fees when changes are made. Its how businesses make there money. Personaly so long as they are there when / if i should ever need them for a claim i have no issue with paying an admin fee if changes are needed. I am with A-plan for the westy, audi and the works van and the service i recieved was second to none, every other company for me in my experiance treated me as a number not a person which i regard as priceless
  7. Front wishbones (standard length) provisionally sold

    Bump with price reduction
  8. Aim mxs wiring

    @AdgeC its certainly a start and compared to where i am with mine at the minute its a brilliant help. Thanks
  9. This Years Highs and Lows Of The Westie

    Highlight - managing to fully re build my car after doing a near full strip down of it Lowlight - slipping clutch all the way round scotland, wheels coming off
  10. Aim mxs wiring

    Does anyone who has put an aim mxs strada on there car have any fool proof way of describing how to wire one up? I have stared at mine for hours and cant figure out what is what. I have worked out the obvious as in ground and live but the rest i cant seem to get my head around.
  11. Seat options

    Depending on what style your after and obviously your price range. I will throw tillet b6 in the mix. Just as chris says some long stints on our alps trip and was never uncomfortable
  12. VDO inatruments / guages SOLD

    Chreers for the reminder chris. I had a little look yesterday and quickly left it alone for the day
  13. Front wishbones (standard length) provisionally sold

    Tbh i havent a clue. I only included that so people know what they have been re bushed with
  14. Upgrade to widetrack means i have Standard front wishbones including ball joints for sale. They were all re bushed last year using poweflex bought from westfield £100 + delivery
  15. Zk bonnet crimson

    One last bump. Reduced to £90. Travelling to down to reading next week so could meet somewhere to drop off