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  1. Duratec engine mounts

    Now this will sound really daft but have you tries westfield? When i needed some they had them in stock much to my suprise
  2. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    If you get the bonnet pained black then i will start getting suspicious
  3. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Looks much better with the v8 bonnet chris
  4. North East Run Outs 2018

    Hoping to make stoneleigh but will only be the sunday and no car depends whrn she drops the little one out
  5. What have I done now.....

    Is this the one that was on eBay from horsham area?
  6. TRACKDAY - Anglesey June 7th Javelin

    Tell her its practice for future races. And as you will have already done the track then it will be safer for you. Safety worked for the cage so might be worth a shot
  7. Screw in tyre (can it be fixed?)

    I had one done just last week in pretty much the exact same place. They did say that it was close to the edge but was fixable
  8. Big Power Duratec Conversion Project

    When i put my duratec in last year i got my engine mounts from westfield them selfs i think they came to just over £100. I got most of my hydraulic clutch parts from SBD but cant remember how much they all came to As for the bellhousing i wanted to stay cable clutch but couldnt dind anywhere that does bellhousings for a cable clutch so i wenr for a hudraulic clutch using a bellhouse from rwd motorsport
  9. Ducted nose lower hose

    For mine i bought some flexi coolant hose like This which i found a good alternative
  10. Tools required for build ?

    I got mine from lidl or aldi (i cant quite remember which one) when they had them in. Its nothong special but as i say without one things can take 10x longer. And there so much easier
  11. Tools required for build ?

    Cant recommend an air compressor with atleast a drill and air riverter enough. I done a mini re build of mine last year and without one it would have a nightmare
  12. North East Run Sunday 8th April

    8th june? Looking a bit far ahead. Not mean april?
  13. Sourcing bits for SE/Narrow chassis cars

    Have you tried ringing soft bits? I know when my dad was getting a half hood from them he had no joy via emails but when he rang they sorted everything straight away
  14. Club benefits

    Do you not use your wscc club code for insurance discount terry? The club discount that insurance companies offer, for me, cover the price for the forum alone. Ive also seen a few that have mentioned the club and managed to get some discount from certain companies
  15. The hunt for a kit car, what to get and why?

    I gottold when i changed my engine to a duratec last year that supercharging is a relatively easy option. I didnt go into detail as at the time it wasnt something i was interested in but i would say its certainly a viable option

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