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  1. My new Schroth Harnesses.

    They look great! My standard Westfield harnesses are a real faff to adjust so these are definitely on my (long) shopping list. Simon.
  2. IVA Test Centres

    I went to Gillingham. They were firm but fair.
  3. Locking Wheel Nuts

    Could anyone recommend me some locking wheel nuts for use with Team Dynamics wheels? Thanks, Simon.
  4. Convert Headlamps to Led

    Fancy explaining the process? Those lights look great.
  5. IVA Forms - Engine Power and RPM

    My IVA cert said 112kW@5750rpm.
  6. Essex Area Monthly Meet - 12th November

    I am hoping to be there. Dependant on my house guests leaving after breakfast as planned. I also need to put my dashboard back on! Simon.
  7. My wife has been shopping at Soft Bits for Sevens and has bought me a half hood and half doors for my FW for Xmas. Any tips for fitting especially regarding fixing press studs to the grp bodywork? Thanks, Simon.
  8. I think that you can just about see the fixing on the picture below. I can take some better ones tonight if you need them. If I recall correctly, there is an extra threaded insert on the chassis frame additional to the ones for the seat belt fixings. You need to drill a small pilot hole from the inside of the bodywork through the middle of the insert. This can then be widened from the outside to enable the tube (5) to be fitted. The bracket (4) can then be bolted to the insert. Add the shock mount (3) to the top of the bracket and then fix the flat plate (2) to that. The clamp (1) holds the exhaust to the bracket. The large cylindrical clamps (6) are used to fit the heat shields. Good luck, Simon.
  9. Essex Area Monthly Meet - October

    I'm away this weekend so unfortunately I won't be able to make it. I very much hope to meet everyone soon.
  10. Had my first decent length post IVA run out today. Everything was great apart from suffering from the problem which has been described on this forum as 'Starter Motor Hot Freeze'. Could anyone share any photos of their heat shielding solutions? Thanks, Simon.
  11. IVA Passed today

    Well done! Now the annoying wait for the DVLA!
  12. Essex Area Monthly Meet - 10th September

    I'll have to miss this one but I'm looking forward to meeting you all at The Lodge soon.
  13. Essex Area Monthly Meet - 10th September

    Potentially a 'heavy' night on the Saturday so I think that just the run out to The Lodge will do me fine this time
  14. Essex Area Monthly Meet - 10th September

    Finally got plates on my car so I hope to be there. What's the plan?
  15. IVA Drive or Trailer?

    Oops - Brain slower than my fingers! (should have said weren't)