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  1. Valentinik

    Build wheels and shocks

    Dean, that’s no problem at all if you’d like to collect them then. Steve yes that’s no problem. Il get them packed up at the weekend. Mike
  2. Valentinik

    Build wheels and shocks

    Bump, could do with the space now. Would like them to go to a club member.
  3. Valentinik

    Valentinik's Duratec Build

    Thanks @Oliver1 My headlamps arrived and also some indicators i bought. I didn't want to drill any holes in the nosecone for the standard westfield indicators. Im pleased with how they look mounted here and all being well they should satisfy all the IVA requirements.
  4. Valentinik

    Valentinik's Duratec Build

    Couple of bits done at the weekend. Grille fitted, rubber trim added to dash centre console panel and mirror mounts. Just fit headlights and fuel filler which should be here later in the week. Then I just need to work out what I want to do with front indicators.
  5. Valentinik

    Bought myself a new toy

    Thanks guys. The interior (and noise) is what did it for me on this one. It looks as if it has never been sat in also.
  6. Valentinik

    Build wheels and shocks

    As they were given to me for me to build my kit I’d like to pass these on to another member who may find them of use. A set of 4x shock absorbers I got from @Trevturtle for a widetrack setup. Set of 15” wheels and tyres I got from @Quinten Uijldert - Northants AO Include wheel nuts. Both are free to a club member on the understanding that when you are finished with them that you also pass them on. Would prefer collection from Sutton Coldfield.
  7. Valentinik

    Bought myself a new toy

    I bought myself a new toy on Friday. Something I’ve always wanted and really pleased with it now I’ve finally got one. I had a 130i before this which at 260bhp I thought was pretty quick but this is in another world to anything I’ve ever been in. Mike
  8. Valentinik

    IVA Harness buckle Covers

    Im looking for a set of covers that cover up the Hooks and eyelets for the harnesses that are needed for IVA purposes. Does anyone have any available? Thanks Mike
  9. Valentinik

    Valentinik's Duratec Build

    Tonight i got the rad fan wired up to be ecu controlled as the new fan switch i bought was faulty. Now its all working perfectly. A small to do list of whats left for my reference: Fit front grille Fit headlamps and indicators Fit rubber edging trim to dashboard and centre console Make handbrake gaiter and IVA harness covers Fit fuel filler neck Set up suspension (Not really sure how best to do this?) Find some 15" wheels to use for IVA test
  10. Valentinik

    SEiGHT Build Diary

    Looking good Jared. Looks really tidy.
  11. Valentinik

    Valentinik's Duratec Build

    Thanks @darve the hinge is fixed to the front lowe chassis crossbar and then bolted to the lower upright lip of the front with an aluminium spreader plate the other side. I got the hinge from gold an wassall hinges in tamworth.
  12. Valentinik

    Valentinik's Duratec Build

    Fitted the bonnet this afternoon.
  13. Valentinik

    Valentinik's Duratec Build

    Thanks guys. I seem to have the seats fitted a bit lower now. Will take some pictures later. I managed to get the engine run up to temperature (just need to work out why the fan switch isn’t kicking in). I also got the mirrors installed and rear number plate surround kindly donated by @AdgeC fitted. Just some rubber trim, headlamps and fuel filler neck to go then just a rough suspension setup to go and I can book the IVA.
  14. Valentinik

    Valentinik's Duratec Build

    I think thats what il go for , ive got a couple of snags to sort out before i book the test (exhaust leak, etc) but il see how it goes when i get there i think.
  15. Valentinik

    Valentinik's Duratec Build

    No they’re not on runners they’re mounted with the side mounts bolted directly to the lowered floor. So I’ve not really got any way of moving the seats down or the belts up. The base of the seat is around 10mm from the floor

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