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  1. Dominator Headlamps - Difference?

    Thanks for all the replies guys, i think i'l give them a go, and if i have any issues get a set of larger lights for the test if needs be. Mike
  2. Balance bar brake system

    Thanks both, Jeff, i disassembled the master cylinder, the first piston fell out as you would expect. When i removed the pin that holds the 2nd piston in, i could see the pin had damaged the edge of the piston causing a rough (raised) bur at one point. The piston was quite difficult to remove. I filed off the bur and replaced the piston and it all moved freely. I installed it back on the car and when pressed down at first the pedal went to the floor as you would expect, when the callipers are bled with no air in, the pedal only has around 2 inch of travel before it hits a hard stop. There is a little play in the pushrod when the pedal is at rest, when i remove the pedal the pushrod sits in the same position.
  3. Balance bar brake system

    After spending the best part of a day trying to bleed the braking system on my car with no success, i suspected the master cylinder. I stripped it to find it had been assembled incorrectly, causing damage to the piston, the 2nd piston was stuck in the body. After repairing and rebuilding it, is seems the problem i have is still there. (the pedal goes half way down and then seems to hit a hard stop). The brakes have been bled and there is no air in the system but the pistons don't move unless the pedal is pumped. Due to the master cylinder being damaged, i'd like to replace it, ideally with 2 separate cylinders and a balance bar assembly. Providing i was to disable the bias bar adjustment, would there be any problem getting the car through iva with this setup installed? Thanks Mike
  4. Earthing points - newbie question!

    That looks like an FW tank? If so the earth cable will run from the tank to one of the mounting bosses on the frame that the tank straps bolt to.
  5. Dominator Headlamps - Difference?

    Thanks Mike, to be honest, i never intend on the car going out in the dark, or the rain for that matter. It will primarily be a sprint/track car, the only need for the lights is the IVA/MOTs.
  6. I'm looking to sort the headlamps out on my build. I'd planned on using Dominators, but noticed theres a few different types. These from eBay : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322884392274 and the items westfield sell: https://parts.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=809&search=headlamp&description=true Obviously there is quite a difference in price, but i wanted to know if the lamps differ in any way? Are the westfield items better in any way? Thanks Mike
  7. Valentinik's Duratec Build

    Thanks Jared, yes they’re in a draw waiting to go on. Thanks Mike, yes I’ve got 205s for the back on 8” rims. That’s why there’s only 2 currently fitted, the 8”s are backordered at compomotive. I should have them February but I’ve got the tyres waiting.
  8. Valentinik's Duratec Build

    I had the tyres fitted to the front wheels on friday, so yesterday morning got the front wheels fitted. I'd also ordered a set of shocks from Matt at pro comp which were ready on saturday so i went over and collected them from him yesterday. So i spent half an hour this afternoon replacing the shocks id used to build the suspension up, fitted the new ones and roughly set the ride height. It will go to Matt to be set up properly before IVA though. My son Joseph really approved of the wheel change.
  9. Interesting option for those wanting a 6 speed gearbox

    Yes they are a fair bit larger but my chassis had to be modified to clear the mx5 5speed clutch release arm. If you use a concentric slave cylinder it may not be a problem.
  10. Tyres again (Sorry)

    I just spoke to the MSA about the Ar-1. Their response was this: ”for 2017 they never got approval for all sizes in time. So only the specified sizes were a 1B tyre. The rest were 1C. This will change for 2018 however and all sizes will be a list 1B tyre. “ Mike
  11. Tyres again (Sorry)

    Thanks John, I have just emailed the MSA technical hoping for confirmation. I will post their response if/when i receive it. Mike
  12. Tyres again (Sorry)

    John, page 200 is what i was looking at It lists the specified sizes as list 1b but on page 202 it lists the AR-1 (no specified sizes) as a 1C tyre which is what confused me. My car is duratec engined, I did see them on Demon tweeks in 185 and 205 widths, although the 185 is an 80v tyre against the 86v of the 205 Im not sure if this matters?
  13. Tyres again (Sorry)

    Thanks for the input everyone. The nankangs are not something i had seen before, It has given me something to think about. I will have to drive my car to and from events (to start off with). Does anyone have any experience with them on road? From looking on the MSA permitted tyres list, they seem to list the AR-1 as a list 1C tyre (except 195/50/15, 205/50/15 and 265/35/18. I presume in class B1 i wouldn't be able to use that tyre?
  14. Just about to order the tyres for my build which i'd like to use to enter the Sprint series. Which list 1b tyre (13" wheels) would be best for me to use for IVA and then in sprint series (class B1) Is the R888r the best option or is there an alternative? Thanks Mike
  15. My new Schroth Harnesses.

    Great thank you.