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  1. Top ball Joint Nut Size

    Just in case anyone ends up using this thread as a reference later, that joing on the Mazda SDV is not actually M18 despite what the build manual says!
  2. Brake warning lamp off - help!

    Also worth double checking that switch you replaced. It wouldn't be the first time a broken part was replaced with a faulty part.
  3. Cheers Ben, will definitely keep that in mind if I have anything else that needs a trim on a lathe! I haven't put the fuel tank in yet as I need the suspension spacers to arrive before I can fit the diff brackets and diff. Basically, it's worth fitting the roll bar as early as possible then from what you're saying? Is there anything I should make sure I have in before I fit it?
  4. Top ball Joint Nut Size

    M18 X 1.5 on a Mazda SDV which I believe equates to a 27mm spanner. I'm guessing that should be the same on all of them. Have you got a Vernier you could measure it with? If not, put two bars across opposite flats and measure the distance between them? Or take the safer option and buy a big adjustable spanner...
  5. 7 months later and I've finally found time for an update (I have been trying to do bits and pieces along the way, I promise!). Wishbones all fitted now, despite WF sending me two lefts instead of a left and a right. Unfortunately I ordered the wrong size suspension spacers and my mini lathe that I bought off eBay a few years ago isn't quite up to the job of shortening the spacers so I'm waiting on a few more of those to arrive. In the mean time, I decided to get my brakes tidied up ready to be fitted on the car. I bought some brake refurb kits from MX5 parts and started stripping the calipers down. The rears came apart reasonably easily with the help of a compressor. The fronts were a bit more stubborn, but with the help of a vice, a vice grips, a lump hammer and the compressor all at once I managed to get the pistons removed. Those were scrap after that though so two new pistons ordered too. Next I made up a little electrolysis rig in order to remove all of the rust. This involved a bench power supply, a bucket of water, some washing soda, a couple of wires, and a sacrificial bit of steel. Each of the calipers were set up one at a time and left for about 24 hours in the process each. After that the rust flaked off much easier than trying to do it with the wire brush drill attachment on its own. Here's what it looks like during the process: And here's what it looks like after: Then came my shiny new paint: Now that that's all fitted, I'm back to trying to find as many other jobs as possible while waiting for the new suspension spacers to arrive. Out of interest, and as it's not part of the build manual, when is the ideal time to fit an MSA save your head bar? I took advantage of the WF sale thinking there would be a bit of a lead time for me to find room for things. 4 days later and I've got a nice big cardboard wrapped parcel as a bedroom ornament!
  6. Lamp Pods Carbon Effect

    Still for sale?
  7. Aldi ratchet spanners

    I've got a set of these which I've had for years. Other than someone pinching my 13mm, they're brilliant and have taken a lot of abuse with no evidence of it.
  8. Thule Wing Bars

    Yeah, I agree on the price side of things, hence buying the biggest one available this time so I don't end up with a 4th set of bars when I change my car next! They are absolutely extortionate for a length of aluminium extrusion.
  9. Thule Wing Bars

    Ah I'll be driving from the Midlands here to the west coast of Ireland with 3 boards on the roof, so I'm not too trusting of bungie chord for distances like that! I've bought the longer bars anyway. Doesn't look like it'll be a difficult task to modify them if I need to.
  10. Thule Wing Bars

    Picking up a new car this week, and with it, I'll have to buy my third set of these bars (every time I get a car, I seem to need one step longer). I'm thinking of just future proofing and buying a set longer than I need. Has anyone got any experience in extending the lower slots on these that the foot mounts slot into? I'm assuming the bars are just extruded aluminium so should be doable with a Dremel. I only really use the bars for carrying surf boards so not overly concerned about weakening the overhanging parts.
  11. A series of "if" statements and/or a pivot graph in Excel is probably your best bet. Otherwise, minitab is a really good program for plotting statistical data. You can get a 30 day free trial of it but I think you have to pay more for anything beyond that.
  12. What's your favourite acronym?

    This may or may not be true, but I've been told previously that the F word itself is an acronym. Historically, in the navy, crew were supposed to keep to themselves when the ships docked, but had a habit of getting friendly with the local female population. Any caught doing so were punished. The punishment was recorded in the ship captain's log "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge". This was a bit of a mouthful, so the world's favourite acronym was born.
  13. Let's play...

    Agera (Koenigsegg) if it hasn't already been taken.
  14. Let's play...

    Parapet - edit - oops, beaten to it...
  15. Fully understand all of that, but springs and dampers are a very preference based thing. Ball joints aren't. Your choice is OEM, OEM quality pattern, or budget pattern. It just seems a really bizarre piece to leave out of the starter kit.