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  1. Thames Valley and North Oxford Convoy to Stoneleigh

    @Tim (TimDave25) - Joint Thames Valley AO ..... Cameron PMed me about volunteering and camping but I need a few more details. I PMed him back asking him to send more info to the stoneleigh email address but he has not been online. If you have any other contact details for Cameron..please can you prompt him to send the additional details Thanks Trevor
  2. Type 9 gear lever bending

    I fitted a type 9 gear box over winter and needed a bent gear lever. Straight type 9 gear lever £40 bent from quaife £114. I've made two split tube (collets) a small collet that sits inside the larger collet. This allows you to clamp the gear lever in a vice, the collets protect the machining for the reverse protection spring mechanism and controls where the bend is made. 5 mins at me local garage with oxy-actelyene and now have a bent lever. If anyone wants to borrow the collets.. you are welcome as long as you pay the postage and return them to me..so someone else can use them. It should save you £50 Trev
  3. Ashbourne, Peak District, Sun 15th April LEAVING AT 11.30

    You will be taken Pate outlets and/or force fed multiple cakes as punishment
  4. Ashbourne, Peak District, Sun 15th April LEAVING AT 11.30

    Don't count on that.. I only ran 8k for the first time in my life 2 weeks (aged 54). It's getting better, but it's not quick.. If I manage 1hour 10 minutes I'll be happy
  5. Ashbourne, Peak District, Sun 15th April LEAVING AT 11.30

    I'll miss this, Sorry. My car is back in service, but but it's the Derby 10k run on Sunday for me
  6. Newbie!!

  7. Happy Birthday Ali.

    Happy birthday
  8. Help? Flywheel identification

    Andy, the part number is stamped on the ring gear..ring gears are pressed/shrunk onto the flywheel. that may help explain the weight and the transit part number Find a Pinto clutch cover to check you hole spacing . if that fits I think you know what to buy
  9. Help? Flywheel identification

    A few thoughts to help identify it. Weight. 11kg 2.0 zetec dual mass. It doesn't look like a 2.0 7 to 9 kg (I can't remember which I think it's 9kg) 1.8 zetec Less than 7kg aftermarket lightweight Clutch cover type Options are pinto or zetec.. and it depends on the hole/dowel spacings in the flywheel. This is the bit that you need to know. Do you know anyone with an old clutch cover you can use to check the pattern
  10. Club benefits

    Agreed, the time saved finding a solution to a problem. 2 minutes on the forum can save hours of head scratching in the garage
  11. Looking for a roll bar for an SE

    There's a rollbar (single hoop only) that was not collected from the 2017 autojumble. It will be a stoneleigh... available for a suitable donation to charity.
  12. Oulton Park track day 10th April. + Booking info

    Is @RussH attending?.. It's usually biblical rain for Russ
  13. Easter Sunday Peak District Run 1st April

    Mmmmmm.... Ian didn't specifically mention modifications to his car..only the impact on the car. Could be another cake/doughnut overdose? Sorry
  14. WSCC Blyton 2018 Trackday and Booking Info - 13th July 2018

  15. Sorry a change of plan. My son has a university open day on Saturday. I need to take him to Birmingham Sorry for the change.. - Yep, please count me in (a fiver is good). I don't usually stay over after the Friday trackday and miss the Saturday/Sunday I plan to stay over this year.. so a 'few sherries' Friday evening would be a good addition I've booked place for the meal on the website.

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