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  1. Career change?

    private installer of EV charges. get the certification now and then when companies start switching there fleet out you would be in a great position to offer the facilities and resources to be able to charge there new quite creeping death machines that you cant hear. plus government have mandated this for highways to reduce range anxiety so its coming.
  2. Hulme End Cafe, Lunch Time Meet, Sun 4th Feb

    Does anyone know if they do gluten free stuff
  3. Rover K series engine value?

    I thought you were going to run it in the speed series. If not its worth £3.47 i will be round tonight to pick it up i wouldn't like to put a value i have receipts for the build and re-build of my 1600 k and its strong money so its really what you would be happy with. £3.47 stands though if you get no offers
  4. Mallory park 29th January

    Well it was wet . Ok in the morning it was very wet had a little off coming out of Gerrard's but managed to saved it unlike the 15 plate challenger that ended up in the wall. Mud lots and lot of mud, quick wash down over lunch and the sun came out and by the end of the day it was dry and you could push on. great day for £60 with free tuition, snacks and photos.not a bad way to start this years fun in the westy some jobs to do now before the sprint season starts at Rockingham at the end of march.
  5. Problems with the road network

    Thanks for all the comment really useful Thought i would leave it a couple of days to get the general feel off everyone. Even this morning some of the comments have been used to answer questions that have been posed by one of the boards i sit on. Regards Red X enforcement this will be happening on sites with the above cameras but as with many things the tech is there to do it but making sure everything is in place to meet the requirements for the evidential trail for enforcment and prosecution are being finalised. These will be enforcing red X abuse in the next few months. Cheers
  6. Mallory park 29th January

    @RussH weather is looking ok now. Anyone else fancy it
  7. As some of you know i work in the Highways industry in the technology sector and more recently undertaking R&D and innovation projects for future roll out. My work with the first connected vehicle trials, solar CCTV, Electric vehicles, inductive charging and road worker safety changes are all great but what next. I'm after some of your good and bad driving experiences to see what could be worked on for the better on the strategic road network, that way its not products looking for a problem but a problem looking for a solution. I don't mean Simon if i get done for speeding in the westy can you get rid of the evidence trail (I can't by the way), things like phone apps that are actually accurate for telling you when the motorway would be closed for works or delivering an emergency assistance with the use of drones. i know there will be some daft ideas but often its the real crazy ones that hit the mark. thanks
  8. So last night...

  9. Today, I managed to ........................

    @RussH it is a caterham one that I chopped up and added new exhaust clamps to fix to the bar. Will get some better photos next time I'm up the garage.
  10. 2018 Rounds Calendar

    Maybe you should make me 2 as well then
  11. 2018 Rounds Calendar

    At least one for each side
  12. I didn't see this at autosport. But just announced on Westfield Facebook page. new race series 2019 https://www.keptechltd.co.uk/ looks like they are selling kits as well. odd when they are only in Tamworth less than 30 miles from the factory.
  13. Slick Tyres

    @John did you have any from last season
  14. Today, I managed to ........................

    Had mine out today after fitting the new roll bar and removing the windscreen. Was a bit fresh
  15. Aero screen narrow body

    Looking for a narrow body aero screen. Blade type or double bubble.