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  1. syman84

    Silverstone 03/06/18

    Spoken to john he is sorting my entry today and i have just sent payment looking forward to it.
  2. syman84

    Silverstone 03/06/18

    @BCF and those who payed by bank transfer what did you use as the reference, your name? struggling to get hold of John at MG club to get an answer.
  3. syman84

    Silverstone 03/06/18

    Is this right @terry everall
  4. syman84

    Silverstone 03/06/18

    i found this one @BCF
  5. syman84

    Silverstone 03/06/18

    i have just submitted a late entry for silverstone so i wont be on the list but am attending. whats the overall attendance like @terry everall
  6. I have had no reply so you are next on the list syman

  7. syman84

    Blyton May weekend BLOG

    yes all present and correct great weekend @terry everall
  8. syman84

    Blyton May weekend BLOG

    i cant see it in the blog area @terry everall i don't think its uploaded
  9. syman84

    Garage clear out!

    Second dibs on the shocks please if @basford doesn't take them thanks
  10. syman84

    Stickers and cards

    sorry to bump this back up but i arrived at Blyton on friday night thinking Terry would have my membership card, stickers and t-shirt. he had spare stickers luckily and my T-shirt but i had not got anything in the post so still no card. i had my Longton membership card to sign on. @John Williams - WSCC Competition Secretary did i get missed or has the wonderful royal mail messed up again. thanks
  11. syman84

    washing Nomex

    ok great thanks guys i will give the underwear the wash after each event and then the suit when i think its required cheers
  12. I'm sure someone can tell me. obviously after the very hot weekend we have just had, my stuff has had an over weight sweaty man in them for roughly 16 hours and could probably do with a clean. whats the advice of you other competitors for cleaning you kit, is it a yes for the under garments and no no for the suit of do people tend to just chuck it in the wash. cheers
  13. Likewise great weekend looking forward to the next outing. One of the only times I pressed play all weekend on the camera and I face the opposite way at the finish line. Always seams so slow watching it back.
  14. That was me need some 4's Terry said he will sort us out

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