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  1. Is this a Westfield car?

  2. Tyres again (Sorry)

    Second for 888's I run them road and track
  3. 3 2 1 Ignition

    is the pully the QED one if it is my belt fitted the same just taken up the slack on alternator adjuster
  4. 2009 SEIW

    PM sent Thanks
  5. oops,don't know what happened there pm sent 

  6. 2009 SEIW

    pictures and price please
  7. My new Schroth Harnesses.

    The MD of GSM is a good friend of mine he will be please of the feedback have shared this post with him.
  8. For the select few don't think i'm in the circle of trust yet.
  9. 3.92 diff and shafts push in

    Will accept offers must be of use to someone
  10. Hillclimb Gone Wrong!

    Glad you are Ok definitely opened my eyes to the consequences of this sport we call fun. Now i know we don't like the MSA changing the regulations but watching this would it be sensible to adopt the hand restraints the the 7 esque type cars have to use in circuit racing. just to try and save flailing limbs in the event of a big hit.
  11. Roll Cage group buy ?

    @Plays-Kool Luke anything planned for this year
  12. As in title £150