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  1. Yorkshire breakfast club, 15th April.

    See you tomorrow morning Robin.

    Hi Geoffrey - just to confirm that Judy & I will be attending in 'The Green machine' of course!
  3. Happy Birthday Robin.

    Robin, hope you enjoy a terrific birthday.
  4. Got a pic of your first car?

    My first car was a 'hot' Morris Mini but cannot find any pics so here's my second car a Daimler SP 250 'B' Series 1962 - wish I'd still got it!
  5. MHR nevertooold

    Thanks to you all - much appreciated and hoping to catch up with you all when the weather picks up a bit! Cheers,

    We really enjoyed the 'Thunder Day last year - count us in!
  7. 2018 Silverstone Classic

    Just paid for our 3 Day Weekend Tickets for the 2018 Silverstone Classic plus have booked accommodation at a nearby Premier Inn - looking forward to July 2018!
  8. Yorkshire breakfast club/Harewood Hill climb

    Hi Robin, We get back from Wales on Friday 15th and weather permitting, should be able to meet at 0900 at the Red Kite. Cheers, Roger
  9. Silverstone Video

    Many thanks Scott - nice to see you still have your finger on the pulse! Cheers Roger
  10. Silverstone Video

    One of our members posted a video on the forum showing some of our Westfields arriving at the Silverstone Classic, I viewed it at the time and now my wife would like to see it but for the life of me, I cannot find it! It ran for around 12 minutes and if any member could point me in the right direction to find it, it would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance, Roger
  11. Is it just me? FW rear.

    It's all about personal choices, if you do not like the rear of the FW then don't buy one - simple!
  12. Yorkshire Breakfast Meeting, 16th July.

    See you at the Red Kite - weather permitting as per usual!
  13. Yorkshire breakfast club, 18th June

    See you at the Red Kite!
  14. CHANGE OF DAY. Summer Solstice, Run to the Sun, 24th June

    If the weather's OK - we'll see you at the Fox & grapes.
  15. Stoneleigh 2017 - Well done WSCC

    A damned good show put on by the Westfield Company and especially by our WSCC volunteer members - as always, an excellent job! Roger

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