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  1. That's a ttv lightweight flywheel machined from one piece. I have the same one fitted to my 2.0 zetec. Great quality and I think your right about £250 on there own.
  2. Snappy

    Duratec Oil & Filter

    You know how you drive? To get the best out of my engine I tend to rev it, I also do a couple of track days. So I buy an oil called pro+ power gold fully synthetic and its cheap through the local motor factor! I spoke to an oil rep from opie who advised me to get the cheapest oil that meets the specification of the manufacturer of the engine eg ford. The reason for this in his eyes was, the cheaper oil is the correct specification but may not hold that spec for as long as a better brand but the same spec! As I do around 4k miles per year he said just change it every year, there is no reason to spend silly money unless it makes you feel better. Even the cheaper oil should stay in spec for way longer than my annual usage. My zetec was new when installed and when I change my oil it comes out as clean as it went in, one of my mechanics saves my old oil and services his car with it!! His car is fine to! Brands sold by Opie eg millers shell etc https://www.opieoils.co.uk/c-1180-shop-by-brand.aspx In my garage one of our specialties is performance Japanese eg Subaru's etc now in these we only use top notch millers oil as a turbo engine is a different thing all together due to the heat an engine can suffer under certain conditions! The Subaru tuned engine for example doesn't like to be held flat out they wont last long held at flat out top speed, in reality that engine is under full load for short bursts. In my 2.5 400bhp ish car I took a friend out who said all those sorts of cars are thrashed and challenged him to keep his foot on the throttle on a quick cross country road, funnily enough he concluded his ankle hurt because compared to his normal car his ankle was bent up most of the time almost off the power. As others have said you know the tune of your engine but if standard I wouldn't get to carried away with the more expensive oils.
  3. Snappy

    Zetec Throttle Bodies

    General question to all who've made the change. After fitting the throttle bodies did you notice much difference, if so what?
  4. Snappy

    Quick Dyno run!

    Lol The dog spends all day around there and its still got four legs so lets hope it stays that way!
  5. Snappy

    Quick Dyno run!

    As discussed in a previous post the point of the dyno run is to have a baseline to work off. The company I used I know them and they are local to me which makes it easy to nip back and check the differences, also for very little money they have said when I fit the throttle bodies I can go back and they will run through the map to see if it needs any tweaks. Omex said to me their supplied map is 95 percent there and you don't need to get it mapped but there are gains to be had with soon fine tuning to that particular vehicle. The way I look at it is if your spending the money on an upgrade like throttle bodies you may as well spend a small sum to get the best out of it. Other things I have heard people doing is having switchable maps for noise etc? In regard to whether I have a cat in the exhaust I don't know, the kit was delivered in 2011, so not sure whether it did or not!!
  6. Snappy

    Quick Dyno run!

    Like many of us I am sure I wasn't alone in wishing to know just what power my car produces? I had been promising to get it done for about two years without success! Well I decided enough was enough I called one of my customers and asked if he was free to do it the next day, he was a bit busy but said if I got there early we could wiz it through a quick power run over a cup of tea. I arrived and it went on the dyno with no ground clearance issues etc and was strapped with cloths to protect the paintwork!! It was a little bit embarrassing as I removed and the bonnet and I showed them around the engine bay when Gordon noticed a broken wire! Air flow sensor disconnected, the shroud on the wiring was run all the way to the sensor which meant any movement was taken by a very small area of the wire thus broken. Luckily for me Gordon had the exact weather shielded connector so set about rewiring it and making sure it was routed with a little more room to move. doh Next we did a simple power run and all were a little surprised it produced what it was supposed to! Gordon commented it was probably the best standard zetec he'd seen, though he did comment it was probably the exhaust which makes the difference over a focus. The main point for me is not the numbers but to have a baseline test to know where I started, I have had a set of Omex throttle bodies waiting to go on for a year now but did'nt want to put them on until I had those figure so I can see the benefits from my future mods. My car just for info has a 2.0 zetec with standard injection and currently has around 5000 miles on it. Thanks to Gordon for the help. I paid Gordon £50 for the power run and fixing the wiring, he did ask for less than that but he often too cheap! http://www.streetracersgd.co.uk/
  7. Snappy

    Safe storage of wind deflectors

    I hang mine from the garage roof using the hinge pins! Well out of harms way..
  8. Snappy

    Powder Coating in the east midlands

    Belmont Metal finishing is worth a call done plenty of wheels for me always top advice and result.. 01664 822482 unit 4b woodhill ind.est, nottingham lane old dalby, leicestershire le14 3lx
  9. Snappy

    Oil usage

    You could always have a chat with Dunnell? Think you said previous owner said they built it?
  10. Snappy

    Gates Timing Belt

    Go to Parkers in Melton give them the numbers off the belt, details off the engine etc sorted...
  11. Snappy

    XTR2 For Sale - The Original Demo Car

    The bike weights is 225kilo dry so even fueled with an 80 kilo rider your looking at 600bhp per ton. Hence these bikes don't break as they are not working hard if that makes sense! Still awesome in a car, and the noise........
  12. Snappy

    XTR2 For Sale - The Original Demo Car

    Shifting more mass has to put it under more load, and for longer? During cornering on a bike the centrifugal forces possibly keep the oil quite stable in the sump? Think also of the deceleration forces when braking etc? A bike if you bang down to many gears it will skid or lock the rear tyre, imagine the forces that big sticky car tyres could impose on the engine which it would never normally experience? Massive engine braking it was never designed for. The early Hayabusa didn't have a slipper clutch the gen 2 does but don't people junk it and fit a beefy clutch instead! I have 2009 Hayabusa and people think your thrashing it all the time! Well that engine in a bike produces 95mph in first gear 155 in third and it hits its speed limiter at 186 still in fifth leaving sixth for better economy!! LOL So that engine doesn't get that much of a workout even when the bike is flying, mines been abroad and around some tracks including the "ring" but trust me it flys with very little effort. Click the link and watch one fly! Just watch how fast the speedo rises it like watching a rev counter hence my comment about these engines don't get thrashed because you soon backing off!!!! Also on a bike try holding 150mph plus for long, err I think not, next time your a passenger in a car on the motorway pop your head out the window and feel the air pressure
  13. Snappy

    recommend a socket set!

    I am a Snap on Tool Franchisee and I can honestly say the Halfords set is great for the money. I would have it for the weekend kit but I would upgrade the ratchet for a Snap on one. Only time it becomes a problem is if you are a mechanic working those tools every day of the week, that said providing your local Halfords are ok, they will keep fixing it! I have had plenty of halfords traded in and I have passed them on to weekend mechanics who love it.
  14. Snappy

    Geo setup nr Nottingham?

    Carnetix is not far from you and a well regarded garage in the area for all sorts of performance cars, I have seen a photo shoot for a magazine there whilst they were testing some poly bushes.. I sell tools in Leicestershire and these guys have a good reputation and I know even a local main dealer in Melton send there alignments there! Carnetix Landline: 01664 562592 Email: sales@carnetix.co.uk Address: Unit 2E, Saxby Road Industrial Estate Melton Mowbray Leics, LE13 1BS
  15. CLW0917

    Policy renewed 1st ref 00099871/2


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