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  1. Tim's Mega S2000 Build

    Would a battery isolator help?
  2. Guy's Tank or Blue planet?

    it's on again Tuesday 21st, 9pm on 4seven. and again 26th Nov 01:05 same channel next episode is him v autonomous car so he'll probably be at the Westfield factory as they are leading the world on that
  3. Rich's S2000 Build

    Did you use the Honda Urea grease to lube up the fork pivot etc?
  4. As Andy said earlier, you can sort the ride height later, When Blink did my Geo setup they recommended 140mm front 160 rear (close to Ian's spec-sheet). Mines a little higher as my hoop is slowly grinding away.
  5. Twin Tail and Stop Lights

    Handy website...
  6. Help with wheel offset please

    I'd agree The offset is described by the term ET, which is from the German word 'Einpresstiefe' translated as 'insertion depth'. Most wheels have a positive wheel offset which means the mounting surface is further outboard than the wheel's centre. So in your case the wheel spacer moves the wheel 20mm outwards, which is 20mm towards the wheels mounting surface, leaving an offset (ET) of 3
  7. Is the world now too PC ?

    just for pure devillment, I'd go in, buy a product, get a selfie with you, the product and the clearly identifiable shop interior and email it to the Directors of Greggs.
  8. Rich's S2000 Build

    Rich, Both the service and the workshop manuals for the S2000 are freely available on the net, they're pdf files so easily searchable....?
  9. Help

    tbh, I didn't get a reminder when my membership lapsed, and I'm pretty vigilant. first I knew was also when I couldn't post or see all topics. so, the reminder system could be a bit flaky
  10. Help

    check your membership renewal date, I guess it has just lapsed?
  11. Have a good holiday John, safe in the knowledge you've got to the bottom of this. Listen, nobody has died here, yes it's a howler but mistakes do happen. I'm sure John is capable of extracting whatever out of westfield to put it right, whether that's a simple apology or a different engine. To be fair those ring gears are like hens teeth, at least the ones in your photo were, in that they don't exist....! ( Too soon?)
  12. Wheel nut torque setting

    I've always done mine to 85 lbft (115nm)???
  13. Westfield Aerorace S2000 rebuild and IVA

    I'd go carbon exo handbrake if I were changing, although not with the blue handle...
  14. S2000 55k bargain

    Yes, extremely low mileage examples very few and far between. if you had the space and time you could liberate the engine and gearbox and sell bits like the wheels and seats and make some cash back too.
  15. Not sure the forum could cope with that.....