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  1. About to take the FW Special Edition plunge...

    where in Cheshire are you Graham? I'd drop items 4 and 7 personally
  2. News Series (25) begins Sunday 25th Feb. 8pm BBC 2 At least some schedulers within the Beeb had the good sense to wait until The Grand Tour finished its current run...
  3. Which Air Filter?

    The diameter is 76mm as @Sychosaid. K&N filter for me but I've re-routed it above a "splitter plate" which is intended to provide some colder air above the radiator. see
  4. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    Let's await official confirmation before celebrating this...
  5. Shower cap for cage

    Dont tknow if these would be usable with a cage? cover plus net plus bungees... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Caterham-Westfield-Car-Cover-Tie-Down-Trailer-Net-Bungee-Cord/122943420053?hash=item1c9fffb695:g:mTIAAMXQhuVRQuu8
  6. Moving a Loaded Trailer

    OK, I just couldn't see from your photo. a very small / second hand winch would be a great help to pull the trailer back and forth with a little thought ?
  7. Moving a Loaded Trailer

    Has the trailer got a winch?
  8. Moving a Loaded Trailer

    brute force. The tow ball bit hitches to the trailer then you lever the trailer up and shove
  9. S2000 diff

    couldn't agree more...!
  10. Ducted Nose Removal

    probably to help avoid air locks when refilling
  11. Fuel cut-off

    not my call but surely can't hurt to fit it for IVA then remove and loop on the way home...?
  12. 3.9 V8 Sump leaking oil

    Ouch there's a fair few scrapes on your sump. Chances are you could replace the gasget with new and if appropriate used some of the gasket seal too if you're worried. Consider doing it at your next scheduled oil change?
  13. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Isn't it a grinder?
  14. Amazon fire stick Kodi

    Buy the firestick online, best offer you can get. Look on Youtube for guidance on installing Kodi. (which you download for free) really easy, did ours many moons ago.