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    2000 SeW with a 2.0 blacktop Zetec engine with Kawasaki zx9r carbs. BMW 525m sport touring.
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  1. For Sale threads with no contact details

    Nice looking car. You must be really pleased.
  2. Zetec sump

    The link works for me too.
  3. North Yorkshire. Fish and chips in Whitby. Sunday 18th February.

    What a fantastic day. I was meeting Russell at 10.00am so I went out for a couple of hours on my own to begin with. The roads where lovely and quiet and its just wonderful to be out on a fine winters morning. Anyway, met up with Russell and we took off to Whitby through various back roads and single track roads. Arrived in Whitby for food and met up with Craig Hudson for ten minutes. We decided that we would have a drive back through the moors and this is where our fun started. Our cars where a bit mucky but by the time we got home they where down right blathered. We went on a couple of roads that only 4x4 were on but we got through them and we couldn't stop laughing. It was the greatest fun and just sorry we didnt get any pictures but we just kept going. Big thanks to Russell for been well up for the fun we had today.
  4. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Ring him and ask him what he put in my hand whilst I was laid on the sofa watching TV.
  5. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    No.....can tell you something a lot better though....not on here though as will get me into trouble.
  6. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    @ThrustyjustAs I would say to Kevin....is that the best you can do. .
  7. N Yorks trip to Eden Camp. WW ll POW Camp. Sunday 25th February

    Ok Everyone. This is the plan. We will meet in the Morrisons carpark at 9.40am with a view to leaving at 9.50am. The address is 50 Castlegate Malton YO17 7DT The price is £12.00 per car or £7.00 for single occupancy. If you can have the exact money ready, I will collect it and give all the money to the gateman at the museum. This way we can all drive in with no waiting. The museum is aware this is what we will be doing. Please have the exact money to make it easy.
  8. New Member Introduction

    From Scarborough.
  9. N Yorkshire. Into the Moors. Saturday 10th March.

    On Saturday 10th March, I will be having a drive around the North Yorkshire Moors. Anyone fancy joining me. I will be leaving Filey around 9.00am before going over to Castle Howard and then going North.
  10. N Yorks trip to Eden Camp. WW ll POW Camp. Sunday 25th February

    Anyone else fancy coming.
  11. North Yorkshire. Fish and chips in Whitby. Sunday 18th February.

    Just a reminder in case anyone wants to join in.
  12. Soft Bits for Sevens Touring Tunnel bag.

    Fully agree about the quality. Here are a few pictures of mine. I does fit a lot better than shown in my pictures.
  13. Spot the Kingster Game.

    Only call in on a Monday for my slim fast and ryvitas.
  14. Spot the Kingster Game.

    Well I think I am been followed as I am always in the places first.
  15. Spot the Kingster Game.

    Spotted in McDonald’s this morning.