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  1. Non-Westfield build

    This is really interesting and love the pictures.
  2. Just bought my first kit car

    from Scarborough. Nice looking car.
  3. Am I crazy?

    I have a Carcoon Veloce and its a great piece of kit. I dont use it outside though.
  4. Happy Birthday Trevturtle

    Happy Birthday
  5. Could anyone enlarge a picture file for me please.

    Thanks again everyone for all your help and also the lengthy detailed replies and also the time spent to help me. So, so appreciated. I will continue to look as I also love the picture. I did submit it for the calendar in 2016 but it wasn’t used. I will email Peter to see if he has the email I sent. Thanks once again.
  6. Could anyone enlarge a picture file for me please.

    HI men. Thankyou so much for all the detailed replies. I did originally take the image in 2016 and I cannot believe I have deleted it as I have all the others. I have been through around 5000 pictures in case it went into a different folder trying to find it but no luck. Thanks again for everyone’s help. This is the one I wanted.
  7. Could anyone enlarge a picture file for me please.

    Thankyou for all the comments. @Andy Banks - Chairman I will send you an email.
  8. Could anyone enlarge a picture file for me please.

    Hi Dave. The Facebook download is 576 KB. The shop is asking for the biggest size I can send. They have said that the 576 is too small.
  9. Could anyone enlarge a picture file for me please.

    I have a photograph I would like to have made into a canvas. I lost my original but I am able to download a copy of the picture from Facebook. I have it saved but it’s only just over 540 kB. Is anyone able to enlarge it for me without losing quality.

    @Olliebeak The book arrived today and what a book. Only had a quick flick through but the pictures and photos are so interesting. I am going to love reading it. Thankyou also for the hand written note. What a great package you have put together .
  11. New member - ex-wscc car?

    from Scarborough.
  12. Santa Run, Sun 3rd Dec, Peak District

    What a great set of pictures.
  13. Press studs

    There should be a plastic channel that sits on the top of the screen and the channel is fastened to the front edge of the hood. Do you have it pressed on properly onto the top of the screen.
  14. N Yorks Christmas Meal and Lemon Tops.

    Hi Julie. Love Lemontop Icecreams. Had a great day with even better friends.
  15. N Yorks Christmas Meal and Lemon Tops.

    What a brilliant day. Started with getting up at 4.15am with a drive to Meet Gary and Trina for breakfast at 7.00am in Darlington. We had the best breakfast ever at the Toby Carvery in Darlington and it even had Yorkshire puddings that had bacon in the mix including beef gravy. All the food was really clean and tasty....bit like me. Cannot believe that Gary and Trina have had a 900 mile round trip just to join us in Scarborough for the day. We travelled back to my house for coffee and mince pies via Castle Howard and the snow covered hills of the North Yorkshire Moors. Plenty of banter ensued and I learnt that there are various words in the american language [Trina is american] that do not mean the same thing as here.....much to our amusement. We met up with Malc and Di who both have a great sense of humour and we got on really well. We took Trina to see the sea as she lives hundreds of miles from the coast and made our way to Scarborough. We met Dave and Russell in Scarborough and food, drinks, laughs, amusements, lemon top ice creams, milky coffees all at various establishments followed, including a relaxing walk around the harbour area. We even had scares in Terror Tower where Di through her arms around me as she was scared by a dinosaur....I think the dinosaur was an excuse though. We passed a great "kit" camper van on the sea front. Anyway...we had a great day and I would like to thank everyone for coming. Here are a few pictures of our day.