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  1. Replacement tin-top suggestions

    Octavia vrs. On my second, this one is a petrol estate goes well with loads of space for kit; previous one was a diesel hatchback, also went well, with decent space. Both serviced by local independent warranty work honoured FOC by Skoda (fuel rail recall on the diesel). Gary
  2. Hi There are lots of posts about POR15 on the forums. I don't know if it will be any use to anyone, but my Frost Restoration round-robin email today says they have offers on POR15 this weekend. https://www.frost.co.uk/brands/por15.html Gary
  3. Age of Westfield Model

    We have 2 westfields in the family. The 2005 car has the chassis number stamped on the drivers side engine bay diagonal, the 1998 car has the chassis number stamped on the box section bottom cross member at the front of the chassis. You might find a chassis number in either of those places. Gary
  4. Soft Bits for Sevens Touring Tunnel bag.

    Hi Dave I've measured it pouch to pouch fitted in my car. On my tunnel bag measurement A is 28cm and measurement B is 21cm. I've got it set up so that the drivers side pouch runs level with the top of the tunnel at each end. The top of the passenger pouch sits 2.5 cm down from the top of the tunnel at each end. The tunnel is carpeted and the car is a 2005 SEIW. Reading your comment about the shower cap - I've got a half hood and a shower cap, the combination works a treat. I hope that helps. Gary
  5. Road Trip Tool Kit

    I've got tyre foam, a spare exhaust mount, a nylon webbing trackday tow strap, gaffer tape, throttle cable, 1m of 5amp electric cable, spare bulbs and fuses and this tool kit from Halfords, http://www.halfords.com/workshop-tools/tools/tool-kits/halfords-motorists-tool-kitj Gary
  6. Doors SOLD

    PM sent re blades and arms
  7. I just found out.....

    Snap..., along with not only my, but my wife's temper. I'm usually the only one who can do that. Gary
  8. Open Banking, should I be concerned?

    Here's a bit more about open banking, https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/banking/open-banking Gary
  9. Seat Trim / Cover kits

    I'm having a pair of seats re-trimmed at a local trimmer, have a look locally. Even out here in the sticks there was a choice of 3! Gary
  10. Xmas day, what did you do?

    Helped my first grandson celebrate his first Christmas day. Brilliant.
  11. First Westfield wanted

    Hi Jody Good luck with search. You're welcome to come and look at my car (sigma engine), or Mike's car (crossflow engine) so you can see two different approaches for a starting point. When you've got some time PM me and we'll sort out a visit. Gary
  12. Exhaust Mounting - Bobbins

    Mmm, if that's about the square exhaust mounts I managed to get the Bosal 255-282 from my local motor factors at a couple of hours notice, they just got it sent over from their main warehouse. Was about a fiver. Gary
  13. Exhaust Mounting - Bobbins

    The square mounts are as Dave remembered a Peugeot part - they are 505 exhaust mounts. The number should be on the alternative parts list that a few of us updated a while ago: http://parts.project-f.net/ Gary
  14. What if?

    Strongly recommend one of the modified sumps kits. Check the clutch as well, my sigma with a type 9 has a hydraulic clutch with an extended bleed pipe. All the best with the swap. Gary
  15. Small world. It's a cracking car, looks and sounds great. Lots of the Escorts reminded me why I don't like straight cut gearboxes, could hear them over the engines in road trim.