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  1. Exhaust Mounting - Bobbins

    Mmm, if that's about the square exhaust mounts I managed to get the Bosal 255-282 from my local motor factors at a couple of hours notice, they just got it sent over from their main warehouse. Was about a fiver. Gary
  2. Exhaust Mounting - Bobbins

    The square mounts are as Dave remembered a Peugeot part - they are 505 exhaust mounts. The number should be on the alternative parts list that a few of us updated a while ago: http://parts.project-f.net/ Gary
  3. What if?

    Strongly recommend one of the modified sumps kits. Check the clutch as well, my sigma with a type 9 has a hydraulic clutch with an extended bleed pipe. All the best with the swap. Gary
  4. Small world. It's a cracking car, looks and sounds great. Lots of the Escorts reminded me why I don't like straight cut gearboxes, could hear them over the engines in road trim.
  5. Teams arrived in Leominster today, open paddock all day and a few cars drove through town this evening. Special stages at Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb and Radnor Forest on Friday, returning to Leominster in the afternoon. Cars are then allowed to be trailered to Carlisle for stages in Kielder and around Lockerbie on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. A couple of local drivers involved, so went along to say hello, and have a good up close look at some of the cars we used to nearly freeze to death watching in the forests in “the olden days”. Gary
  6. Fitting Half Hood and Half Doors

    For fixing through GRP body work I usually apply masking tape, measure and mark up before drilling through the tape. I'm probably over cautious and drill a tiny pilot hole that I gradually open up until I get to the diameter I want. I find this reduces cracking of the gel coat. For pop riveting I use "peel rivets" these are longer than standard rivets and do what their name suggests they peel outwards to create effectively a four point star to spread the load over a decent area to give a good grip and reduce the chance of pulling back through the body work. I've got rivets from "About Town Bolts" and "Kayfast". I hope that helps Gary
  7. Hi, Yes still available, will pm you details. So provisionally sold Gary
  8. Pair of sport seats in black with runners. From our family SEIW in decent condition and still comfortable, we'd have happily kept them in car but we've been lucky enough to pick up some seats with slots for our four point harnesses. There is a small wear mark on the back of the seat we've had on the drivers side where it has rubbed on one of the four point harness clips. My attempted photo of the wear mark with the tape measure is over exposed, but hopefully you'll be able to make it out. We didn't notice the wear mark when the seats were in the car. As you can see the seats are out the car and with a bit of notice ready to collect, I'm also to happy to drive a bit to split fuel costs if you are travelling a long way to collect them. £150 Gary
  9. westfield seats

    Hi both, If either of you want these seat they are now available. I'll put them in parts for sale if between you decided you don't want them. Gary
  10. westfield seats

    Hi Geoff Once I've checked the fit of the seats I've got to put in I'm thinking £150 for the pair collected. Gary
  11. Thanks to everyone for offers above - now sorted and parts no longer required. Gary
  12. westfield seats

    Photos attached - just need to check the fit and runner sliding of the new seats in the car these came out of before I can let them go. Gary
  13. westfield seats

    Will get some organised for you, away from home at present, will see to it when I get back. Gary
  14. westfield seats

    I'll have pair with runners available in a couple of weeks. All black, couple of usual wear marks on the back, don't show in use. Let me know if they might suit. Gary