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  1. Peter's S2000 Build

    Thanks @Thrustyjust. I'm aware the alternator wiring in the manual is (potentially catastrophically) wrong, I was searching for this on the forums recently but couldn't find the correct explanation, do you know where this is?
  2. Peter's S2000 Build

    I went for an 87-92degC fan switch, is this the standard range for the Honda? I know its a hot engine but I didn't really want to wait to 97 to turn the fan on...
  3. Fuel Tank Breather

    I went through a similar train of thought about the breather and fitted the filter in the end. The filter is fulfilling the same purpose as a carbon canister, just with much lower capacity. As the fuel heats up or during a refuel, vapour will be pushed out through the breather and be absorbed by the filter. Then when it cools down, vapour will be pulled back into the tank and out of the filter. That thermal cycle even happens between day and night without the car being driven. Fumes will only escape once the filter is saturated.
  4. Fun with handbrake cables

    I wouldn't worry too much about the angle. I routed mine up and behind the vertical chassis members, its the black tubing passing over the brake union in the image below. Although I have the "other" handbrake cable as I have Golf rear calipers instead of Hispecs.
  5. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Ref. this post, I mounted my pump lower as I don't have an ARB. I also have a Sytec pump with a 90deg banjo outlet so tucking it in that corner worked nicely, but with the WF pump, Ian's pump location is definitely the neatest. Doesn't the tank come with all the relevant fittings? Mine did...
  6. Non-Westfield build

    What kind of timescale are these first three pages of posts spanning?
  7. Peter's S2000 Build

    Today I finished off the rear light wiring and fitted the reg plate lamp. Also fitted the washer bottle and shortened my handbrake pullrod some more as it had some slack which was limiting its effectiveness. I got out the Westfield Honda engine loom but am frankly a bit lost on what goes where, can anyone give me any pointers? Does the main engine fuse get mounted on the left near the earthing stud? No photos today as my phone has been sent off for repair!
  8. Flat-ish underbody -

    Nice job, looks very tidy. I've thought about doing something similar once mine is on the road, not for aero, but to reduce the dirt and water being kicked up into the engine bay! If you haven't already you might need to check if there are any corners acting as water traps?
  9. Just bought my first kit car

    What a great looking car! The dual finish wheels tie it together I think, the classic chrome and sporty stripes. Some fun kit inside as well by the looks of it
  10. Non-Westfield build

    Fantastic stuff Chris, looking forward to seeing it take shape
  11. I have let myself in for a tough one - Cobra 427 Build

    That door looks a bit narrow edit: I meant the one with the handle
  12. MSA Rollbar - £180

    I would be interested but can't really collect from Surrey the downsides of doing kit car things in the south
  13. Dominator Headlamps - Difference?

    Found it, page 14 onwards, unfortunately the images are broken but the info is there. Need to check the distance from the outboard edge of the lens to the maximum vehicle width.
  14. Dominator Headlamps - Difference?

    I have the eBay ones Mike, they look fine, I tested with a 9V battery although I haven't fitted them yet. The mounting bolt is much smaller than the hole in the westfield headlamp bracket. Note that the eBay listing is for one lamp although the image shows two. @CosKev I haven't heard that before, what's the issue? They have the right component approvals.
  15. Cider King new build diary

    My handbrake is definitely not strong enough at the moment, but I have Golf rear calipers so the adjustment is a bit different.