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  1. 7" headlights

    Removed these due to upgrade. I had to cut through the bolt to remove them as they were seized on all working perfectly before removal, lenses are good no cracks etc, bulbs all there, chrome body part isn't perfect, lots of tiny rust spots, may polish up ok not sure, iv tried to show in pics. not sure if these are of any use to anyone as spares/parts/referb etc?? Offers.
  2. Contacted the ones on eBay, but have sold
  3. Doors, Wiper motor, Wiper arms & Blades.

    Hood frame, hood and roll bar sold.
  4. 5 3/4 headlights chrome

    Pm sent
  5. Hi, due to upgrades I have these parts that I no longer need. Not sure if much is of any use to any one, All from a narrow body. Hood and frame: Obviously needs a good clean, but in good condition, small tear/cut as seen in pic. Quick respray and the frame would be good as new: SOLD Pair of doors: Worst part of these is one bottom corner, and the hinge pins gone rusty: OFFERS screen and fillet: No cracks in glass, but frame/pillars would need a freshen up, has the hook bits for the hood: SOLD wiper arms: These are like new (still got bits of the blue protective stuff on): OFFERS roll bar: Again this is like new: SOLD wiper motor: working: OFFERS EDIT: im happy to get prices for postage on most of it although I am going up to Wales and onto Newcastle in late March time, so could take with. Thanks, Sean. Contact number: 07411477129
  6. Clam arches & narrow boot box

    Any interest in these at all? Before I try my luck on eBay.
  7. Clam arches & narrow boot box

    Hi Phil, it's 215mm deep, my postcode is PL267HG
  8. Clam arches & narrow boot box

    Clam arches with side repeaters, in good nick, bit of staring around wing stay holes but nothing major. boot box from my narrow body, again some staring but nothing prep and paint won't sort out. dont no if/what there worth so open to offers must be collected from Cornwall.
  9. As in title. need a pair of seats to replace very old ones. idealy I'd like GRP/fibreglass etc, I quite like the low back seats, what have people got?
  10. Cortina cycle wing brackets

    Cycle wing brackets to fit cortina front uprights. I do have a new set of cycle brackets to fit Westfield aluminium uprights to swap if anyone is interested?
  11. What front uprights/hubs are these?

    Ok, thank you. the car came with cycle brackets, but there the other type to fit westfields aluminium uprights, so will get them in the for sale section soon
  12. What front uprights/hubs are these?

    Are these a good fit? Any experience with these over the Westfield ones?
  13. What front uprights/hubs are these?

    Thank you. So just to confirm, are these the brackets I need?
  14. What front uprights/hubs are these?

    Hi, new Westfield owner here. my car came with the clam arches on, just need someone to clarify what front uprights/hubs I have so that I can get the right cycle brackets. are these Cortina? Thanks in advance