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  1. Rob email sent ( not PM) regards steve
  2. PM sent re exhaust
  3. Pm sent re speedo
  4. Pm sent re speedo
  5. Hi

    I hope you don't mind me contacting you but I am Steve's son Tim. It's his birthday next week and I have seen him looking at the wheel but thought £120 was to much to pay.

    Can you let me have your best price, I know he wanted to pay no more than £75 for a wheel. He missed out on a Momo one recently.

    if you don't mind emailing back on my personal email so hopefully he won't see this and other messages.

    obviously if we agree a price payment will be made by bank transfer or PayPal 



    Tim Riley


  6. PM sent
  7. Hi chris If you decide to split I would like the speedo regards Steve
  8. Hi I am interested in the speedo if you are willing to split, but could you confirm the diameter please. I assume it's an electronic one thanks steve
  9. Hi I have a wide SEW and the English diff has a leak and rather than have the existing one refurbised I was wondering if yours were compatable. When I bought the car I did not have any history with it and have no idea what ratio the diff has. I am in the process of removing it though. The gear box is standard and the car is predominantly for road use, occasional track days and the monthly blat with the club, what would you suggest is the best diff? Not really interested in top speed but better acceleration would be useful. I want a reliable diff that will not require any further work for a while that will just bolt straight in. If the diffs are still available can you give me your opinion on the best option? Many thanks Steve
  10. Hi I am interested in the sparco wheel, but not sure if it will fit. I have not had a chance to look at the car yet. The wheel that's on at the moment is I think a standard Westfield 'SVA' wheel with more bolts than are shown on yours. Can you give me your thoughts Many thanks Steve
  11. I have just checked the link and it is yours, so here is the email address of Richard westfieldse7@gmail.com Regards Steve
  12. Hi this was sent to the lancs club, I have not checked the link, if there is a problem contact me and I will send forward the contact details of the seller Hope it is of help Regards Steve http://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic/120626-narrow-bonnet-urgent/
  13. Stuart Will try and sort photos tomorrow, have a look and if they are suitable then we can discuss money. I work in nelson so am sure we can sort something out re delivery. Regards Steve
  14. Hi I have a pair of black seats with red piping with runners on one ( may be both will need to check) there are some marks on them and mounts need some cleaning. I am not interested in px but will consider a sensible offer. I can send some photos, but not sussed out how to upload on the forum but could send them via email if you could provide details. I am located in Bolton so not sure how much postage would cost. Regards Steve