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  1. Pre Lit Narrow Low Line Engine Options

    Dont know engine code but this was in about 1995 the car went in 1999 as I say it got pinched. Gearbox was a 5 speed ford propshaft was original from crossflow but front UJ was replaced luckily it was just circlip so no machining required mounts on chassis required modifying / moving as gearbox was not the same just welded flat plate in chassis and redrilled to suit new box. The engine mounts were made to suit engine angle as that was the main issue it fitted about 2mm underneath the nosecone so as I say it was tight.
  2. Pre Lit Narrow Low Line Engine Options

    I had a Vauxhall XE 16v in my lowline it was tight with very low engine mounts and sump with very wide wings. I had issues with alignment of propshaft it was not as it should bit of an angle but was fine for years until one day some b-stard nicked it.
  3. Rosberg worthy F1 champion 2016?

    I think he is worthy especially liked it when he used to beat Schumacher on his return to F1
  4. Black Sport seats / std c20xe engine

    Is the Steering Rack a Quick Rack. I am looking for one for my V8