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  1. Moving a Loaded Trailer

    can you not pull the trailer in forwards so the rear of the car is by the garage door. i have abou the same clerance. my marker lights are flexible so they bend around the post. the hitch goes under my work bench with about 50mm to spare and i just climb over the car to get out so i leave it loaded overnight and just push it out in the morning
  2. The Nerdy video thread.

    all ill say is it makes for some interesting crashes
  3. The Nerdy video thread.

    that type of tooling in any toolroom is the norm nowardays. indexable inserts are much more econmical and last longer and can be specced for material specifics. weve just had a new trial cutter that can remove 5mm of tool steel at 15meters a minute.
  4. The Nerdy video thread.

    i think alot of the difference nowardays is the advancemnt in cutting tools. rather than material. you stil lget inperfectons in billet materials but material of the highest grade know as exotics where i work is amazing to work with with the correct tools to machine
  5. eBay SEIW part built

    see said thread
  6. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    Andy weirdly if you click the link in the pdf file for the email the top one opens up the mail client with the correct email address but the bottom one for somereason hyperlinkys the chairmans emails address
  7. Yep that's the one. Not sure how your get on with your weather gear like we were talking about at the meet but it's a good deal and a little safer than the standard bar
  8. @MrMgoo have you seen the Westfield offer on the roll bar in the traders section.
  9. Megablade Cat C - Wide or Narrow Bodied

    id of though if its had a new chassis there wouldnt be any evidence of repair. its not uncommon to have a rechassis you could contact westfeild with the vin number if it has had a new chassis the old one shoudl have gone back to them to be destroyed
  10. Garage Clear out All Parts Sold

    The fan is the only thing that hasn't been paid for so I'll keep you posted
  11. Garage Clear out All Parts Sold

    All items provisionally sold subject to payment but if any changes I'll message the 2nds In line
  12. Garage Clear out All Parts Sold

    All Pms Replied to
  13. Facet Red Top Fuel pump Brand new with mounts and 90degree brass unions. this has never had fuel in it and never been fitted was going to use for my swirl pot but went with a different pump. :SOLD Revotec Comex 14inch Suction fan with westfeild bracket. used for one trackday then i changed to a different rad package. this is a highpowered fan cost me 90 quid £60 plus the post Blinkstop and Beam Stop as supplied by kit car electronics. only selling due to upgrade to freewheel and these are gathering dust. £30 quid posted for the pair Carbon effect Centre Mirror £5 plus post Open to Offers on all items
  14. Stu's s2000 build diary

    Did you fix your woes after Curborough Stu