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  1. Supercharged Crossflow

    i have jenvey throttle bodies on my turboed mx5 running 8psi of boost soon to be more and no problems so far
  2. Locking Wheel Nuts

    mine technically arent loking wheel nuts but there is a splined key required to remove them
  3. Locking Wheel Nuts

    https://www.driftworks.com/internal-drive-wheel-nuts-m12-black-and-silver.html i use these the tool fits inside the nut rather than outside so you dont mark your wheels
  4. Fuel tank rail.

    when you say upside down chris what do you mean. if i remeber correctly the tabs point down so the bar sits above the heads of the bolts
  5. Guy's Tank or Blue planet?

    mee too lol i cant help myself. regardless of what he does its still better than any other drivel thats on tv
  6. Guy's Tank or Blue planet?

    im sure it should have been called jcb and another bloke build a tank and guy talks about it. still interesting to see the historical parts of th ebattle and how much easier the challenger 2 looked to drive and steer than the mark 4. hese got another program on next weekend the same time about some robot car
  7. Peter's S2000 Build

    When crimping those terminals if you put the rubber seal in the insulation crimp aswell it holds the waterproof insulation in the housing
  8. Caterham style indicators

    We both made it through iva ok
  9. Mazda SDV turbo pictures as requested

    I didn't want to join the arms race either but it appears I just can't help myself
  10. Anyone know this car

    Welcome to the club Jay. We've been messaging on Facebook. Ben
  11. Mazda SDV turbo pictures as requested

    Forged rods next then more power.
  12. Mazda SDV Build Diary

    That's what I wanted to see a good explanation that tells me what I need to hear lol. Thanks Mark. Off to order my rods and general other stuff
  13. Mazda SDV Build Diary

    According to the book of faces the bottom ends are all the same. So now to find a cheap bottom end and get some rods and some new bearings
  14. Mazda SDV Build Diary

    I can't actually find a definitive answer anywhere I'm just looking for a 1.6 bottom end I can build on the bench and then just swap my import head but I'm unsure if there the same or different lol