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  1. Just bought my first kit car

    Looks very well built Be a long winter for you now waiting to get out in it properly though!!!!
  2. Busbars

    Yeah it will need to be earthed to the chassis,either via one of its fixings or a separate large wire to the chassis depending on its design
  3. Flat-ish underbody -

    Diffuser looks mint Presume having it spaced off the tub as you have is to allow the air passing threw the engine bay and down the tunnel out of the rear of car?
  4. Anyone fancy a reshell project...

    He paid too much for the car really, bidding went daft There''s not much money in the car really,only the engine/box/diff are decent. As the passenger side was damaged front and rear he''s not got pairs of lots of parts to sell,like coilovers/rear uprights/arches etc.
  5. New member - ex-wscc car?

    Sensible decision tbf
  6. Anyone fancy a reshell project...

    @marcusb @neptune https://m.facebook.com/torquemotorsvauxhall/photos/?ref=page_internal&mt_nav=1 That''s the place that''s breaking this car. Drivers side headlight is scrap unfortunately. Cosworth engine is running and sounds sweet.
  7. Getting it clean enough at last

    Ah right tidy
  8. Getting it clean enough at last

    So like a aerosol grease?
  9. Dominator Headlamps - Difference?

    Beam pattern is the usual issue. Also IIRC the actual size of the headlight on a Westfield, to meet the height requirements you need to lift them up? Pretty sure it was in the build thread of@Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO
  10. Getting it clean enough at last

    What does it look like the ACF50 once applied?
  11. Getting it clean enough at last

    Yeah rank roads,but weather was good so was a really nice couple of hours out
  12. Getting it clean enough at last

    I ventured out Monday over the tops from Llangynog to Bala back via Corwen and the salt on my car when I get home was unreal
  13. Anyone fancy a reshell project...

    @marcusb and @neptune I will find out what's damaged,looking at the pics there is no drivers side rear arch/lights in any pics, so can't see there being a full set of lights. Front drivers side indicator pod is hanging off nose cone, and headlight has been turned and pushed into nose cone,will be lucky if they are undamaged looking at pics!
  14. Anyone fancy a reshell project...

    Yeah he's bought it to break,let me know what you are interested in and I'll see what he wants?
  15. Cider King new build diary

    Cheers.will double check but did do that before adjusting the cables. I've only got 4 clicks with a normal pull,5 clicks with a pull that feels like something will breakand even then I can push the car on the rollbar and it will move.