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  1. HiSpec mechanical handbrake adjustment

    Oh well,I've only done a couple hundred miles since fitting mine,so maybe a job for next winter get them modified
  2. HiSpec mechanical handbrake adjustment

    I thought that when I fitted mine! But there is nowhere near enough adjustment on that bolt to get the pads near the disc
  3. HiSpec mechanical handbrake adjustment

    So they have drilled and tapped the caliper?
  4. Type 9 Crunchy Reverse Gear

    Have you confirmed you are getting a full pull on the clutch? If you can get access get someone with a bar to operate the clutch arm on the bell housing to full travel and see if it engages better then
  5. HiSpec mechanical handbrake adjustment

    Interested in pics of this fix
  6. Cider King new build diary

    Use the top ones to bleed,as air rises in liquid Check the bottom ones are nipped up tight before you try bleeding. Start with the caliper furthest from your MC and work your way towards it.
  7. HiSpec mechanical handbrake adjustment

    Hill starts would be interesting with just a on/off set up? Would be nice to lose the handbrake lever though
  8. Screw in tyre (can it be fixed?)

    My m8 is the manager in my local Kwik Fit,they are told they are not allowed to plug tyres unless it's on the flat area of the inside of tyre,hence why they say they can't repair in the outer third's. They charge £26 for a repair now too!
  9. Valentinik's Duratec Build

    Don't try and make out Chris meant that!!!!! He's full of beer and his heads not working correctly!
  10. Screw in tyre (can it be fixed?)

    If it's in either outer third Kwik Fit won't repair them
  11. Valentinik's Duratec Build

    Will make it worse!!
  12. A Momentous day in a dog's life

    You really think Craig goes in the garage to take a slash on the Westfield? I know he's knocking on a bit but................
  13. Fans

    Yeah could well be,easy test anyway
  14. Carbon NV ducted aero cycle wings

    That's rich coming from the retired man!
  15. Valentinik's Duratec Build

    Pretty sure they have some measurement they use to check it's OK? If someone shorter than you sat in the seat the harnesses would be pivoting on the seat. If that's the case you can pass IVA but only with a seat that's got a certificate to prove the seat is strong enough.

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