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  1. John Brown Wheels - Any feedback?

    Also if you are anywhere in the Midlands area City Powder coaters in Brum refurbish alloys at £20 each That's blasted and full coated inside and out.
  2. John Brown Wheels - Any feedback?

    Not personally,but was a thread recently on here or Locost Builders, can't remember,saying they are great value for money. Only downside mentioned was the weight,pretty heavy apparently.
  3. Por15

    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F171512345170 That's the stuff,although I get it from our local DIY store
  4. Por15

    @Rory's Dad I've used both aerosol and the tin for different jobs. It's a advertised like smoothrite,a direct to rust no primer required paint. The satin finish is really good though,I dont like the horrible gloss finish of smoothrite .
  5. Por15

    I like using Rust Oleum,they do a satin black finish which goes on really nice and looks OE once dry
  6. Tyre width and feel.

    Yeah I'm currently running 185/60 14''s on a 6J wheel from 195/55 15''s on a 7J wheel and have found the same as you,car feels much better to drive and more alive
  7. Rear damper covers?

  8. Ste H's Mega S2000 build thread

    This will happen on any production car I've known of,if the wire comes off/breaks you don't get the light come on with ignition,that's the only warning. Common fault on mk1 Fabias
  9. Ste H's Mega S2000 build thread

    So on the start up of the car before the break down you didn't notice when you turned ignition on that the battery light didn't light up? As you say it was slow turning over,the wire must have been broken on your last drive out?
  10. Lightweight Flywheel

    I fitted one to a tin top 306 Rallye and it was great,the engine felt so much more eager to rev Only thing that changed noticeable as a slight downside was the extra revs required to move away from a stand,but got used to it within a few hours
  11. Binky, Binky, Binky!

    Yeah awesome PAS pump bracket,and the heater box Atleast they gave Edd China a job he could manage He's well out of his league in that workshop!
  12. Binky, Binky, Binky!

    That's the link I got emailed last night,not sure if it will be the same link once it goes public though
  13. Binky, Binky, Binky!

    Well,one of you is correct Won't spoil it though
  14. Binky, Binky, Binky!

    Plus a cameo roll for someone brushing up the workshop Come on let's have your guesses on who it is
  15. Binky, Binky, Binky!

    Full half hour too