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  1. Fitting a Raceline water rail to a Zetec

    Thanks for the offer @IanK (Bagpuss) I will have a chat when we meet and put it in motion, if you can be trusted near the cooling system that is I am running an Omex 600 btw.
  2. Fitting a Raceline water rail to a Zetec

    @MattV Raceline sell the water rail and associated fittings but I am finding that the fan switch is cutting in too early, so I am just trying a fan switch with a higher temperature range. On their website just click on the Zetec and a list of components come up on the right hand side, choose water rail and you have it. Hope you get sorted soon, Julie
  3. Ashbourne, Peak District, Sun 15th April LEAVING AT 11.30

    I hope the runners completed their 10K/half marathons in good time today and the 'couch to 5K' plan worked. We are all doing the 'Westfield to Cake' plan and it's coming along nicely, we did it in a hour and a half . First stop was Ashbourne Leisure Centre to drop a pint of blood in Blood stocks are low at the moment, if you fancy doing something amazing one day, the most amazing thing that I did today was to get my Westfield T-shirt on for the first time this year! It was a quick meet up in Ashbourne and off we went along an old route of mine, on some of my most favourite roads, twisty, hilly and scenic too. Freshly loaded with cow poo of course, summer is coming you know. We got to the pub in good time, thank you to everyone for being prompt. Andrew and Michael, Martyn and Sue, Dave Eastwood and Paul and Pat making a 5 car convoy, just a nice number. Richard and Liz (Bioman) were waiting for us when we got there, their bike helmets on the window sill are a bit old don't you think? Without delay the iron levels got topped back up with a hearty beef dinner We were in Buxton and that does mean, as Martyn said earlier, that it will be raining. I didn't bother with the roof, it was only spitty stuff and the roads were quiet so we were always moving. Richard has his flashy wheels on and a snazzy intercom system, what you can't see is under the bonnet the CVH has been replaced with a Zetec, good choice there Rich. We continued our journey on more of my favourite roads, undulating our way to Warslow, slowing for the views of the Dragons Back and on to the Cottage Kitchen Cafe near Bottomhouse for cake. It was full, every table taken, no room at the Inn, so it was a good job that Michael came and saved the day. 'Get a take-out cake and come to my house for a brew' he said, how generous is that? So we bought the cakes... ...and followed Andrew for 2 miles to Michael's very flashy pad. I had to laugh when the only way to get out of the car, to open the gates, was to put the cakes on the roof. Apart from needing a Sat Nav just to navigate your way around the house, Michael also has a convenient Westfield Parking Area. With a roaring log fire and a friendly welcome from Clare and Marie, we didn't want to leave, but Jasper the guard dog was getting exhausted from all the cuddles. We risked it on the way home and left the roof off, getting home dry but we were amazed as we got within a mile of home, the roads were suddenly very wet and a neighbour informed us that we had just missed a half hour downpour, lucky eh. I hope everyone else had a good journey home, thank you for coming and see you all soon.
  4. Ashbourne, Peak District, Sun 15th April LEAVING AT 11.30

  5. Ashbourne, Peak District, Sun 15th April LEAVING AT 11.30

    well it makes hilarious reading, so Mr Bagpuss you may keep hijacking my threads. Back on topic, if I am allowed for a moment , Hammy and the Mrs are coming on Sunday too, so that's a table for 9 and it's only Thursday today That's all, back to running, you are running and not driving this distance? I am reading this right aren't I? up two three cake, up two three cake, up two three cake
  6. Speed Series success, really?

    Excuse me, but have I just read that correctly? At the Anglesey event last weekend, in Tels Tales 'That made 5 Westfield Speed Series drivers in the top 6' out of 70 cars? Really? If that is true and I have read it correctly then RUDDY WELL DONE GUYS...WELL DONE... from someone very proud to drive a Westfield because of your success.
  7. Ashbourne, Peak District, Sun 15th April LEAVING AT 11.30

    Ah, I remember that one, it got originally cancelled due to the weather. Go for it Ian, when it hurts just think of cake.
  8. Ashbourne, Peak District, Sun 15th April LEAVING AT 11.30

    The magic wand has been fully loaded and what a cracking route I have on offer. All the best hills and roads of the southern Peak District, leading us to a lunch stop at The Knights Table, Buxton. I will have to book a table because this is a very popular pub on a Sunday lunchtime. * SO LISTEN EVERYBODY - LET ME KNOW BY SATURDAY EVENING IF YOU ARE COMING * or risk going hungry If we leave Halfords before midday we should get to the pub for 1pm, so I will book a table for 10 then, heck, wake up Julie, nobody will even ruddy turn up. After lunch, we will go off piste again for 40 minutes to finish at The Cottage Kitchen Country Cafe, Bottomhouse which is only 2 miles from the postcode in Winkhill. Don't be on a diet, the cafe has a rather good selection of cakes and it is only fair to start making our way through their selection. No pressure for you or your brother to come, Andrew, this is all a good plan regardless, but of course we would love to see you both. Below is a photo of the aforementioned pub, lets hope it is warm enough to sit at those tables on their terrace.
  9. Ashbourne, Peak District, Sun 15th April LEAVING AT 11.30

    What do you call a 'short run out' half hour? hour? From memory, I think Michael lives South of Ashbourne? Winkfield is not on google maps. I can easily finish at Ashbourne or further South, that is no problem. Tell me what you want, I will wave my magic wand and make it happen. Oh, that does not include the sunshine, I ought to mention that.
  10. Peak District, Sunday 8th April

    Looks like you had a banging day, Honda boys We went straight to Chatsworth Farm Shop and Cafe And proceeded to have a full English, we got a window seat and enjoyed the lovely views over Edensor Church (if you can see it over Glen's belly that is) (I'll get me coat) The till is strategically placed next to the cake stand and Martyn and I both agreed, as we were paying, that we needed an appointment in the future with the bread and butter pudding. So that is +1 to the Duke of Devonshire, your sales tactics work. We set off on our land slipped road, it is very much a 'recreational' road, nobody actually needs to go on it, they just do it for pleasure. We had a rolling car show from the MG club, who were coming in the opposite direction. We had a little drink at The Millstone Country Inn Before taking to more great roads, and finishing at Tagg Lane Diary, where we went all the way from one end of the cow.... ...to the udder Great roads and great company, what more can you ask for from your car club. Just knowing Martyn and Sue alone has put me in a life long debt to WSCC, £27.50 per year does not come into it.
  11. Ashbourne, Peak District, Sun 15th April LEAVING AT 11.30

    Meet at Halfords, Ashbourne, 11.30 YES THAT IS LATER THAN USUAL 11.30 for a skip around the Peak District. PLEASE BE READY TO LEAVE AT 11.30 I have just spoken to the pub (Fri night) and they can only fit us in at 12.30 I get stranger as I get older, so are you ready? I am giving blood at the leisure centre first thing, so that is why we are meeting later. That should be good, they make you drink a pint of water first!!!
  12. Welcome Jordan

    Hi Jordan and welcome from the Peak District
  13. Peak District, Sunday 8th April

    Ah, question answered, hope the jokes improve though groan.
  14. Peak District, Sunday 8th April

    Here's one for you then Mart, how about a quick meet and get straight off to that gorgeous Chatsworth Farm Shop Cafe, for a posh breakfast, you know the one with the nice views. It shouldn't be busy at that time. Afterwards we can do the road that has re-opened after the landslip, you haven't done that yet. Oooh, I am off to do a sun dance, pleeeease - no rain tomorrow. Uh, just got your reply, Dave, begs the question, what are you 'playing' that is not cars????
  15. Curburough Bfast Meet

    Chesterfield - wet, Peak District - dry, which is bizarre as it normally the other way round. Next time for sure.

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