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  1. Sorry Captain Colonial

    Haha yes sorry, but to be fair you’re the only colonial type I actually know!
  2. Sorry Captain Colonial

    With apologies to our friends from across the pond, but I had to laugh at this post on FB
  3. Awards Do

    I’ll know after 31st Oct if I I need 1 or 2 tickets so if you still have it by then @Andy Banks - Chairman I’ll be in touch.
  4. Duratec ecu options

    The thing most people point to for ECU choice is go for what your preferred mapper likes. If you have someone you know/like/use/trust locally and they say “I like working with xxx ECU” then you are onto a winner.
  5. Carbon V8 bonnet

    If this has a gel coat layer can it be in other colours - like post office red for example?
  6. SOLD

    Highlights the need for sellers to update the subject with SOLD if that is the case too.
  7. Pre Lit Ally bodied - Build Thread

    Gary, if you want to post a video you need to put it on YouTube (or similar) and link to it. We don’t allow video uploads to our own server due to the size.
  8. Tyre width and feel.

    I’m thinking unsprung weight might be more apparent as regards to “feel” than width and/or diameter?
  9. Awards Do

    If you book direct with the hotel there is. Phone up not online.
  10. November 4th at Cadwell Trackday

    haha - thanks but I already have a WSCC one
  11. November 4th at Cadwell Trackday

    Is it big enough for two cars?
  12. Wide screen fillet

    I did have one and it went to a local member who ended up not fitting a screen - not 100% sure if he used it, but if he did, he would have sprayed it yellow to match his car. I'll message him.
  13. Boghouse Blue 2.0LTR XE Red Top .220bhp WITHDRAWN FROM SALE

    ...and you know just how much it costs to build a reliable 220-240bhp engine, add throttle bodies, decent ECU, sump, close ratio gearbox, Simpson exhaust etc. As I said. Bargain.
  14. Looking for the right first Westy

    ...and if you don't like the cage, I'll swap it for an MSA Roll bar
  15. Looking for the right first Westy

    This is a VERY, VERY well sorted, fast, reliable car with ALL of the right components, nice spec XE, Jenveys, DTA ECU, BGH gearbox, LSD, 13" wheels, Simpson Exhaust. You will not get a better car for the money IMO - snap it up before John realises he's selling it too cheap!