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  1. Carbs to Throttle bodies cost

    I got my swirl pot from ARF. It’s spot on.
  2. SNOW?

    It snowed in Ringwood in 2003. Probablly the one and only time. The locals blamed me for it mind...
  3. Fuel Tank Breather

    Not sure this would work. Injection systems need air to go both ways, so a rollover valve rather than a one way non-return would be ok.
  4. Westfield AIM dash

    You need good earth feeds. Initually I had a few dodgy analogue readings from the fuel sender as well as no readings from the speedo, but once I supplied a proper earth direct from each sender to the dash loom it’s been spot on. My fuel gauge is actually telling me the truth between 6-28 litres according to how much I need to fill up. Below that my sender bottoms out prematurely so no fault of the dash! The speedo also matches my gps perfectly. The rest is just a repeat of whatever the ECU tells it.
  5. North East Area Xmas Meal

    Last call for any stragglers - we may be able to squeeze in one or two more. Let me know ASAP!
  6. Westfield AIM dash

    I love it. Mine was not from factory so needed a bit of effort to get everything reading correctly. Downside is lack of analogue inputs (only 4). But as most of the info comes in via CAN from ECU, for me that was plenty. Overall it’s a class but if kit. Feels “expensive” and exudes quality when you pick it up out of the box. Plenty of configurable options too with a lot of nice warnings available to program in along with the CAN inputs from ECU such as pressures and temps etc. Highly recommend.
  7. C20XE not starting

    Epic I must admit I was surprised as it never failed to start while John had it and yes it does sound fabulous!
  8. ZK bonnet post office red

    My bonnet being is replaced by a V8 one, so the current item is up for grabs. It has a cut out on offside to suit Zetec on throttle bodies and also the factory keyed locks. Was new in 2014 with my kit and has no damage. £100 collected.
  9. Non-Westfield build

    Nice one! Looking forward to more
  10. Steering column bolts

    I went around to my local fastener place an bought a selection of nuts, bolts, set screws, washers etc. Then put them in a series of little boxes on a wall mounted thing from Aldi/Lidl - made my life a load easier during the build!
  11. I have let myself in for a tough one - Cobra 427 Build

    Did you fit the door yourself Gary? Thinking of getting one and wondered how easy it was.
  12. MSA Rollbar - £180

    Yeah - don't go upsetting the Webmaster - I have a mean streak you know
  13. MSA Rollbar - £180

    I'll have you know this a top-notch race spec item! Bin it indeed sheesh!
  14. Could anyone enlarge a picture file for me please.

    That image will print out nicely at a size of 13.5cm x 9cm - you could get away with a bit bigger but not much if you really want to appreciate it in print. If you want it to say A3 size (42cm wide) then once printed, to the naked eye your car will look something like this: (zoom in to see if it's on a small screen or mobile)
  15. MSA Rollbar - £180

    Haha I know I’ve just bought a bonnet from Eastbourne!