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  1. MHR Smeg

    Happy BornDay David! Pity the Brewery is shut on a Monday!
  2. Gear Stick and Handbrake Surrounds / Bezels

    If you can hang on until Stoneleigh there should be a few available from the various stalls.
  3. Radiator fan switch

    You’re welcome to have the one I pictured. Easy enough to snip and add connectors.
  4. Flywheel Identification

    My flywheel is light. Billet steel off a Ginetta. It uses the early Mondeo clutch, 220mm with a Pinto arm and release bearing. this one came with the crate 2.0 blacktop
  5. Cadwell Park May 2nd

    There’s a first time for everything then...
  6. Reasons/criteria for Q registration

    I deliberately went for a Q. IVA with pre 95 engine, so made my planned engine swap easier - no cat to worry about despite new engine, no emissions to check, less boxes to tick at MOT, no swapping or fudging maps etc.
  7. FW SE New Build - Starter won't turnover - electric issue

  8. Reasons/criteria for Q registration

    If you are referring to a new build kit car then it is this: All new parts or all new with ONE major component refurbed to “as new” - new reg Two or more major components from donor with proof of donor - age related to donor. Otherwise - Q The major componennts we use are: engine; gearbox & diff (drivetrain); axles (inc hubs & uprights). So a Q means more than one major used component from different sources or with no proof of donor.
  9. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Yup, but I’m not fitting a Duratec and painting it Kawasaki green, so not copying you honest
  10. Silvertop Crank Pin - where?

    Yes, from memory, it's exhaust side near the bell housing end, low down, will be a hex head grub screw - recollection from a couple of years ago when I re-did my Silvertop after the belt snapped!
  11. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    And then I attacked it with a jigsaw and power file! Travelled some miles via the good old WSCC Courier Service, thanks to all who took the time to help
  12. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Finally got the V8 bonnet fitted!
  13. Caption competition

    "Forkarbs" "Here you go sir, four Carburettors" "No, Car ARB's for the suspension" "Anything Else?" "O's" (you know the rest...)
  14. [SOLD] Schnitz Racing Hayabusa steel throttle butterflies

    Me neither - better make sure I pack in the backfiring I guess!
  15. Cycle wing flap

    Bargain! - I'll swap you for my Carbon cycle wings then

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