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  1. Upset neighbour

    Hi, All, The numbers quoted above are somewhat meaningless without specifying a distance from the source. The IVA test (98dB(A)) is carried out at 0.5m from the exhaust outlet, at 45 degrees to the direction of the outlet and at 3/4 engine maximum rpm (similar to how cars are tested at motorsport events). The numbers above will, I am sure, relate to a prescribed "drive by" test. Typically, a background sound level of 50-55dB(A) would be found if you read a noise meter outside in a quiet garden (with only slight intrusion from almost ever present traffic, wind, aircraft noise). Talking near to a meter will send it up around 65-70 dB(A) and whistling (pursed lips,not fingers in the mouth) will register 80dB(A). Regular exposure to 80dB(A) and above should send you scurrying for ear defenders - petrol lawnmowers typically have stickers advising of levels around 95dB(A). Your neighbour may be (possibly self) sensitised to your car and, in a quiet area and time, if he is woken by it (or the dawn chorus, the milkman or his wife snoring) he will be awake and aware of the car pulling away for a distance. When I was getting ready to go to Stoneleigh the other weekend, I could hear Subarus heading for JapFest, droning their way along the A420 1.75 miles from the house. It was a still, warm day. I would not have heard this on a wet morning, or if weekday traffic was making its way past my house, or if a westerly wind was blowing. You could have a look at the MSA website (www.msauk.org) and look for a local Environmental Scrutineer who would, I am sure, carry out a test for you locally. However, I am sure that, if you try to keep the noise (and unnecessary revving) down as far as possible, so you are able to hand-on-heart say that you are not being unreasonable, you can carry on with your life and your neighbour will have to get over the fact that someone with a sports car lives nearby. Heaven knows, I am often out early and not all my cars are what are traditionally regarded as quiet but I do try to sneak about first thing! Simon
  2. What Engine Oil?

    +1 for the Valvoline - a recommendation from Rally Preparation Services (Witney, Oxon) who have looked after a few A series engined cars over the years. 20/50 grade. Simon
  3. Noise from an XI

    Hi, Stephen, I'll look forward to reading the outcome. Simon
  4. Noise from an XI

    Hi, Stephen, I'll bring my (MSA calibrated) sound meter with me to Stoneleigh over the weekend and give yours a test, if you like. Please give me a call on (07880) 405148 when you arrive and we can test it when it is nice and warm - much better for the engine than stone cold, first thing in a morning at the event. I'm hoping to fit a new (Westfield) silencer to mine before towing it up to Stoneleigh tomorrow. I'll try to get a test done on that so we could, potentially, evaluate the effect of my extra silencer (and silenced floor below the carburettor). Simon
  5. C type project

    Hi, Chris, The only result commensurate with the thought and effort that has gone into this project. Very well done. I, too, look forward to the final detailing. Simon
  6. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    Back of the net - great news Simon
  7. who's going next weekend in their X1

    Hi, Tony, It will be good to see you again, too. The major update on the car is another 1000 miles on the clock! Simon
  8. who's going next weekend in their X1

    Hi, I'm going to be there both days - my Eleven will be in Hall 2. You are welcome to see how you fit in my car. At 6'2" tall, I think you would be better with the trimmed bulkhead option rather than the traditional bucket seats (which my car has). Simon

    I did a rally right at the end of 2017. The scrutineer did not have any FHR stickers but inspected my device, made a note on his checksheet and let me run. I have since had a sticker applied by a local scrutineer. I have spent a lot of money over the past 40 years updating helmets - some of them hardly used at all because I am an infrequent rallyist / sprinter. I daresay the FHRs will be lifed, too in the future. However, I have always made money available to buy good equipment - never the most expensive / lightest because I haven't ever had that kind of budget. I have lost friends in accidents due to head injuries and been at events (pre FHR) where such devices would have possibly saved people. The MSA fight hard to keep motor sport insurable in the light of such fatal / serious accidents possibly creating precedents and rendering motor sport statistically too much of a risk. If this year's cost to me is a £2.50 sticker, I am happy to forego a couple of small bottles of Coca Cola to make the scrutineers' life easier and maintain standards. No insurance = no sport. As an MSA licensed Clerk of the Course, I may need, one day, to be in the box at a Coroner's Court and I want to be able to rely on the scrutineers to have been able to have fully checked and to report back that all the PPE was in order. Simon
  10. Freeing a Jammed Starter Motor

    Hi, Stephen, I wondered if it would be possible to turn the square ended shaft with a spanner but had not had the chance to try my suggestion. Well done. Simon
  11. Caption competition

    Good spot with Simon Westwood - but I didn't realise that Bob Carolgees also worked there. Presumably Spit the Dog was in his basket behind the Parts Counter!
  12. C type project

    That's Nice! The extra bends you have will also help. 108dB(A) was the sort of level that I hit with the Eleven and led me to introduce a small silencer in front of the factory supplied one in the side pipe. That and the insert cone got me through the IVA but, now the cone has gone, I must get round to fitting my replacement Westfield silencer to see that it continues to read less than 100dB(A) and then I will be allowed out on an Abingdon track day! Simon
  13. Disaster, Maybe.

    Hi, Stephen, I haven't had the computer on since Monday afternoon so missed the great news. Your relief is palpable through the posts. My starter is the one that came with the original Midget - so is lacking in Chinese influence. It copes happily with starting my similar engine. See you and the Eleven at Stoneleigh? Simon PS - Mrs Marks is a far less willing volunteer than Mrs H sounds. On the odd occasion when help is provided, you've only got to say "It's all done, thank you" and you need to hold onto any loose clothing in case it gets caught in the slipstream as she heads for the garage door - with acceleration on a par with the Westfield. You're very lucky there!
  14. Disaster, Maybe.

    Hi, Stephen, So sorry to read your posts. Hopefully, as the others have said, it will be something simple and curable. My engine generally rises in temperature as I park it or switch off - the capillary gauge picks up on heat soak where an electrical gauge would leave me blissfully in the dark! Have a look at the starter - back in the dim and distant past, when I ran Hillman Imps, the two bolt starters would often break at the flanges and it could be possible that such a thing has befallen your car and left the starter jamming against the ring gear. Fingers securely crossed. Simon
  15. XI Fuel tank capacity

    Hi, Stephen, I've attached a couple of images - one shows the back of the fuel gauge (lower of the two gauges with the red and green wires) but they don't make clear what I connected to the existing wiring, I am afraid. I would have thought that orientation was important. Good Luck - with the investigations you have made to date, it should work. Simon

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