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  1. Brake fluid

  2. Brake fluid

    What type of brake fluid do I need, Road use 2.0 pinto front discs rear drums ?
  3. Christmas Viewing Stuff

    Always makes me laugh
  4. In car intercoms

    Curious about this can you use line app & flux to create a mobile phone intercom system and use Bluetooth headset don’t know what the data usage could be but would be worthwhile investigating as would open up connections
  5. OCD cleaning

  6. I have a 85 PRE-LIT, curious about Nose

    Nice car
  7. New member - ex-wscc car?

    from Wiltshire
  8. OCD cleaning

    You missed give up get a life and get the car on the road
  9. OCD cleaning

    Ok winter tinkering has turned into OCD, how can you clean the orange tinge out of coolant expansion tank. I have the system drained and tank off
  10. New member new owner

    from Wiltshire
  11. Cider King new build diary

    Looking good Steve, will need to take a trip down soon to see production
  12. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Interested, hell yeah
  13. Stearing rack gator

    Bought these following older posts , time will tell
  14. Stearing rack gator

    Anyone tell me spec to order new rack gators, standard wide body with pinto , 2005 thanks ross
  15. New Member, Westi Question help ID