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  1. Ross (Rosshbar)

    Should I

    Ok so have a fuel leak, and as I have removed roll bar, boot box etc and found that flexible hose pipes are shredded is there any other general maintenance I should do in the back, ie change fuel pump check oil in diff give good clean any other thoughts ? Ross
  2. Ross (Rosshbar)

    Southwest Trip to Stoneleigh

    I shan’t be going this year , I not sure on others
  3. Ross (Rosshbar)

    Brake fluid

  4. Ross (Rosshbar)

    Brake fluid

    What type of brake fluid do I need, Road use 2.0 pinto front discs rear drums ?
  5. Ross (Rosshbar)

    Christmas Viewing Stuff

    Always makes me laugh
  6. Ross (Rosshbar)

    In car intercoms

    Curious about this can you use line app & flux to create a mobile phone intercom system and use Bluetooth headset don’t know what the data usage could be but would be worthwhile investigating as would open up connections
  7. Ross (Rosshbar)

    OCD cleaning

  8. Ross (Rosshbar)

    I have a 85 PRE-LIT, curious about Nose

    Nice car
  9. Ross (Rosshbar)

    New member - ex-wscc car?

    from Wiltshire
  10. Ross (Rosshbar)

    OCD cleaning

    You missed give up get a life and get the car on the road
  11. Ross (Rosshbar)

    OCD cleaning

    Ok winter tinkering has turned into OCD, how can you clean the orange tinge out of coolant expansion tank. I have the system drained and tank off
  12. Ross (Rosshbar)

    New member new owner

    from Wiltshire
  13. Ross (Rosshbar)

    Cider King new build diary

    Looking good Steve, will need to take a trip down soon to see production
  14. Ross (Rosshbar)

    21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Interested, hell yeah
  15. Ross (Rosshbar)

    Stearing rack gator

    Bought these following older posts , time will tell

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