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  1. FIbreglass Rear Valance - ZK

    £25 or so plus postage I guess.
  2. FIbreglass Rear Valance - ZK

    Lol wondered what you were on about so had to review. New unmarked police car you see...
  3. FIbreglass Rear Valance - ZK

    Fibreglass Rear Valance. ZK bodywork only. Some marks and cracks - it is 17 years old. If you are changing the colour then I guess easy to repair as part of that process. I've never felt the need to. Can be seen passenger side around the mesh some cracking. Just been checking photos and realise I don't have many and this was wheel off trying new lights but you can see the part and I can get closeups if requested. https://parts.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=507&search=rear&description=true Collection from Bristol/Bath. Should be able to post
  4. Removed from my car, had it for a few years after buying from a member on here. It does need a bit of welding at the front end of the silencer due to some very small cracks which were picked up at the last MOT. Closeups on photos. Useful as a CAT exhaust if you need one. Comes with 2x U Bolts and what makes up the majority of the fitting kit less the L bracket and bobbins which remain on my car (yellow shown in a photo less bobbin) As per westifled site https://parts.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/engine-drivetrain-exhaust?product_id=167 Collection in Bristol/Bath. Should be able to post.
  5. Exhaust Mounting - Bobbins

    Cool link. Useful... after a quick google more expensive than WF supplied and/or USA only. Still, hopeful my current one may work out once the link pipe is connected and taking the weight.
  6. Carbon parts

    Was gonna say nose cone - but as above what parts have they made before?
  7. Exhaust Mounting - Bobbins

    My thoughts exactly - but can I find one similar not from WF at £7 plus postage and probably weeks delay? No... CosKev thanks for your points. Shall take your alignment advise.
  8. Exhaust Mounting - Bobbins

    Using the chassis bar that goes infront of the passenger seat you mean? Through that and the floor then extend out?
  9. Exhaust Mounting - Bobbins

    I ned one without much flex. By hand mine doesnt seem to but under the load it is. i work in North Bristol Im afrisd - close but not close enough! I did see a wide range of them on eBay. Was hoping to get something by Thursday to give it a go. I did get a second exhaust strap supplied but I have no other mounting point for a second strap. Interior panels are all glued in. So cant see it being easy to add another one. Unless someone has a bright idea?
  10. Exhaust Mounting - Bobbins

    Okay so changing my exhaust to a new 6" Wunoff from the usual 5" WF. Exhaust mount style, as was: On this However upon changing to the revised mounting method on the new one: I'm droopy - very much so! Unless its because it needs to be tightened up to the nines. Guessing because of the different mounting, the larger silencer (6" not 5") and perhaps the rubber mount is 18 years old? I need 20mm thread either side (as is, at least), its M8 at the moment but flexible. Rubber is 22mm thick. Guessing a lower profile mount would give less lean therefore leveller silencer. Scouting https://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/rubber-mounts#/pageSize=20&viewMode=grid&orderBy=0 right now but tbh not sure. Want to get it fitted Thursday. There is of course this expensive beast too: https://parts.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/exhaust-mountings?product_id=880 which I can't find this flatter style anywhere else. Advise on what to buy? Oh and kind of as expected and planned for but once mounted I need to measure up the link pipe. Any ideas on how? Currently its something like this: I can vary the angle of the can from parallel to slightly angled in. The link pipe supplied is a typical Westfield one as it may have just worked but its obviously very short. Ideas on best way to make a decent drawing for what I actually need so I can get it made up? Above photo has silencer on the floor so will change a bit and I can adjust the exhaust angle from parallel to more in towards the nose but still need a link pipe making up. Many Thanks all!
  11. After a Zetec Silvertop 1.8 Sump which is shorter than standard - or advise on which one to get as new... hating the odd speed bump right now. easy to fit? Did find fitting instructions for raceline. Seemed simple but very descriptive. Would have thought off with old, in with new and measure oil in and resmcribe the dip stick. 70% + Road Use
  12. Toyo 888 205/60 13 brand new*SOLD*

    You take them Dave
  13. Toyo 888 205/60 13 brand new*SOLD*

    Cool. Well interested but if someone is in dire need they can have them! did you get Yokos in the same size? 205? Ive not found anything road legal other than r888/r888r in this size.
  14. Toyo 888 205/60 13 brand new*SOLD*

    How long have you had them? I can't find GGs anywhere. Got SGs at the moment. I'm in no rush for a new set but always good to have a pair.
  15. 21st September 2017 - Cotswold Llandow Track Day - ONLY 5 PLACES LEFT

    Great day. I only took photos of oarts of cars as I was spying winter projects and how to's!