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  1. Clear out V8 bonnet , dash, arches

    I'll take the wipers if I can piggy back on the courier service (please) especially if @neptune is involved and could bring to Loughborough, I could then come and pick up if timing is good. I could also store @Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO bonnet if required (live just north of Melton Mowbray). Ian
  2. Sealing taper threads

    Do you have a UK supplier, I looked on Amazon (only place that came up) and the prices when including delivery are, well, higher than I expected!
  3. Sealing taper threads

    Erm not sure about that, but wanted to see if there was a consensus or problems with tape or sealant (if any) for automotive use, I'll be using tape
  4. Sealing taper threads

    I used to test and calibrate pneumatic and hydraulic systems for Polaris and Trident subs and rocket motors , we had to be taught properly how to use PTFE similar to shown on this video before we were certified - long time ago mind and @RussH my main concern was for excess tape to be dislodged, but if done properly there shouldn't be any exposed to the oil or water flow - in theory
  5. Sealing taper threads

    For the first time I'm now putting in new water and oil temp sensors and an oil pressure switch/sensor, all these have NPT threads, so am I ok to use ptfe tape of the plumbers type or is it better to use something like this? Cheers Ian
  6. Westfield stickers

    I've lost my WSCC anniversary stickers, does anybody have a set they would be willing to part with?
  7. Starter (Button) wiring

    Erm, I intend to use a relay in conjunction with a starter button hence my question on the rating of the relay
  8. Starter (Button) wiring

    Just a general question really, is a 30A rated relay sufficient for wiring into a starter button? Ian
  9. Weber 45s - SOLD

    BTTT final reduction before I strip them then down and, well make lamps out of them.
  10. November 4th at Cadwell Trackday

    You won't have to haul my lardy ass around the track, I'm full of cold and feeling sorry for myself and i don't want to give anybody the lurgy as well ! Have fun chaps and be safe!
  11. Powder Coating in the east midlands

    good point, it does have breathers, I'll have a better look to see how accessible all the surfaces are.
  12. Powder Coating in the east midlands

    I take it you have to oven bake?
  13. I thought it would be nice to treat the cam and timing belt covers to a bit of tlc; can anybody recommend a powder coating company in the east midlands? Cheers Ian EDIT: I have seen THIS company, has anybody used them?
  14. Weber 45s - SOLD

    BTTT Additional photos to show what they are like on a manifold and price reduction.