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  1. 4 paddle clutch plate past useful life

    And these answers are a prime example of why being a paying member of this club is fully worth every penny, these two chaps @mauriciand @AdamRhave educated me and saved me money, a quote of under £54 + VAT and carriage for re-lining, now what can i spend my saved money on?
  2. 4 paddle clutch plate past useful life

    ah excellent, live and learn
  3. I finally got around to splitting my engine gearbox (C20XE and type 9) and found to my surprise this, although I think it is BEU as there is only about 0.5mm of material left proud of the rivets, however, I have no idea how thick the material is when new so that might be fine for years, can anybody advise if that material thickness is fine for this type of clutch? Also, i can only find a couple of places where I can get a 228mm Dia plate with 23 spline 1" drive, If I need to get a new friction plate then I will go to full annulus rather than paddle as my usage is 95% road, but it's still not what i call cheap at about £186 for the friction plate, unless others know of cheaper places than QED . Cheers Ian
  4. Wiring an indicator switch

    Thanks for that @TableLeg just what i needed and with another pair of hands I've ascertained the switch is fine. Ian
  5. Wiring an indicator switch

    Thanks @Kit Car Electronics Mike, I might very well indulge in. However, first problem is that the switch I showed only appears to have two connectors that make a circuit irrespective of which way the switch is operated, although it wasn't easy holding/operating the switch and holding the probes of my meter on the contacts at the same time, another pair of hands required me thinks. or find the alligator clips for my meter!
  6. SEight Donor car / engine & transmission

    Argh that is sad, I hope you were unscathed? Ian
  7. Wiring an indicator switch

    I appreciate this should be easy, but I'm looking to change from the simple toggle switch to one of these and i can't fathom out where the current (haha) wires should connect on all these permutations At present the toggle switch has 3 wires, which I assume to be feed and then L /R output to the flasher unit. Do I simply move the three wires onto this switch? and if so which connectors? Also the new switch doesn't latch, so do I need a separate timer relay as well. I've looked on the Durite website but it doesn't have any easy access tech details. Cheers Ian
  8. Gates Timing Belt

    Thanks for answers, never sure about stuff on ebay! I will contact local factors and thanks @Snappy I will contact Parkers to make sure they can supply belt only. Ian
  9. Gates Timing Belt

    About to change the timing belt on my red top, it is currently fitted with a Gates' powergrip one (5205-141x24) can anybody direct me to where I can buy one as I'm having difficulty just finding a belt. The belt and tensioners were replaced only 2k miles ago albeit that was in Jul 2013, hence why i was just going to change the belt.
  10. Pair of side screens

    I've thought about doing similar but taking the polycarbonate much further back, near the roll bar. I now have a set of spare doors that I can play with.
  11. November 4th at Cadwell Trackday

    thanks chaps - really feeling the lurve!
  12. November 4th at Cadwell Trackday

    Any chance of blagging a couple of laps off peeps, happy to contribute for fuel n tyres, otherwise I'll just take photos of Russ falling off the track
  13. Road Speed Sensor ( image enclosed )

    Indeed it is, but I need more!! What will the ECU do to ignition/fuelling differently depending on road speed in addition to air temp/throttle position/running temp?
  14. Real roads have no restart button...

    Apologies in advance for snipping your post, but ironically you've pointed out why restricted licences to lower powered cars won't stop people doing stupid things. I also did stupid things in my mini with crossply tyres!
  15. LED Headlight bulbs

    When looking at a "normal" halogen bulb with low/main beam filaments they are placed at set distance/orientation from the back of the housing and also have little "shields" for want of a better name to stop the light going certain directions. As long as the LED bulb replicates these parameters then it will pass an MOT. As long as the light pattern is as it should be and the beams are not too high then there should be no problems with oncoming drivers. I'm not sure what you mean by a "kit car" or "normal" MOT, it should be the same wherever possible.