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  1. When i get time i will investigate the potential leak, at the moment i have it running fairly evenly and drives ok, just annoying that i know something is slightly out. I will report back but i fear i won't get time until after Blyton.
  2. Ah ok, yes i did play with that but it didn't make any difference to the air flow, just made it run rough, i thought that was the idle mixture adjuster from looking at a haynes manual I have, but the diagrams aren't the clearest in it, hence why i'm a bit in the dark. Ian
  3. @Thrustyjust when you say the "air balance screws" can you describe which they are? @Andrew possibly? is there a way to check?
  4. I've just spent a happy hour or so balancing the carbs, but I think there is a problem with one carb that has me bamboozled. Imagine looking at the carbs from L-R; first carb inlets I will call 1 and 2, second carb's 3 & 4. I've managed to balance 1, 3 and 4 to be taking just under 5kg/hr but 2 is 3.5 kg/hr, no matter how I adjust I can't get no 2 to read the same as no1. Does anybody know how to get them the same? I'm guessing that during a previous rebuild the butterflies were just a tad out when compared with each other on the spindle? Cheers Ian
  5. Where in Norfolk are you? Ian
  6. the ones i fitted the base could only go in the one way, however the bulb could be rotated within the base so that the shield on the dipped beam LEDs could be orientated as per a normal bulb, it was then locked in place with a grub screw.
  7. Many thanks Ian
  8. Apologies for the questions, but I'm keen to learn more. Do you run a TPS, if so did you fit it or was it fitted? how did you achieve the 2-3 psi fuel supply pressure? did you purchase any other fitments e,g filter, cable kit? Ian
  9. If I can't get the flat spots and poor low speed running sorted on mine I will probably be doing the same conversion, what was the lead time and what about rolling road set up? Ian
  10. Finally caught up with your build thread @stephenh, I'm thrilled to see you got through IVA first time, a well deserved success! Now hurry up and make it look nice and period like Ian
  11. i recognise it as pinking, knocking to me is what big ends do when knackered, although I still refer to it is knocking now as that appears to be common parlance.
  12. Alastair, pm'd
  13. If only they made a hatchback/estate version with a long load bay, perfect for transporting - stuff
  14. BTTT - still on a quest for weber literature