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  1. Clutch plate - which way?

    A couple of photos anyway, flywheel side is the one on the right
  2. Clutch plate - which way?

    Yes thanks all, I was in the garage about to take a photo when I tried to offer it up to the flywheel, I couldn't do that due to it being on an engine stand, but it it so very obvious which way it goes. 2nd lesson learned - only ask a question when stumped not when you don't think you know the answer to the question that can be answered with a bit of diligence. I will now get my coat
  3. Clutch plate - which way?

    I made a fundamental error when dismantling the clutch assembly (forgot to note which side is flywheel side), and now I'm about to re-assemble and don't want to put it in the wrong way. The plate was re-padded by Helix, but their original sticker saying which way round wasn't present. Is there an default mounting direction? I can post photo's of the plate later if that might help. Cheers Ian
  4. Type 9 Clutch Fork locating bush

    That's the little blighter, many thanks, it's much easier when you know it's name.
  5. Type 9 Clutch Fork locating bush

    I thought that was a tad expensive for what i'm looking for, but knowing Westield........! This is what I'm looking for. Ian
  6. Type 9 Clutch Fork locating bush

    thanks chaps, Clutch Arm Rubber, obvious now, sort of. Ian
  7. The little rubber/soft plastic bush type thingy that the clutch fork (type 9) locates onto inside the bell housing is split and loose, does anybody know where I can get one? I've looked on Burton's site with no luck. In fact can anybody tell me it's correct name? Cheers Ian
  8. Clear out V8 bonnet , dash, arches

    I'll take the wipers if I can piggy back on the courier service (please) especially if @neptune is involved and could bring to Loughborough, I could then come and pick up if timing is good. I could also store @Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO bonnet if required (live just north of Melton Mowbray). Ian
  9. Sealing taper threads

    Do you have a UK supplier, I looked on Amazon (only place that came up) and the prices when including delivery are, well, higher than I expected!
  10. Sealing taper threads

    Erm not sure about that, but wanted to see if there was a consensus or problems with tape or sealant (if any) for automotive use, I'll be using tape
  11. Sealing taper threads

    I used to test and calibrate pneumatic and hydraulic systems for Polaris and Trident subs and rocket motors , we had to be taught properly how to use PTFE similar to shown on this video before we were certified - long time ago mind and @RussH my main concern was for excess tape to be dislodged, but if done properly there shouldn't be any exposed to the oil or water flow - in theory
  12. Sealing taper threads

    For the first time I'm now putting in new water and oil temp sensors and an oil pressure switch/sensor, all these have NPT threads, so am I ok to use ptfe tape of the plumbers type or is it better to use something like this? Cheers Ian
  13. Westfield stickers

    I've lost my WSCC anniversary stickers, does anybody have a set they would be willing to part with?
  14. Starter (Button) wiring

    Erm, I intend to use a relay in conjunction with a starter button hence my question on the rating of the relay
  15. Starter (Button) wiring

    Just a general question really, is a 30A rated relay sufficient for wiring into a starter button? Ian