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  1. Front & Rear Wings

    @rbrincat i doubt it as the advert is nearly 5 years old, @Paul Aspden?
  2. Changing fuel tank

    I prefer the top filling of the fuel tank and also the siting on the FW car, but can i fit the FW tank (full kit) into a std wide chassis? I appreciate the implications of boot box loss etc. Cheers Ian
  3. 2017 westfield sport 250

    So sad you are selling, I'm sure many others will be too having lived this build with you. Good luck, and hope the changes aren't too permanent and you'll be back! Ian
  4. Clutch Cable *Sold*

    Cheers PM'd - I'll buy it. Ta Ian
  5. Clutch Cable *Sold*

    I'm interested as a spare, can you give me the length nipple to nipple ? Ta Ian
  6. Taller windscreen

    That is glass and frame, unheated? What is the lead time, or do they have stock? Ian
  7. Ste H's Mega S2000 build thread

    Congratulations, it's good following a build to the final hurdle (not counting registration). Ian
  8. Cycle wings - or not.

    having had two previous cars with cycle wings, my current car has clamshells and i prefer the look of them, especially with chrome - the classic look. I also prefer them for keeping the muck from kicking up too far and mine also has a fantastic turning circle, unlike the other cars!
  9. Can you put a link up to them?
  10. Just North of Melton Mowbray, offer is there if I can help
  11. Eeny meeny miny moe.

    I'd get rid of the LHD one, IYSWIM
  12. @BCF if you need help moving the box i can bring it part way from my place to MK next week, Tuesday pm or Thursday pm). Ian
  13. Sealey Engine Stand ES350 **Now Sold**

    yes please, i can pick up next thursday PM if suitable? just phoned so you know who I am. Ian
  14. Hope you get sorted Barny, and if you don't mind me jumping on your wagon I'm still looking for a type 9 with long first but needs to be helical/semi-helical. Ian
  15. Engine/g'box removal

    About sums me up then !