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  1. After a few years of fun I've concluded that I'm not using my car enough so it's time to let someone else enjoy it . Lovely car and always puts a smile on my face. 1992 SE Narrow MOT until April 2018 C20XE Redtop on Webber 45’s. SBD inlet manifold. Dry sump system as developed for the Opel Single Seater series Type 9 gearbox, 5 speed English axel with 3.92 LSD Spax suspension. RAC roll bar Digital dash 7.0x13” Pro Race 1.2 with Yokohama 205/60R13 AO48Rs. Plus a spare set of AO48Rs that have done 50 miles JK Composite seats with orange piping and carbon fibre wrap Sabelt 3” 4 point harnesses, FIA approved, dated 2018 Varley Redtop racing gel battery OMP suede steering wheel with quick release Carbon Fibre effect front arches and rear wing protectors Carbon Fibre effect aero screen with full screen also provided FIA cut key. Two sets of keys Custom aluminium fuel tank Original doors and tonneau cover in blood red (went with the original car colour) which could be dyed to match Bodywork has a couple of marks on it and has mounting holes for the windscreen so not perfect, but not bad. £6250 ONO Car is in South Croydon, Surrey. Any questions please contact me and I will respond ASAP. John: 07779 272873 / johnrhill_uk@yahoo.co.uk
  2. Another for adding the piping. Ties the car together nicely. I also went for the carbon heads which looks pretty cool but are unnecessary really
  3. Any runners out there? Advice

    Ha ha . I ran my fastest 5km this year and I'm 37 and my wife ran her fastest marathon and she's older than me. A 24 min 5k is a very good base to work from and definitely shows you have a reasonable level of fitness. 5k is a tricky distance to train for as you clearly need good stamina but also need to do plenty of speed work. A good variety of training programmes on here: http://www.runnersworld.com/training/5k-training-plans but I think you'll be able to improve further by combing a weekly routine with a long run - 5-8 miles easy pace (i.e. able to hold a conversation), fartlek or hill-work plus an easy recovery run of 2-3 miles. If you haven't already I'd definitely recommend giving cross country a go too. I tried it and am completely hooked
  4. headphones

    I've just replaced the Sennheiser's I use for running in with a pair of the CX 300 II - £21.99 on Amazon - I bought them there to avoid fakes. My previous pair lasted 6 years of daily use and running cross country in all weather. I was given a pair of Beats as a present a couple of years ago and have just got round to using them. I actually like them and do think they sound better than the Sennheiser's. They definitely have more bass.
  5. High Oil Pressure - XE

    Yeah - this one is mounted to the chassis up inside the nose cone as the pump layout meant I needed to use braided hose. I'll take a look at the sender tonight and see what I can see on it. Can't go for a capillary gauge, I love my Max Power style dash too much
  6. High Oil Pressure - XE

    Just to close this out - I connected up a workshop mechanical pressure gauge which showed the pressure was actually 60psi (cold) reducing to 20-30psi (warm) so much more healthy levels. The pump doesn't have a PRV for the record.... Now clearly my digital gauge sensor is knackered - bit disappointing as it's only 8 months old. It's one of these: http://www.digital-speedos.co.uk/oil-pressure-gauge-52mm-blue-display-223-p.asp. Does anyone know if a cheap and cheerful 0-150psi sender from eBay will work? Cheers, John
  7. ZEI - LHD / Project?

    Thanks Pete!
  8. ZEI - LHD / Project?

    Hi Dave, the Sports Turbo approvals would work however.... The import would attract 25% VAT plus additional power and weight taxes - the last two reduce with age hence the double appeal of the ZEI. So to make the total cost justifiable he'd really be looking for a car around £7-8K otherwise it would start getting silly.
  9. ZEI - LHD / Project?

    Hi All, After taking my Dad out in my XE SE at the weekend it has reignited his hopes of owning a 7. Main challenge is that he lives in Norway so would need type approval which has led him to the ZEI. "Your mission, should you choose to accept it....." Anyone know of any looking for a new home? Ideal would be a LHD "project" car but given they are rare any in original spec could be of interest. Cheers, John
  10. High Oil Pressure - XE

    Hi All, I've noticed over the last couple of runs that my oil pressure is fluctuating much more than it used to and is reaching levels that I'm not happy with. Also a noticable puff of blue smoke on acceleration. Cold readings are fluctuating between 60psi and 110psi. Warm readings are erratic and quickly change between 20psi and 100psi so don't want to drive any further until I sort it. Running an XE with the Formula Vauxhall dry-sump system. Took a look yesterday and swapped the oil filter which didn't improve things so trying to locate a pressure relief valve as I'm assuming its started sticking. Assumed it was would be under one of the two bolt heads in the pic below? Removed the front one and some oil leaked but no sign of a spring/plunger. Rear bolt wouldn't budge and I didn't want to keep forcing it unless I was sure that's where the valve is. Anyone know for sure where I should be looking? Cheers, John (pressure readings are from a Koso oil pressure gauge I've had fitted for about 3 months and I've not bought and tried a mechanic gauge but with the smoke appearing I'm fairly confident something isn't right)
  11. Ecclestone

    Surely that's one step away from killing your way out of a murder charge...
  12. Alternator heat shield

    Thanks Pete. How have you attached it? Bolt through it into a spare engine block hole?
  13. Alternator heat shield

    Noticed that my alternator is getting a little toasty since moving to an arrangement where it's mounted on the exhaust side of my XE. It's not ridiculously close to the manifold but after a reasonably quick run yesterday it was about 110C and it looks like the Densos recommended operating temp range is up to 93C. I'm assuming heat shielding is a fabrication job? 3mm ali or something like this? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HEAT-SHIELD-HEAT-BARRIER-G2-GII-DOUBLE-LAYER-MATERIAL-4-45mm-ALLUMINUM-/171380887713?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item27e718d0a1. Or should I just wrap the sections of the two nearet manifold branches? Cheers, John
  14. home alarm system

    Another vote for wireless. The Yale system is very easy to fit and comes with a DVD that explains it all step-by-step. Not had any issues with it, or with the previous wireless system we had. As others have said its incredibly flexible - I recently decided to buy another sensor to stick in the garage to keep an eye on the Westfield Cheers, John

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