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  1. Murraymint

    GRP Panel..

    Don't suppose anyone could help me out with a piece of GRP Black gloss panel...maybe 20" x 20"....
  2. Murraymint

    New owner

    welcome from Scotland...
  3. Murraymint

    Luggage bag

    Could you post up a photo please.
  4. Murraymint

    Stoneleigh thanks

    Just like to echo the comments, first time to the show for me and a worthwhile drive down from bonny Scotland....the weather was great and the WSCC stand was well turned out...met a few of the members and thanks to Dave for showing me his setup for the steering wheel controls and Mike for bringing a freewheel kit....winter project I'm thinking...I had a go in the Westfield drifting which was top class and came home with the boot of the full of goodies...well done to all...
  5. Murraymint

    Type 9 gear stick wobble...

    thats what I was thinking...D7PNY has had a few motors since this post...sadly his Westfield went up in fire...
  6. Murraymint


  7. Murraymint

    New member saying "hello"

    from Scotland...
  8. Murraymint

    New member looking for his first Westfield

    from Scotland...
  9. Murraymint

    New member saying hi

    from Scotland
  10. Murraymint

    First lot done.

    you could be in deep trouble...if you get caught...
  11. Murraymint

    New member

    from Sunny Scotland and proud of the lads for lifting the Calcutta Cup....
  12. Murraymint

    Can I drill through?

    Drilling a new hole could cause you problems, not sure about removing the glass....my suggestion would be to re-locate the stud in the hood...
  13. Murraymint

    SOLD - Bonnet Fasteners - Toggle Fasteners Black

    PM Sent.
  14. Murraymint

    New Member Introduction

    from Scotland...nice colour...
  15. Murraymint

    4" headlamps

    sorry to highjack the thread, but anyone tried these lights... Cibie Oscar mini LED driving light with cover 145mm/5.6 inch full black casing

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