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  1. Can I drill through?

    Drilling a new hole could cause you problems, not sure about removing the glass....my suggestion would be to re-locate the stud in the hood...
  2. SOLD - Bonnet Fasteners - Toggle Fasteners Black

    PM Sent.
  3. New Member Introduction

    from Scotland...nice colour...
  4. 4" headlamps

    sorry to highjack the thread, but anyone tried these lights... Cibie Oscar mini LED driving light with cover 145mm/5.6 inch full black casing
  5. Newbie

    from Scotland....
  6. Garagepride units...

    thanks, yes I guess there is plenty of cheaper options that will do the same job...
  7. Garagepride units...

    I'm away to convert a room at the back of my garage into a workshop...just looking to see if anyone has bought units from garage pride...
  8. Soft Bits for Sevens Touring Tunnel bag.

    I bought a couple of these and they seem alright...going to use on our trip round the NC500...
  9. Newbie from Norfolk

    from Scotland...like the motor..
  10. New member, familiar car though!

    from Scotland.
  11. Happy Birthday Geoffrey

    MHR's for the day and hope you have a good one...
  12. New Member

    Hi and fromScotland...take your time in buying and ask the questions...
  13. New Member... 1998 Factory built 1.8 ZEI

    from Scotland...nice looking barn find...
  14. New Member Today!

    from Scotland and happy hunting for a motor...
  15. Storm Carnage

    that's nothing us guys in Scotland had to put on our jackets....