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  1. Getting it clean enough at last

    Yes thats a clean motor...looks nice.
  2. Westfield ZZR1400

    Now that looks a clean motor....
  3. Nice looking motor...like the number 5....
  4. New member - ex-wscc car?

    from Scotland and enjoy...
  5. Made a new friend yesterday

    Man's best friend...lovely looking puppy...
  6. Press studs

    You would need to drill them out, they are just riveted to the screen channel. However the guys are saying to re-stud the hood, but I guess that will leave you with a couple of holes...
  7. Press studs

    Looks like you will need to move the studs down a bit, best to remove the old ones and fill the holes...be careful when you drill into the frame.
  8. New owner from Spain. Seiw Zetec

    from Scotland...nice motor..
  9. New member new owner

    from Scotland and enjoy your new purchase...
  10. A really bad day

    It's always sad to read a post like this and thoughts are with the families involved..and the folk that were on scene to assist.
  11. Megablade ZZR1400

    Nice clean looking motor...
  12. Half shaft questions

    I had a similar issue and decided to make up a couple of cork gaskets to sit in front of the bearing and it solved the problem. New bearings will need to be pressed on and that really won't be a big job for any decent garage. I would suggest you replace both sides and then job done for a few years...
  13. Starting a Build

    from Scotland and enjoy the build and remember to upload the photos as things progress...
  14. Flared side panels - Benefits

    As the guys have said above...easy access to the engine for service work....and they look cool... all the best motors have them...
  15. Said bye to a pal today

    sorry to hear your news, we lost out husky last year...big part of the family indeed.