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  1. 4" headlamps

    I wanted headlights that weighed less and had a smaller frontal area and chose to go with the 4" Dominators. I haven't used them in the real dark yet so can't say how well they light things up but I only drive in the dark a few times a year so that is lower on my list. So far so good. dave
  2. Magazine shop contest - Westfield content.

    I hear you. The rubber is a tad wider than the wings! My race rules say that 1/2 the tire needs to be covered by the fender so I'm fine there. In reality the car sits on its street wheels 95% of the time and they fit under the wings just right I think. dave
  3. Magazine shop contest - Westfield content.

    I've read a few comments on FB about this and some saying that my place is huge followed by the inevitable "it must be nice." But then they are shocked to learn that the whole place is 420 square feet and that I earn my living out of 1/2 of the place and the Westy takes up the other half. I think the photos give the impression that it's a sprawling complex when in reality it's a two stall garage attached to my suburban home. Fun stuff. dave
  4. And now for something completely different........ I'm a fan of the US magazine "Grassroots Motorsports" and almost always like their take on car stuff. Late last year they sponsored a "Show us your shop contest" with three categories - small, large, and commercial. One of the prizes was a welding machine and I would love to be able to weld car projects so I cleaned my place up, took a few photos, wrote a description and sent the whole mess in. I was surprised and pleased to learn that I won the small category and a new welding machine, along with some other cool stuff, is on its way to Bozeman. I look forward to the print article coming out in a few months so I can send a copy to my mom! If you'd like to see the online article you check it out here - https://grassrootsmotorsports.com/ar...ers-announced/ Now it's time to go back into the shop and make it dirty....dirtier maybe? Dave
  5. Sound/ Heat insulation

    I fitted the light dynamat to much of the hidden side of my panels in an effort to keep the heat down and lessen the noise coming from the panels acting like a drum head. Did it work? I guess so. I did this in the initial build and have never used the car without it so I have no way to compare. That said the panels stay cool and don't resonate so my guess is that it works. I applied it to the inside of the tunnel, the outside of the side panels, the outside of the rear bulkhead and on the underside of the floors. I guess I would do it again but even the light stuff is heavy so if you are chasing grams you might use less. I owned a Birkin years ago and all the panels buzzed like angry bees and it drove me nuts so i wanted to prevent that and it certainly is quiet so i think it was worth it. dave
  6. Solid tonneau covers

    I wanted a tonneau for lower air drag and sewed one together using ripstop nylon like a tent is made from. It has very little stretch so you can set it up to be drum tight. As shown it weighs 3 ounces or about 80 grams. It's not solid but it controls the air well and weighs almost nothing. dave
  7. Long range fuel tank

    I have one that I no longer need. It has the main inlet that pokes out the rear bodywork. The possible downside is that it's in the USA so shipping could be spendy. dave
  8. Rear diffuser - Worth it?

    It's a good sign that it was flexing downward....it says that the air applying pressure in the proper direction. Looks good. dave
  9. Dave rae motorsport

    I second this - he gave me great advice (saving me from myself) and a solid product. dave
  10. Oil catch tank/breather

    Thanks. I never get any oil in the catch can.....depending on the temperature I'll get a few drops of condensation but that's it. I've never had to empty it.....or even clean the inside. Yes - I personally have no use for a decorative cover that weighs 3/4 of a pound. I'm doing everything I can to keep the weight of the car as low as I can so the cover hangs on the wall. I got my headers ceramic coating done at a place here in the USA called "Swain Tech Coatings" and I've used them for about a year or 4000 miles give or take. They aren't as bright white as they had been but still look great. They really seem to do a good job with the temperatures too - I can touch the header within a minute or two of shutting the car off. It's pretty weird actually but seems to work. dave
  11. Oil catch tank/breather

    Mine isn't baffled but that's never been an issue for me. Mine is a 1 liter water bottle with a screw off top with a filter attached to the top and it's held to the chassis with a hose clamp. I needed a full 1L bottle for my racing class and this fits the bill.....it weighs almost nothing, you can see if anything is in there and it was nearly free as the bottle had been left at a race last year and I found it on the ground. Plus it's orange and matches the car. You can see it on the right side just in front of the header. dave
  12. Rear diffuser - Worth it?

    Now that is cool. I looks like model has an aero screen but it's hard to tell. One thing is for sure....a tonneau (or maybe half-door) over the passenger side opening would pay real dividends. dave
  13. Rear diffuser - Worth it?

    As mentioned above I fitted one and I noticed that there was less air noise from the rear of the car. The shape of the underside of the car without the diffuser is like a parachute and there is no way that air isn't being sucked up into the void around the diff and gas tank.....it's a huge open area and even if you don't look into it every day it's there and messing with the airflow. I'd be shocked if any kind of diffuser or simple cover in the rear didn't lower drag....realistically how could it not reduce drag? Does it produce downforce? Maybe, maybe not. If it does anything it might reduce lift some and I'd be surprised if it produced any negative lift at all. Pretty hard to tell without a controlled test in a wind tunnel. That said I'm fine with the idea of the reduced drag that seems likely. As for fussing with the aero on these cars - I hear many say that "once a brick, always a brick" or that doing aero work is like putting lipstick on a pig. While I get what they are saying I disagree. It's is of course correct that nothing we can do with these cars will make them slippery as a bar of soap or allow them to generate 3g's of downforce......but just because they can't be turned into F1 cars doesn't mean that there aren't real and substantial gains to be made with simple changes. The very fact that they are so bad aerodynamically means that small, but real, improvements are easy to come by. Low hanging fruit as they say. No one would say that taking off the windshield and fitting an aero screen doesn't have real benefits in terms of drag and top speed....why wouldn't similar simple changes such as running a tonneau cover or a rear diffuser also give marginal gains. If one does pragmatic and practical changes to reduce the HUGE drag these cars have then I'm sure that the "accumulation of marginal gains" thing kicks in and the car will be faster and easier to drive. As long as one doesn't add so much weight in the process that it negates any aero gains all should be good. I made a simple and small front splitter, enclosed the engine compartment with simple carbon panels and fitted a rear diffuser from Carbon NV which gives a flat and enclosed bottom from nose to tail and it added 6.2 pounds (2.8kg) to the weight of the car.....or the same as one gallon of petrol. Since adding that weight I put the car on a further diet and have pulled the equivalent weight off of other areas so the final weight is unchanged from last year's race weight but I have a fully enclosed floor. Will it produce downforce? Probably not but I'll be shocked if it doesn't reduce lift and drag some and that my lap times will fall by just a little bit. It might still be a pig but it's got nice lipstick and it's a bit trimmer and that makes for a faster pig. dave
  14. Exhaust wrap doesn't last?

    I would consider a ceramic coating instead of the wrap. It looks good, seems more or less permanent and from what I've read is every bit as effective as the wrap. It cost more then wrapping....but if you have to rewrap often it's probably cheaper. I have about 3000 miles on my coating and it looks as new. and you can touch the surface just a minute or two after shutting the car down. Impressive stuff. dave