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  1. Go pro.

    Looking for a go pro 3 does anyone have one for sale. Thabks ben.
  2. Go Pro microphone.

    Oh right rules that out then.
  3. Go Pro microphone.

    I will give it check and see. Someone said they have two mics one on front and one on back. When wind noise is to much it turns front one off.
  4. Go Pro microphone.

    Yeah going to try tomorrow. Can't understand why it's so bad compared to yours. Is there a setting that I haven't turned on??
  5. Go Pro microphone.

    Yes that might be how I move forward. Do you know if the go pro remote cam operate 2 cameras at the same time??
  6. Go Pro microphone.

    Yours is a 100% lot better than mine you can't hardly hear any engine noise on mine at all.
  7. Go Pro microphone.

    Oh right maybe a way of taping over microphone to reduce noise??
  8. Go Pro microphone.

    Hi I have mine mounted to the rollcage behind passenger head. Can you hear engine on yours? Mine can only be heard just below 30mph
  9. Go Pro microphone.

    Hi guys, i have a few trackdays coming up so thought I'd invest in a camera. Being tight I went for a go pro hero session as seemed nice a simple to use. Now I've been out today and the wind noise is horrific can't hear any engine noise. Just wondered what you guys use for microphone etc I'm rubbish with tech so didn't even give this a thought when buying. Any advice would be good. Thanks Ben
  10. Westfield fix your website!

    I get exactly the same thing been happing for quite a while now
  11. 2l duratec oil cap

    Long shot but hopefully someone has one lying around. After a oil cap for a 2 litre duratec 2005+ thanks ben
  12. Dash2 - losing speed and gear display

    I had a similar problem but mine wouldn't work after turning ignition off etc. My sensor was on the drive shaft and when Rotating should have a light on which it didn't. After replacing it was still playing up. So had to move it to hub with a bigger contact all is ok so far.
  13. Options for trailer delivery Derby to Durham

    Another vote for Iain @I H Freelance Services Sure he will be able to help
  14. No longer for sale.

    No comment ha.
  15. No longer for sale.

    Cheers Iain had abit of good news today hoping to keep her.