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  1. Battery Options

    Hi Monty, I made my battery cables with M6 lug ends. Battery goes direct to master switch, then from master switch to starter. I also have a fused pair of cables direct from the battery to a 12v accessory socket. This way I can plug in my charger directly.
  2. Sierra Diff Oil, Type And Quantity

    DiffOverhaul.pdfDiffOverhaul.pdf This might help.
  3. Sierra Diff Oil, Type And Quantity

    No gasket just liquid sealant. Obviously Ford lists their own but any oil resistance gasket sealer should be fine.
  4. Headlight Wiring

    Just to add, on my loom these are the following colours (standard Lucas colours). Blue/White - Main beam Blue/Red - Dip beam Red/Black - N/S Side light Red/White - O/S Side light Black - Ground.
  5. Sierra Diff Oil, Type And Quantity

    Indeed Dave you were on the right track. It is the LSD fluid itself which is replaced. The differing fluid viscosities alter the LSD operation. Only 2 people I know are Bara at Bara Motorsport (who did mine) or Bernie at Gearboxman.
  6. Headlight Wiring

    If you remove the bowl (screw underneath) you'll then see the headlamp connector. wiring is as above (not my pic), the remaining 2x wires with be the +12v and Ground to the sidelight bulbs. I'm currently in the process of rewiring my headlamps to match the original wiring.
  7. Speed holes

    Your cars Yellow so why not these.....
  8. Battery Options

    I don't know what engine you're using but the PC680 cranks my V8 with 10:1 compression no problems.
  9. Front wiring loom earthing? Lights, horn etc...

    Ahh I see what you mean. Yes my fuel sender wire is in the rear loom but all the other Dash sensors connect to the dash sensor ground connection.
  10. Front wiring loom earthing? Lights, horn etc...

    I'm hoping that wont be an issue as all the earths for the Dash2 and Ecu are connected to the underscuttle earth point.
  11. Front wiring loom earthing? Lights, horn etc...

    Thanks again ALL.... Option 1, I could easily connect the earths for the lights all directly to the front brake Tee piece stud. Or Option 2, I'll unwrap the loom where it passes along the chassis rail back to the chassis earth stud near the footwell panel and run some extra earth wires in. But unless there is an electrical reason not to, option 1 sure would be easier.
  12. Front wiring loom earthing? Lights, horn etc...

    I have my battery under the scuttle. Main ground wire connects to steering column bolt which is where all the other grounds are, the chassis earth stud by the passenger football connects an earth cable to the engine. I could unwrap the loom along the side of the chassis/engine bay and add extra grounds in there. Probably best.
  13. Front wiring loom earthing? Lights, horn etc...

    Thanks all I presume therefore the main loom must split the ground wires to each component in the loom rather than running a single wire for every component?
  14. Can anybody please tell me does the Westfield loom have any chassis earth points for the front half of the wiring loom, specifically in the area of the front Lights, indicators, horn, cooling fan. Thanks
  15. Clutch plate - which way?

    I've seen 'flywheel side' stamped on the relevant side before on some.