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  1. @SpikeB I got the thermal wrap from Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Force-Exhaust-Wrap-Metres-100ft/dp/B0043E4R9E but at the time I got it it was only £30. I've only driven 1K miles before my engine failed, but I had no problems with overheating in that area...
  2. Try again... Dropbox has changed their link policy, so I fixed it...
  3. bump
  4. Yeah, you want one of those then. Have used it many a time in the past for 'awkward' oil changes. You're very welcome to it
  5. Oil suction pump like a Pela? I have one...
  6. And I'll be the first to suggest to check for vacuum in the fuel tank... Drive until it happens, then stop and open the fuel filler... a rush of air will be the tell tale sign
  7. Cheers @lewis, but I do have a pressure sender already in the block, just no gauge to connect to it. I've now agreed to the gauge from the engine seller, so for the future I should be covered in that area. Still not progressed any further due to external temperatures...
  8. I've got white VDO cockpit gauges. I've previously arranged with the engine seller that I could get the old gauge he used on his car, but it never materialised. Maybe to my expense
  9. Hi John, that's a very kind offer I'll check with my friendly mechanic (aka @black st ) and see if we can find one locally first. @KennyP: yes, we had the ITBs at WOT. @darve: could all be possible.
  10. Yes, cranking the starter and ITBs on WOT. Oil pressure was not checked, I only have a led indicator anyway.
  11. My son surpassed himself and bought me this to play with
  12. Small update. Earlier this week I took the plugs out and turned the crank using a spanner and could feel no obstruction. Used a syringe and some tubing to see it there was any fluids inside the chambers, but they were all bone dry. That's where I left it until Paul came round today with a compression test kit and we noted the following numbers 1 = 100psi 2 = 50psi 3 = 40psi 4 = 70psi As it is +30C in the shade we went through the next steps with a cold beer in our hands and after that shut the garage door again. Need to take exhaust and intake manifolds off, etc so I can remove the head. More fun(!) later this week...
  13. Welcome to the race to the bottom @lewis I did wonder last night where you were... Can't offer any other advice, other than I have my fingers crossed for you to resolve it without great expense
  14. Lmao John, my first thought was how good Google Translate is these days until you said about your boss If he ever is in the Northants area, I've got some Stroopwafels for him
  15. The night I am out to fulfil my duties as AO, it all kicks off... who picked a pub with no 3G reception?!? You guys are the best! I will shortly set up a Just Giving page and I will only need a regular contribution from all members until I turn 55 when I can dip in the pension fund No seriously, I'm really flattered with all the responses, the WSCC is the best club, with the bestest members So last night was our monthly meet and some new options came forward, one of them being a hydraulic fuel lock caused by a stuck open injector. @black st once again kindly offered to pop round with his tools and expertise, so I will keep the thread updated with our findings and am keeping my fingers crossed that it is that, and not bottom end... Hi Kenny, I did note your offer, and also the comments that it needs some further modifications to get it working. I'm no mechanic (looks are deceiving) so it would have not been my first choice. I'm grateful for each and every response that has been given, that's what makes me so proud to be part of this club