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  1. FREEEE "from Ape to kit car" vynil stickers

    I'm good with the normal yellow one, without the white background. Msg me your paypal and I'll transfer you some dosh
  2. FREEEE "from Ape to kit car" vynil stickers

    Although a white one would be neat on the arch... Surprise me
  3. FREEEE "from Ape to kit car" vynil stickers

    No seriously, I've got the right place on the car I'll get rid of the PH smily and put yours there...
  4. FREEEE "from Ape to kit car" vynil stickers

    I'd like one for my yellow car please (it will go on a white stripe :))
  5. In car DVD player.

    With the price of Android tablets so cheap (Amazon Fire, etc), I'd be inclined to use that instead of a headrest DVD player...
  6. September 2017

    I wish it was still in the bank... instead it is now in the garage
  7. September 2017

    Nothing to report Last month: £ 6349.80 This month: £ 0.00 ----------+ Total: £ 6349.80
  8. Finished off a project I started back in 2014... @Kit Car Electronics would be proud of me It's a word clock (in Dutch).
  9. Caphead removal - rounded head...

    @Terryathome that's the set I bought. My bolt's head had a 15mm diameter, and the largest of the set (9/16) fitted just on it. They also do a metric set, but at almost twice the price.
  10. Caphead removal - rounded head...

    Nope, on a round T50 bolt like the one above. The bolt was well rusty and I ruined the T50 bit, so it was either get someone to weld on a nut, or try it with the Erbauer kit. I'm converted!
  11. Caphead removal - rounded head...

    Go get them! Took 10 minutes to get my 3 stuck bolts out. Well worth the £13!
  12. Caphead removal - rounded head...

    Or ask me in a couple of hours if https://www.screwfix.com/p/erbauer-bolt-nut-remover-set-6-pieces/6083d works as per the reviews. I'm trying to remove 3 rounded Torx T50 bolts from my Mondeo rear wheel hub and have just picked a set up to give it a go this morning....
  13. Zetec Oil Leak

    I'm sure I've read this previously where someone put talk/baby powder on the block to see where the oil originates from...
  14. Happy Birthday Quinten

    Cheers guys
  15. Zetec engine needed

    Where are you?