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  1. Zetec water pipe hose "hockey stick"

  2. Anyone into windsurfing? Freebies to be had in Northants!

  3. Complete set of NEW genuine Westfield Widetrack front and rear wishbones

    And I could take them from Aylesbury to Northampton if required...
  4. BoB memorial flight

    That's wicked @Geoffrey (Buttercup) - North Yorkshire AO, thanks
  5. BoB memorial flight

    Serious question: how do they get the helicopters to reverse so neatly in their parking spaces? Ok, maybe not so serious, but still, how do they get parked?
  6. Fog light and reverse light

    The tester felt it appropriate to make mention of it... I'm sure it covers his A*** better than mine in case I am stopped by the authorities.
  7. Fog light and reverse light

    My car has passed several times without a fog light (or switch), even though according to its age/registration it should have one. This years MOT tester (like previous years testers) mentioned this to me, but instead of failing it (or passing it without a mention), he put it down as an advisory: Daylight use car, no rear fog lamp required In other words, the tester is a big part of the test as much as the manual
  8. Anyone into windsurfing? Freebies to be had in Northants!

    A couple of years back I picked up a complete windsurf package (board, sails, mast, boom, etc) for free from a Caterham owner (yes, there are some generous people about) who no longer had time to enjoy the sport. As I was a fairly decent windsurfer 'back in the days' I collected it, fully intended on picking the sport up again.... Unfortunately for me, the lake nearby is owned by a sailing club and they do not allow anyone to sail there without being a member (£££ for the year), and when I took the stuff on holiday to France one year the mastfoot broke and I have been unable to find a replacement. And that's how it ended in my garage for the remaining years... So, if you can collect (Northampton), and promise not to make a profit out of it later in life, you can come and get all the stuff for free! Q.
  9. sold

    Ahum... I take it my post on Facebook prompted you to check?
  10. Westfield fix your website!

    Cleared cache and history, but it didn't happen this time performing the same actions.
  11. Understeer

    If you're near Rockingham or Silverstone, I can really recommend attending Carkraft. I've done it a few times now and the skidpan session you really do learn how to react to each situation. Of course, only practise will make perfect (and most importantly, an instinct!).
  12. Westfield fix your website!

    Just had to try this for myself, and indeed, entering 'westfield forum' on my iphone/safari browser, the first hit appears to be in all shapes and sizes a correct link to our forums, however when you click it, it is a hijack to some price scam site. Tried it again after that and all links seem to be working as normal, so possibly a cookie is now preventing it from happening again...
  13. sold

    @JulianE do you still have the Fuchs oil? I only need 2L, but willing to take the other 3L if you don't want to split...
  14. July 2017

    July 1st, 2017 Spend: £0.00 Paul popped round with his extensive tool kit and we removed the head and inspected it for damages, marks and other clues. At first the head gasket seemed ok, and so did the pistons and valves except for a clean(ish) section on cylinder 1. Cylinder 1 also appeared to sit a little lower than it's counterpart 4. After rotating the crank by hand and pushing/wiggling cylinder 1, it eventually levelled up again. This seems to indicate a spun big end bearing. July 2nd, 2017 Spend: £0.00 Cleaned up garage so I have a working space for the engine and then tried to remove sump with the engine still in place. Sump would only drop about 3cm before appearing to be stuck on something on the bellhousing. Really need a crane again to lift the engine out. July 4th, 2017 Spend: £0.00 After collecting an engine crane and stand from @dombanks last night, I lifted the engine block out and after a lot of puzzling got it mounted to the stand. With the sump removed you still can't see much, so now need to turn it upside down and then remove windage plate. July 9th, 2017 Spend: £0.00 A quick 10 minutes in the garage before other chores present themselves. Rotated the engine on the stand and removed the windage plate. Nothing visible with that off, but as soon as I removed the bottom half of the conrod... Yes, that's a spun bearing all right July 19th, 2017 Spend: £0.00 Neil, a local member, kindly offered me an old spare Silvertop he had been storing inside his garage for the past couple of years. Plan is to use the crank from that engine, rather than trying to see if mine is still usable. Last month: £ 6164.80 This month: £ 0.00 ----------+ Total: £ 6164.80
  15. C20xe engine bolt specs

    119 is 11.9 hardness.