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  1. Bitcoin

    Yes, that's how I see it too
  2. Bitcoin

    I've worked all my life as a software engineer and am kicking myself that I always dismissed crypto currencies as a scam. Last month I succumbed and bought £50 worth of Bitcoin, which according to my wallet is now worth just shy of £100. Also got £50 worth of Ether two weeks later but that still hasn't recovered enough to cover the transaction fees involved. Am now looking at adding IOTA to the portfolio whilst it is still affordable. The plan is to hold on to these and see in a years time how they've done and then decide if it is worth cashing in, or HODL-ing (as the in-crowd calls it).
  3. November 2017

    November 12th, 2017 Spend: £0.00 @maurici kindly offered some free stickers on the forums, providing they ended up on a Westfield and a picture was shared on the thread. Well, here's mine November 18th, 2017 Spend: £0.00 Created a nice puzzle on the garage floor. Last month: £ 6379.80This month: £ 0.00 ----------+Total: £ 6379.80
  4. Broken down - Spun bearing

    Gosh, doesn't time fly... unlike my progress Have suffered a hard disk crash on my web server and lost all my pictures from the car and progress over the years, so my apologies for all the blank images in the thread and blogs. Have spoken to a recovery firm, but at prices starting from £350+vat and up to replace the hard disk hardware with a working example to get to the data I've reluctantly accepted that I've lost them all. Thankfully all family pictures are on a different hard disk, and are backed up to the hilt. Should have done the same for the web server, but that's hindsight. Anyway, back to the current day. In order to rebuilt the engine, I will have to get the head surface cleaned up for a good fit for the head gasket. Which meant stripping it even further! Pleased to report that all other shells were fine, and it was just the one on cylinder 1 that had spun. New crank from spare engine has been cleaned and crack tested. The head will be stripped and then bottom end and head will be cleaned by Northants member Jody from JA Kits and Customs And then we'll be starting on the rebuild... for real!!!
  5. Anyone into windsurfing? Freebies to be had in Northants!

    Not much use in the current climate, but maybe someone's planning ahead...? Still available
  6. Northants Xmas Meal 6/12/2017 19:45

    Please see for more details.
  7. FREEEE "from Ape to kit car" vynil stickers

    Unfortunately, the aero screen remained stuck to the backing sheet, and I had to reduce the distance ever so slightly between the monkeys to get it to fit between the lines, but here we go
  8. FREEEE "from Ape to kit car" vynil stickers

    I'm sorry Maurici, but I didn't get any time this weekend to spend anywhere near the garage. If the car wasn't so 'exploded' at the moment, I would have done it tonight, but I can't even see the back of the car amongst the 'debris'...
  9. Throttle Bodies

  10. Throttle Bodies

    It's a wasted spark setup, so the pair 1/4 can go on either 1 or 4, it won't matter which way around. Same for the other pair...
  11. October 2017

    Nothing specific to report other than that the crank out of my spare Zetec has been tested for cracks, etc and has been given the up. Have been piling up parts and the last of deliveries was today, so the rebuild can finally commence! Last month: £ 6349.80 This month: £ 30.00 ----------+ Total: £ 6379.80
  12. Pre Lit Ally bodied - Build Thread

    Damn, those wheels are sexy
  13. FREEEE "from Ape to kit car" vynil stickers

    PM incoming
  14. FREEEE "from Ape to kit car" vynil stickers

    I'm good with the normal yellow one, without the white background. Msg me your paypal and I'll transfer you some dosh
  15. FREEEE "from Ape to kit car" vynil stickers

    Although a white one would be neat on the arch... Surprise me