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  1. The big show us your alloy/steel wheels thread

    A Minilite replica, not sure which make, 6x14 with 185/60 tyres.
  2. Will This Polish Out?

    Is it gelcoat or paint? Scratches can be polished out of gel. Start with a compound and move on to finer compounds and finish with a polish. If the scratches are deep you might need to use fine wet or dry paper first. But don't go too far with the paper, the gelcoat might not be very thick.
  3. X-Flow - Identifying replacement choke kit

    I have never used the choke on my crossflow with twin 40's, 3 pumps on the accelerator pedal and it starts first time, or second.
  4. Perfect.

    We went to Whitby, nice day, but misty on the sea, couldn't see the end of the peir. Then drove down to Filey and Scarborough, quite misty. Wasn't in the Westfield though. I thought you'd be working.
  5. Perfect.

    Coble Landing looking a lot nicer than last Monday when I was there.
  6. Yorkshire breakfast club, 15th April.

    One day you won't.
  7. Yorkshire breakfast club, 15th April.

    Be good to meet up with a foreigner, we meet at 10 o'clock for breakfast. I'll be in my Westfield.
  8. Screw in tyre (can it be fixed?)

    This was mine
  9. Screw in tyre (can it be fixed?)

    I'v had one plugged in a similar position. It all depends on where you take it to be done, kwikfit etc probably won't do it but a small tyre fitter might.
  10. Trolleybus Museum, Sunday 17th June

    This is on the same day as the breakfast meeting, so if we meet at the Red Kite at 9 instead of 10 for a breakfast and aim to leave at 10 for run over to the museum.
  11. Yorkshire breakfast club, 15th April.

    Breakfast meeting this Sunday at the Red Kite. The weather is looking like it's getting better, so anyone coming?
  12. Trolleybus Museum, Sunday 17th June

    Not sure, I need to plan the route but think we'll be arriving about 11-11:30.
  13. Trolleybus Museum, Sunday 17th June

    BTTT, Just a reminder. This is still going ahead, anyone interested?
  14. Happy Birthday Ali.

    Happy birthday, when are you coming back?

    If your doing M62, M1, A64 your passing my house, I'll sort a meeting point.

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