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  1. Welcome! Widetrack is an unnecessary extra, standard will do you just fine (works for me and my use is predominantly track, so for road you really don't need that upgrade). Would suggest a fast rack if that's not in your list already though.
  2. Moving a Loaded Trailer

    Fixed that
  3. Moving a Loaded Trailer

    Looks like your set up is the same as mine Chris, I just push the trailer out into the driveway, turn it around and then hitch it on. All by hand. When I get home, I unhitch, push the trailer back, turn it around and then pull it in forwards, again by hand. It's a lot harder than it sounds as there's a good slope into the garage, but it is doable. So I guess in summary - man up!
  4. Bedford autodrome GT

    Might be doable, I'm at Gurston on 22nd so might be pushing it for two weekends in a row, but will see what the social events manager says!
  5. Taphouse in Copenhagen. I'm guessing they have a huge amount in small volume. The beers change all the time. It's an amazing place, the lights flash red when a new beer is available - you could sit there for an entire day and never have the same beer twice. May well be heading back there later!
  6. A mere 61 options on tap
  7. Brewpub in Copenhagen, a Walker, Stiff Upper Lip and an Atlantic. Cracking stuff.
  8. Taking a punt... Blyton 25th Feb

    I'll come if you let me share your car with you...
  9. dilemma, stick or twist. zetec/crossflow

    Lol, don't we all! My point was that it is absolutely worth £4-5k (it should really be worth more) but people only seem want to pay £2k for it. Crazy!
  10. Best tyres for a Westfield

    Compound is important but not so much as the amount of movement the tread pattern allows, which is where the heat is generated from. A good quality road tyre will still have a decent level of natural silica in its make up that provides an ability to generate heat, alongside more tread blocks that move and therefore do warm up quicker than a semi slick. This is where on a track the road tyre loses out - the heat level is reached quicker, but the movement in the tread blocks creates more slip, meaning the tyre will have less outright grip at the extreme track use end of the spectrum. My experience of the Falken however is that it guides you to this point really clearly, allowing you to decide just how much 'slip' you want to initiate! When driving on road, it's useless to call a tyre a "tin top" tyre or say that something is designed for much heavier cars unless you know the make up of the sidewalls, the layup of the tyre and the materials that go into it. For example, I ran Kumho V700 tyres when sprinting, which were designed for rally cars weighing twice as much as our cars, so the sidewalls are super stiff. However, that means you can run much lower pressures to create the movement that generates heat. They did alright for me and several others! To answer this question more simply: Not necessarily so - winter tyres have additional sipes (cuts through the tread blocks) deliberately added to increase tread block movement and generate more heat, and grip, at lower temperatures. A winter tyres provides 25-35% more grip than an all round tyre in temperatures below 7c, and especially in snow or icey conditions. It is also less about the label of the compound and more about whether the 'rubber' in the tyre is synthesized (such as in cheap ditchfinders - it's why they last forever but have zero grip) or natural (such as expensive Avon slicks, for example). To challenge the thought process further - what is faster in the wet on an F1 car, a full slick or a full wet tyre? Sure, clearing the water is part of it, but not the whole story. Answering that might also help you decide whether a good road tyre or a cheaper semi slick is better as a road only option.
  11. Best tyres for a Westfield

    I'll just say it again as it seems to be an unpopular opinion - go for the Falkens. You won't regret it. They are a very, very good tyre - they work well in all conditions, they are a communicative tyre (in that they let you know what they are doing with plenty of warning) and they are good value too. I had them on my car when it was a roaring 130bhp crossflow powered, a 190bhp XE and now as a 221bhp XE, they cope brilliantly with both road (their main use) and the occasional wet track day. The last I paid for a full set was under £200. What more can you ask for? I have a spare full set of Uniroyal Rainsport 3's in 175 that I was going to replace the Falkens with (bought on a whim, in reality not going to use them). You're welcome to them for what they cost me if they're any use, but my recommendation remains the Falkens. In terms of buying, I use oponeo.com or tyreleader.com Hope this helps. Barny
  12. Best tyres for a Westfield

    I use the Falken as my road tyre, it's even done some track laps too, I love it. Super communicative, good balance and great value. There was also a Porsche GT3 at Anglesey running them as their road tyre. Go for 185 all round.
  13. Speed Series

    No probs. Just let me know what events you plan to do and I'll work out a way to get it to you.