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  1. Croft Friday 13th April

    I've booked up Croft for the 13th April if anyone else is interested in joining in. I have a garage booked too, so you're welcome to use it and my tools should you need. Cheers, Dean
  2. Career change?

    Both are restricted if you have colour deficiency, like me. I've started off by getting all my courses back up to date so I can always look into a similar sort of job. I'd love to get back into E&I commissioning if I can find a job.
  3. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    @Dave (OnliestSmeg) - Manchester AO I went for the one with more buttons https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sage-Heston-Blumenthal-Barista-Express/dp/B00U2E75YS/ref=sr_1_1?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1518910151&sr=1-1&keywords=sage+barista+express+black Best coffee I've had, I buy fresh ground beans off Amazon and actually have to leave them a few days before I can grind them they're that fresh. I've watched a few latte art tutorials, but can't do much more than a squiggle I think there's some sort of black magic involved that I'm not yet privy to.
  4. Career change?

    It was aimed at me I don't think there's going to be too much involved in fitting the chargers to be honest, basic 3 phase supply. As mentioned a group of large companies will get the contract to install them. As a bit of an adventurist, and a rock climber I though maybe some sort of skilled (electrical/electronic/inspection) rope access might be an option. Plenty of wind farm rotor blades to be inspected nearby now.
  5. Career change?

    If Westfield supply me a full car to build I will happily make up an audio, video and paper build manual
  6. Career change?

    I looked into becoming a commercial pilot last year, but because I’m colourblind I had to do an advanced eye test down in London.. which I failed I did contemplate becoming a plumber as the three I know make a small killing, but it appears the qualifications that actually mean something take a lot of time to get, never say never though, it’s a possibility. With regards to electrician, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to pass Part-P and have done my 16th edition so 17th editions should be too taxing.
  7. Career change?

    What would you be if you could start all over again? At 31, I've been working offshore for the past 8 years, currently a Senior Systems Engineer, previously an Electrical Service and Commissioning Engineer, and before that a Electrical/Mechanical Maintenance Engineer. Offshore, has started to become much less desirable with salary and time off steadily decreasing. And whilst the job is still relatively attractively paid in comparison to working onshore, I have recently started contemplating trying to find employment onshore or even training in a new trade altogether. I'm currently working 5 week on/off rota so have the ability to look into self training / attending courses / business building, etc. in my time off. So as a bit of fun and with a little bit of seriousness, what jobs would you consider? Prerequisites are; * Reasonably well paid * Skilled / hands on preferential * Self employed preferential * Reasonable setup cost < 50k * Enjoyable (Non monotonous) Dean
  8. Teesside trackday Monday 19th Feb

    I'm abroad, but really need to get on a local track ASAP after 17th of March to reliability check the car, as I'm looking to travel down to Cadwell/Oulton late March/early April and don't want a wasted journey. Get in touch if either of you fancy a day out to either on those dates.
  9. Aero....

    Theres the aero front cycle wings and I have seen the same style arches applied to the rear, as well as front and rear spoilers of differing styles. Unfortunately, there's not too much we can do to our bricks on wheels.
  10. Hayabusa Westfield Wet Sump Pick Up

    another option is a swinging pickup wet sump, which I found worked okay for me, even used it on track using slicks with no evidence of oil surge.
  11. Megablade Cat C - Wide or Narrow Bodied

    the chassis should be a wide body independent rear suspension IF its a Mega chassis and not a converted car engined chassis.
  12. Megabusa Reverse Box solution

    Perhaps get in touch with Bailey Morris motorsport, I know they make propshafts for these cars and may have a solution. I’m still using my RGB though, with no issues yet and I’m running 370bhp through it. I find it too useful to get rid of it just yet.
  13. Trailer weights

    I got a downplated plate through Brian James for £40. I originally downplated my trailer to be under the 3500kg MAM, but recently took and passed my B+E so I wasn’t restricted to car and trailer size.
  14. I just found out.....

    I'll take a reading and photo as of now, then will use this if they eventually come calling. I have savings and I obviously don't mind paying for what I've used, but as long as I can't be charged more than I've used I don't see that I have anything to lose. It is pretty annoying when you're waiting on the phone for 20-30 minutes at a time attempting to correct their error and you get hanged up on.
  15. I just found out.....

    I removed my smart meters as they were fitted to PAYG meters, to change to a normal credit meter I had to get the smart meter removed and a normal meter reinstalled. This was the start of a small issue, around 3 after both my electricity and gas meter was changed I got an electricity bill through the door. Strange I thought, I wonder where my gas bill is. another 6 months go by and couple more electricity bills I thought I better phone up xx supplier. So I phoned them up and explained that xx engineer had come and removed both electricity and gas smart meters for a normal credit meter and I had not had a bill yet, the person on the phone then told me that I had a PAYG meter installed?? I persisted in this conversation until I was cut off. I phoned back up and the operator on the phone this time told me I was not with xx company, I asked her if she could tell me which company I was with and how that even made sense, she obviously couldn't give me that information either. A couple more calls of the same ilk and I eventually gave up and decided to have free gas. I've had a look at the meter and the engineer has installed a second hand unit so there is no way of knowing the installation figure. Any ideas where I stand on this if and when someone realises their mistake?