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  1. Deanspoors

    What steering rack is this?

    The mounts would indicate it's a mk1/2 escort rack. Do you have widetrack? or short steering arms? if you have narrow track or short steering arms it may be best to get a steering rack with lock stops to prevent the wheels catching the tub. The self-centering could also be to do with front end geometry, although I think this is to with caster which is easily adjusted on a westfield. Maybe try lifting the front end up and or removing the tie rod ends and see if the stiffness is on the hubs or the rack or possibly even the steering column. I have a widetrack on a standard westfield rack, I didn't have a very good turning ratio or turning speed so I bought the short steering arms, another way to tackle this would have been to replace the rack with a quick rack without lock stops instead.
  2. Deanspoors

    Race Technology Dash 2 New Firmware discussion.

    I think it's on 10.0.6, but can't be sure, but I think you're right, I'll leave it to the poor buyer to decide.
  3. Deanspoors

    Race Technology Dash 2 New Firmware discussion.

    Hi @IanK (Bagpuss), any updates on this, I'm planning on selling my dash and wondering which Firmware to put on it? What would you recommend? Cheers, Dean
  4. Deanspoors

    Yanny or Laurel?

    it's exactly that, if you turn the pitch up / down it changes the sound of it to sound more Yanny or more Laurel. The sound waves are very similar apparently, well that's what I got out of a 5 minute YouTube vid.
  5. Deanspoors

    Flush mounting Areocatches

    yeah are a pain, my recommendation would be to stick with the standard catches!
  6. A loooooooong shot, but I've been looking for some 4x108 13" Compomotive Turbos for a while now, anyone got anything in any condition, rims or centres only. Cheers, Dean
  7. Deanspoors

    The big show us your alloy/steel wheels thread

    Red or Black?
  8. Deanspoors

    5 3/4" Headlamps

    And in Carbon Mark?
  9. Deanspoors

    Laminova fitting to a hayabusa

    Hi mate, I did get it installed, but due to my setup with the supercharger and extra heat the engine is putting out I think I'll be going back to an radiator type oil cooler setup, here's a photo of the laminova though, I'm sure the setup would work okay for a N/A hayabusa.
  10. Deanspoors

    ZK Carbon Parts

    Westfield Germany have a manufacturer who produces a full carbon kit, but it's F1 prices, then plus the cost of shipping.
  11. Deanspoors

    Megabusa Clutch

    You can move the clutch pedal clevis mounting point lower down on the pedal which shortens the throw, it's a pretty simple mod.
  12. Deanspoors

    Supercharging a Hayabusa

    I think the Hayabusa radiator switch is around 92degC, so ideally don't want to run the engine over 100degC.
  13. Deanspoors

    Smooth concrete floor

    Definitely power float it. If you have the budget for it a polished concrete looks incredible, and lasts a lot longer than epoxy coatings. You could always get someone to come in at a later date to polish it up, but you need to make sure the people laying the floor use a minimum of C35 strength concrete though.
  14. Deanspoors

    Supercharged bike engine

    Something a little different, 326bhp and it's not even modified. No idea whether you could fit it to a BEC, but would certainly be unique. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/kawasaki-h2-h2r-supercharged-2017-2018-engine-running-gear-not-hayabusa-zzr1400/192519386508?hash=item2cd30cb58c:g:pnoAAOSwSY9a3drX
  15. Deanspoors

    Supercharging a Hayabusa

    I have, and it is. But the fan is only useful whilst stationary. No ducting yet, but will be making some up.

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