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  1. Aim mxs info thread

    I liked the white one, until I used it at night and nearly blinded myself.. need to see if theres a way to reduce the brighness more during night.
  2. Aim mxs info thread

    Nice, hopefully they cater for all the IVA icons, dont see indicator or fog light icons on there yet. Would be nice if you had more adjustment on the rev limiter too, I'm reving up to 10600 but only have options of 10k or 12k.
  3. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Still need to connect up the traction buttons on the steering wheel side, but so far so good! I like the idea of the rotary pot on the steering wheel though that was shown on your other topic @Kit Car Electronics
  4. BEC rolling chassis/parts

    still looking for most bits!
  5. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    A few photos of the finished article, just in time for winter Traction control wheel, sensor and bracket Carbon flared side panels and aerocatches fitted (aerocatches never again!) New tidy boot panel Aim MXS dash, and traction control potentiometer, traction on/off and wet/dry LED's Extra wide arches and 245 avon road tyres Another photo of the carbon side panels as I was well chuffed with them
  6. Playskool Dominators

    That they’re joined together?
  7. carbon fibre indicator pods

    wanted: carbon indicator pods, with or without indicators. Thanks! Dean
  8. Steering rack clamps,. Ali/HD poly/Normal

    ah I see, well the westfield rack is tight up, I will take some photos next time I have the nose cone off. I bought rally design alu mounts.
  9. Steering rack clamps,. Ali/HD poly/Normal

    My standard westfield rack is mounted using the aluminium brackets and there is nowhere for it to go? I did make the shims slightly thicker but there is no chance of lateral movement, where is your movement coming from?
  10. Supercharging a Hayabusa

    No lock up in it at the moment, just heavy duty springs and a billet clutch basket, doesn't seem to slip at all.
  11. Supercharging a Hayabusa

  12. Supercharging a Hayabusa

    And the car has finally been successfully mapped making a hair over 370bhp, very pleased with the result, now it just needs some track time to setup the traction control and get used to the madness!
  13. Mickmade carbon aero screen

    Id like it posted please!
  14. North East Area Monthly Meet Tuesday 14th NOVEMBER

    I’ll try make it this time
  15. Westfield front wing

    Thanks @Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AOI’ve sent them an email. I was thinking of it more so for front end grip maybe matched with a rear spoiler of some sort. I’d trial it on the track and see lap times for any improvements. Only just got the car running again and it’s only mapped to 7k (310bhp) so only had it up the road, but it was scary quick, going back to JDM Dyno on Monday to get the mapping finished off. I’m hopeful it’s quite a bit more than 350! Dean