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  1. Rockingham track day 25th May

    I am a possible maybe hopefully 100% but not sure yet.
  2. Broken down - Alternator Issues

    Well Done that man.
  3. Front wishbones (standard length) provisionally sold

    Chris, I will have the wishbones, They are worth keeping as spares. Give them to Matt and I can sort it with him next time I see him, or next time you are on the same track day as me. (IF THATS ok). I am assuming they would be OK for my car.
  4. Oulton Park track day 10th April

    Even though I am less than an Hr away, I have stopped over a few time at two or three local hostilieries and they are well worth a visit. Oulton also allow camping as Andrew has suggested. I may even make it there myself on the day if I get my driveshafts/diff sorted in time. After all I only have three months!!!
  5. ECU to run Zetec efi

    I have an Omex 500 and an MBE 956 ECU for sale, both with looms if you are interested. I purchased the MBE 18 moths ago from Terry Everall but never used it.
  6. 13" wheels wanted

    Just checked on an older post and my wheels are 8". Let me know if you are still interested and I will check ET.
  7. 13" wheels wanted

    I have some really nice 13" wheels although I am not sure if they are 7" or 8". I will check tomorrow and also check ET. Mike
  8. Sierra Diff with LSD

    As I use the car for track days and I don't Need to be quickest off the mark, I am not to worried about Bottom end. So a 3.62 should be OK. What LSD is fitted and what sort of money are you looking for. Also what would you want for the empty case? PM me if you prefer.
  9. Sierra Diff with LSD

    I currently have 3.54 so wouldn't want to stray too far off this but 3.62 seems to be the common one for Sierras So I guess that would be OK.
  10. Sierra Diff with LSD

    Following a thread started by Wizzer I am weighing up my options, Has anyone got a sierra diff for sale that already has an LSD fitted. Also has anyone got an empty diff case I could buy or borrow as a template when modding my chassis to suit this diff. Regards, Mike
  11. Early seiw drive shafts

    Here is a message I received from the guy who converted the English diff to driveshafts form the first picture I posted. "We used astra rally driveshtafts, group 4 diff splines and the latest Westfield stub axles and driveshtafts." I have asked if He would be happy for me to ring him.
  12. Early seiw drive shafts

    That looks a nice job CTD, have you any diagrams or measurements you would be willing to share? Do you use standard Sierra driveshafts or do you have to modify them? Wizzer, I may have two driveshafts with slightly bigger diameter tubes and new joints available. my last one sheared the stubb in the diff as opposed to joint breaking.
  13. Oil change question

    I have used many different oil filter removal tools over the years but this is my preferred one. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CAR-Oil-Filter-Removal-Tool-Strap-Wrench-Adjustable-Diameter-60mm-To-120mm/202109347357?epid=2117326252&hash=item2f0ea7e61d:g:piIAAOSwIJlaBfe1
  14. Early seiw drive shafts

    I would be interested in What is involved in converting to a Sierra Diff. (as an option).
  15. Early seiw drive shafts

    I hope to have more info soon on this conversion. My Westy is pushing out somewhere in the region of 240 brake and since I have had this engine I have twisted several driveshafts and recently sheared the inner spline of the shaft where it sits in the diff. This is after having the shafts remade with stronger tube. That's why I need to find a better solution. I am also waiting to hear from Matt at Procomp as he had stronger shafts made utilising Landrover U/Js but that won't solve the problem of shafts breaking in the diff.