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  1. Looking for a roll bar for an SE

    I have a roll bar which was removed from my 1990 SEi When I had a full cage fitted.
  2. Rockingham track day 25th May

    HMMMM I wonder if I can make it Eleven?
  3. Oulton Park track day 10th April

    Wait for Mr H to book before deciding if its going to be wet or not.
  4. Oulton Park track day 10th April. + Booking info

    Hmmm.... Less than 2 months..................... Still doable.
  5. Rockingham track day 25th May

    I am still hopeful Cap.
  6. Manchester Car Dealers

    The first place you mention is probably less than 2 miles from my repair garage. Most of my work is for trade and I have never heard of them. The second place is in Rochdale which is about 15 miles away and I have never heard of them either. Don't know if that's good or bad. lol Travelling any distance for a used car is a risky business, Personally I would stick closer to home. If you like I could go have a sneak at the first place when on road test if that helps. Mike
  7. Rockingham track day 25th May

    I am a possible maybe hopefully 100% but not sure yet.
  8. Broken down - Alternator Issues

    Well Done that man.
  9. Front wishbones (standard length) provisionally sold

    Chris, I will have the wishbones, They are worth keeping as spares. Give them to Matt and I can sort it with him next time I see him, or next time you are on the same track day as me. (IF THATS ok). I am assuming they would be OK for my car.
  10. Oulton Park track day 10th April

    Even though I am less than an Hr away, I have stopped over a few time at two or three local hostilieries and they are well worth a visit. Oulton also allow camping as Andrew has suggested. I may even make it there myself on the day if I get my driveshafts/diff sorted in time. After all I only have three months!!!
  11. ECU to run Zetec efi

    I have an Omex 500 and an MBE 956 ECU for sale, both with looms if you are interested. I purchased the MBE 18 moths ago from Terry Everall but never used it.
  12. 13" wheels wanted

    Just checked on an older post and my wheels are 8". Let me know if you are still interested and I will check ET.
  13. 13" wheels wanted

    I have some really nice 13" wheels although I am not sure if they are 7" or 8". I will check tomorrow and also check ET. Mike
  14. Sierra Diff with LSD

    As I use the car for track days and I don't Need to be quickest off the mark, I am not to worried about Bottom end. So a 3.62 should be OK. What LSD is fitted and what sort of money are you looking for. Also what would you want for the empty case? PM me if you prefer.
  15. Sierra Diff with LSD

    I currently have 3.54 so wouldn't want to stray too far off this but 3.62 seems to be the common one for Sierras So I guess that would be OK.

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