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  1. Your Spanish - English sense of humour night classes are paying off now
  2. No excuses next year then my little Spanish amigo !
  3. Hi Julie Yhpm Martin
  4. I have for sale 2 Westfield Wide body English Live axle's, both have been checked for straightness and then tweeked to give a fraction of toe in. Both come with disc brake conversion, High quality SKF wheel bearings ( the expensive ones that don't leak ) and std drive shafts. one or the other axle could come with / be assembled with discs and Sierra handbrake callipers Axle 1 is 4:4 diff ratio and has 3J Driveline NXG plated LSD ( with ramp angles for light weight cars ), 3J Alloy pigs head housing, assembled by Graham ( Windy ) Millar. Axle 2 is 4:1 diff ratio and has a Quaife ATB LSD ( helix angles for light weight cars ) with Anglia iron pigs head housing ( lightest of the Ford housings ) and again assembled by Windy Again I have realistic figures in mind for both of these so if your interested pm me and we'll talk.
  5. OK here we go, after 4 very successful years competing in the speed series with my Zesty Zetec and having achieved some amazing results, 2014 ( my first year ) 2nd in class B and 2nd overall Novice Championship, 2015 Novice Champion and class B winner, 2016 ( move up to experts ) Class D winner and again in 2017 Class D winner and an amazing 7th place in the overall championship the urge for more power has finally got the better of me, so here starts the re-invention of the Silver Bullet. Anyway back to my trusty 2ltr Blacktop engine which has been ultimately reliable, is still in the car and can be tried by anyone seriously interested. This started out as a std motorsport crated engine with the addition of Jenvey TBP45's and has been upgraded overtime to its now solid 226bhp & 167ft/lb torque state. Ultimately reliable and safe at 7500 rpm, no smoke, no leaks, starts first time every time and equally at home on roads or track. This really is a great opportunity to buy a competitive bolt in package at a fraction of its new cost. Spec 2013 2ltr Blacktop Zetec ( not covered much more than 2000 miles ) Arp Rod Bolts Cylinder head ported and flowed by Dave Andrews of DVA Power, Kent Focus 3 Cams with solid lifters ( internal shims not the std zetec external shim that can be dislodged by high lift cams ), Turbo Sport Adjustable Vernier Pulleys. Jenvey TBP45's with 90mm air horns, filter back plate and air filter, Jenvey underslung linkage & TPS, Bosch 630cc Injectors ( I think ) Pace Dry Sump Kit with 2 stage scavenge pump and retains Zetec original high pressure pump. Plays-Kool Motorsport 40amp Alternator Powerlite High Torque Starter Motor Burton's Alloy Bell housing ( Starter on passenger side ) Burton's RWD Flywheel Helix 4 paddle ceramic clutch with std pressure plate ( nice and light ) Dunnel mild steel manifold Emerald K3 ECU and Emerald engine loom, mapped by Dave at Emerald 226 bhp / 167 ft/lb of torque with 3 switchable maps FullPower, slightly softer map for wet conditions ( never helped me, I'm crap in the wet ) and a quite map for noise testing :-) A quick tot up and you'll see this lot comes at quite a high price new, now I'm a sensible man and have a figure in mind reflects its usage etc for the lot as a bolt in package, so if your seriously interested message me and we'll talk turkey. Please DO NOT ask me to split at this stage, that may change if a package deal can't be done. I'm in the workshop tomorrow so I'll take some photo's and post them up.
  6. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Space booked Gary
  7. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Count me in Graham
  8. Awards Do

    That’ll be me feeling very sorry for myself
  9. Awards Do

    Emailed it to you Terry.
  10. Herts, Beds & Bucks Area Meeting, October 2017

    Yes the sharp shooter will be along
  11. Awards Do

  12. Am I missing something here, isn't the reason for "Practice Laps" to give you an idea of track conditions and a time as a reference to see where you stand against your competitors / targets in those conditions ! GMPS sounds like it's just a different way of cutting the cake that makes the day seam like better value for money, but actually you still only get the same 4 timed runs ! GMPS in the rain with vehicle of similar performance but drivers of all different abilities - not for me thank you ! This sounds like a terrible idea to me, was going to enter but won't bother now. Good luck guys, hope it works out ok.
  13. Hi guys I am looking to put together a set of independent rear suspension for a project, so what have you lot got hidden away that you'll never use. Rear Wish Bones ( rose jointed would be awesome) Rear Shocks Rear Uprights Sierra Diff ( with LSD ) if poss Drive shafts Propshaft for Sierra diff - Type 9 gearbox Rear ARB Rear Calipers ( with hand brake ) Thanks in Anticipation Marto
  14. Rear Half chassis and some bodywork

    When I noticed you'd commented John I thought you might be offering to bring it back from Anglesey for me