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  1. Marto303

    Latest build manual ?????

    Thanks guys Didn't realise you could download from WSC, FW manual has pretty much all I need. Marto
  2. Marto303

    Latest build manual ?????

    Can someone point me in the right direction to down load the latest available build manual ? I have just bought a set of Hispec rear hand brake callipers for my LIVE AXLE to IRS conversion and am interested to see fitting instructions from WF and hb cable routing. TIA Marto
  3. Marto303

    Gurston Down attendance

    Terry Could you please explain how the SSOT see dropping low attendance events helps protect the future of the series ? I would have thought that the WSCC supporting other clubs events, even if with only a small number of entrants was better than not supporting them at all. We would then hope to see reciprocal support for our own events.
  4. Marto303

    Gurston Down attendance

    I was on the SSOT Paul but found the work load too much for me with running the workshop, family etc etc. I’d be interested to hear Paul Morcom’s pov on dropping Gurston as he’s been a regular entrant there and is an SSOT member !
  5. Marto303

    Gurston Down attendance

    I have attended both Gurston and Wiscombe events for the past four years and would have been there again this year if they were part of our calendar and my car ready. I've worked hard to improve my times at these events, thoroughly enjoy them and intend to continue to compete at both. Terry, IMO you and the SSOT need to look very carefully at the direction the SS is going in, we are gradually turning into a Northern Sprint Series. Speed Series numbers are down in general, as Howard mentioned 22 SS competitors at Gurston 8 years ago and I doubt 22 SS competitors will complete a championship scoring 10 rounds this year, despite holding 12 rounds at the ever popular Anglesey and Blyton venues, therefore dropping events your paying entrants want to attend even if in small numbers at times is not the solution. In these changing times, to survive the SSOT needs to be innovative, look at new ways to be more inclusive, encourage novices and try as best as possible to provide events in all areas of the country, maybe GF's suggestion was not so way out after all !!!!! So can I come back next year and enjoy these events or do I have to look at other championships ?
  6. Marto303

    Nitrons shocks

    Pm on its way
  7. Marto303

    Herts, Beds & Bucks Area Meeting, April 2018

    Me tooooooooooo I have lots of technical questions for you Matt
  8. Marto303

    Part number for SEIW rear brake discs

    Thanks I'll call tomorrow
  9. Marto303

    Part number for SEIW rear brake discs

    Thanks David They look the same as I was looking at BTW I need to talk seats with you now I'm ready !
  10. Hi Has anyone got a part number for SEIW solid rear brake discs which I believe would have come from the front of a MK3/4 Escort. I think I'm looking for something like the Apec DSK 123 but as I'm new to this IRS thingy its all guess work. If it makes any difference I have the Golf caliper rear uprights TIA Marto
  11. Marto303

    4 pot Golf rear HB calipers

    Both Dave My car has adjustable bias pedal box
  12. Marto303

    4 pot Golf rear HB calipers

    Ok my conversion from live axle to IRS is moving on well and I'm now looking at options for rear brake calipers. My rear uprights are the later golf caliper type and I would prefer an upgrade on standard calipers, so what have you got ?????????? Oh It would appear they must be handbrake calipers please. TIA Martin
  13. Ok Thanks Terry I guess the confusion for me is that we have an entry in class E running a car that has never been road registered, therefore can never be legally driven on the road (DVLA registration I would have thought compulsory for a “road based “ car ) though I accept it can be MOT’d on the chassis number. That lead me to think we were running to MSA regs for S12 Mod Prod. Could we update the Clarification of Tech Spec for road going / road based car to reflect these points. Martin
  14. Marto303

    Speed Series Hotline

    Thanks Dave I understand now, any further questions regarding regs I’ll post on here instead of on Hotline Martin
  15. I take your point Terry, but I"m in Mod Prod and regs are S12 My ZZR's are not seen as "Road Legal" by the MSA so I have a vehicle passport instead of an MOT, so are we running to MSA regs or WSCC regs

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